So I came across Bailey Schneider’s (over at Vanilla Blonde) ABC of Me and I thought it quite a nifty thing to do especially for those readers who don’t really know me 🙂 This blogpost is going to be seriously long…so sit back, grab a cuppa, and enjoy!!

Angelo – “the hubster”…we’ve been together since the 1st week of 1st year of varsity…2001. Together for 14years, married for 6. It’s been tough, I won’t lie. Marriage is hard guys! But we keep keeping on and somehow, we make it work 🙂

The hubster and I

The hubster and I

Boys – I have two precious boys, Ethan and Riley, 3.5years and 5months old. They really are the apple of my eye. Funny enough, as a teenager and young adult, the thought of having kids was the furthest thing from my mind. In fact, I never wanted kids at all. But when I started warming to the idea, I always saw myself as a mum of boys and that’s exactly what I am a few years on now. I must admit, I’d love to have a girl especially to be able to dress her in those cute outfits that you get these days.  But then I think about the HAIR story…um, no thanks!!

My two loves

My two loves

Catholic – practicing (although attending masses with two babas is proving extremely hard!!)…I used to be very involved in our church between reading, being in the choir and being on our young adults committee, but again…that changed when I had children. I’m hoping that in the next few years I can get back in there because right now, spiritually, I feel like I’m at an all time low 😦

Dad – my rock! My father is one of the most amazing people that I know. Loving and caring, practical, inspirational, encouraging…I could go on with this list forever. My dad is the first person I go to for advice especially if I need an independent, rational opinion (sorry mum, your emotions tend to take over 😉 ). I know I can count on him and I know that he backs me 150% in everything I do. I couldn’t have asked for a better father. Love you dad xxx

Extrovert – I am loud, outspoken, I talk non-stop and I love meeting new people. Definitely a personality trait that comes from my mum and grandmother. My gran could talk the hind legs off a donkey! Everybody she met was an instant friend and somebody to talk to…I’m exactly the same.

Food – food, food, food…need I stay more. I love eating even more than I love talking (if that’s even possible)! From vegetables to luxuries and everything in between. I seriously lurrvvvvv eating. I can talk about food and recipes for hours. And nothing ends off a long day for me better than something sweet to chew on under the covers at night in front of the tv while the kids are sound asleep 🙂

Girls – coming from a family of three girls (my parents really did try for a boy shame – I’m so glad that we had boys especially for my dad!), my sisters mean the world to me. The middle one is 3years younger and the “baby” (shame, as old as she is, we’ll always call her the baby), almost 10. From the beginning of this year, we’re all living in the same city and where it is hard to get together often – the middle one works away a lot and on most weekends and public holidays and the baby is still studying, plus I have the boys – I’m really hoping that our bond will only get stronger now that we’re all living so close together and that we’ll be able to spend lots more time together, just the three girls!!

The girls...and Ethan

The girls…and Ethan

Home – my mother’s home. What do they say?…home is where the heart is! I know that I have my own house and home with my husband and two precious boys, but my mother’s home will always be my home and boy do I look forward to visiting. My mother, in all her years that she was out of the house, also always called Cape Town and her mother’s home, home funnily enough…so maybe I get it from her?! And she says that now that my grandparents are deceased, Cape Town is no longer her home. Anyway, for me, there’s nothing quite like going home and being spoilt and doted over by your mother…it’s like food for my soul.

Imagination – I love stories. Another trait that comes from my gran. My grandmother told us stories whenever we were around her and I think it played a large part in developing my imagination. Watching Ethan’s imagination develop now at his tender age of 3 is absolutely amazing. The stories he tells, the vivid images in his mind and the way he can pretend forever and a day just makes my heart smile 🙂

Jodie – what’s in a name? I don’t actually think that my parents gave me my name because of what it means. I may be mistaken but I can’t recall them ever saying “we gave you the name because it means the most amazing person born to the world” or anything like that, hehe. I know my dad mentioned naming me after Jodie Foster but I think that’s just a joke…I’m not really sure hey. Growing up, I didn’t like my name. I was convinced I was named after my grandfather, Joseph, and that my second name was after my grandmother Margaret (read “M” below)…I really didn’t like my name for a very long time. But I’ve grown to love it. I guess I had no choice now did I?! Anyway, one of the things that I really like about my name is that it seems to be the least common way to spell it. Most people assume it’s with an “i” – Jodi, or a “y” – Jody. I often have to say “no, an ie”. So, in this regard, I feel that my name’s quite unique I guess.

Ethan and mama bear

Ethan and mama bear

Kindle – I love reading on my kindle. It took me a really really long time to buy one. In fact, we were travelling in the UK when they had just become the latest “fad” and the hubster suggested buying it for me as my Christmas gift. I refused, adamant that it wouldn’t come close to a new, off the shelf hard copy book. You see, I love reading. I’d easily choose a book over watching tv. In fact, even now with two kids, if the both of them are down for an afternoon nap, I’ll immediately pick something up to read. I eventually bought myself a kindle and I haven’t looked back since then. I love the ease of buying a book, I love that you can get a proper “sample” (a chapter or two at least) and that you’re not just restricted to reading a quick write up at the back of the book and making a choice based on that. I love the fact that you can store the book exactly where it is – on the kindle – without having to find space or boxes for them. I love that you can see how far you are as you read…okay, when you read a hard cover book, you can also see that I guess – but I like numbers, I like to see the percentage complete. I don’t know, it works for me. And if it weren’t for the dismal dollar and pound to the rand exchange rate at the moment, the books would still be really cheap but unfortunately, right now, once you convert, it works out almost the same – if not more expensive – than buying a hard copy book from the book store.

Late? – me, never! I’m never ever late. Even with two kids. I pride myself on being punctual. Growing up, people always called us the “late Tates”. In hindsight, moving around with three kids must have impacted the time thing for my parents, because even with one, leaving the house with all arms in tact can be one hell of a mission. But I think us having rushed around so much when I was younger contributes to this facet of my life. I’d rather be early than have somebody wait for me. And heaven forbid you’re even 5minutes late and haven’t let me know, it’s enough to make seriously angry!!

Marguerite – my second name. There, I said it. Now everybody knows. I think I may have blogged about it before…how much I grew up hating my second name. A lot had to do with the fact that out of the five people in my family, I’m the only person who has a second name. Worse still, my parents didn’t even choose it for sentimental or religious reasons, but they allowed the priest who baptized me to give me the name. A name that has more letters in it than my name and surname combined! As an adult, I’m less “embarrassed” by it, but still something that I’m happy to omit if I can – thanks again mum and dad!!

Numbers – this one I stole from Bailey because I also have a “thing” about numbers. I’m obsessed with time, if you hadn’t quite got that from “L” above. I am constantly aware of what the time is, even without a watch. Everything revolves around the time for me – my kids are in a routine driven by the clock. From waking up and eating to bathing and bedtime. I do just about everything on the hour or half hour. Anything in between makes me slightly skittish! Also, a good example of where I’m just a teensy bit iffy about numbers is on the treadmill (which I may add, I haven’t been on in about a year!)…whether it be walking or running, it must be a full or half number e.g. either 5 or 5.5…not 5.1, 5.2, 5.3 etc. It is a serious issue for me. I also love the time 12:34…only because, well, it’s four consecutive numbers in a row. I often look at the time when it’s 12:34 and I do a little happy dance in my head! Quite clearly, small things make my day 😉 11:11, 12:12… there is a serious relation between my number thing and the time…maybe I should look into it. Perhaps I have a super powered brain?!?! Hehe.

Orange Is The New Black – really twisted series, seriously!!! Something I would not even think of watching in my parents’ company. But somehow, I caught onto it, and I found it thoroughly entertaining. I was so chuffed when DSTv played season 2 straight off the back of season 1 – there wasn’t even a week break in between. But now season 2’s ended and I have no idea when season 3 will be starting. And now the wait begins. Thankfully, Shameless is still playing – equally distasteful, equally strange, but entertaining nonetheless.


Planner – I LOVE to plan! In fact, I don’t think a day goes by that I’m not planning something. From weekends to shopping lists. Family Christmas’s. Dinner menus for the week. Outtings and fun things to do for Ethan. Family getaways. It just never ends. I am constantly planning something!

Qwerty – I am a lean mean typing machine. I can type really fast and really well. Want to talk to me about something while typing, no problem, talk. I can type and listen. I won’t even miss a key! And I didn’t even do typing in school. In fact, I taught myself using a CD that we received with our first home desktop computer that my dad bought. It was called Mavis Beacon or something like that and had all types of games that basically taught a person to type. I’d sit playing the game for hours at a time more interested in the actual game than learning to type but eventually, I learned to type like a pro 🙂  I became so obsessed with typing, in fact, that even while I was in varsity, I’d watch a movie and literally type out every word they were saying in my mind. I know, weird hey!! Fortunately, I got over that because it even used to irritate me to no end – not being able to cut out the keyboard – but I’m really glad that I have this skill that I put to good use in my office job.

Reality TV – yes, I’m that sucker who gets drawn into all the rubbish reality shows on TV. TLC is my favourite channel. Such drivel but so entertaining! Currently, I’m following at least 3/4 shows on the channel (including the Kardashians)…not even sure why, but they’ve got me hooked.

Sleep deprived – I’m sure you’ve read it at least 1,000times on this very blog! 3.5years later and I’m yet to have a full nights’ sleep for more than 3/4days consecutively. Thanks to Ethan, my eldest boy.

Sleep deprived

Tate – my maiden surname, my family, my heart. I have grown up in a very close knit family and I cannot think of a day that I haven’t thought about my parents, my siblings and my extended family. Family means everything to me.

Unhappy – with the state of things in our country. Like many South Africans, we’ve been toying with the should we go or should we stay. Yesterday, I heard a story on the radio of a man who was highjacked over the weekend. They threw him out of the car and sped off with his 5year old grandson who was later found, close to a rubbish dump, stabbed 5times. 5times?!?! A 5year old? Why!!! The violent crime is just out of control. And where I know that crime happens all over, I know that even statistically, SA are somewhere close to the top of the list in this regard. The politicians – corrupt. The justice system…I mean, seriously, where’s Shabir Shaik? Playing golf somewhere. Again, politicians are corrupt worldwide! But it sometimes feels like our country’s been run by a bunch of thugs!! Eskom – loadshedding – need I say more. 4.5hours at.a.time! Three nights in a row, prime time, 6 – 10:30pm? Why???? Service delivery, government departments, need I say more?! The saddest thing I guess (like most people say) is that we live in such a beautiful country with so much going for it. It really upsets me that things seem to be just going downhill.

Values – my parents raised me with really good values which I hold dear to me. I have a set of things that I won’t compromise on and I think it’s so far stood me in good stead in life. It’s hard to keep some of those values when the world is changing so drastically every day, but I’m happy that I have something to base my decisions, life and advice to others on – a firm foundation that I think everybody should have in their lives.

Wishing – that I could just get a quick glimpse of God’s master plan for my life. That I could see even just a few years into the future. Where I’m supposed to be – whether it be i.t.o. my job, family, living. Just to get a look at the “bigger picture”.

Gods plan

Xtra View – on the PVR. A marriage saver J While the hubster watches sport in the lounge, I get a lot of “me time” laying in bed, watching all my favourite shows on tv…with a glass of wine and a slab of chocolate…hehe.

Yellow – still my favourite colour, one thing that’s never changed. Blue comes in in a close second!


Zelda – my mum, my closest friend and confidante. According to the hubster, I share way too much information with her but I love her to bits and pieces. We’re like two peas in a pod – so alike. I couldn’t imagine a day without her in my life ❤

So there you have it…the ABC of me! I’d love to see your list too, so if you get around to doing this, please tag me in it so that I can have a read 🙂 🙂 🙂


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  1. Mrs FF says:

    An interesting post! And now we all know your middle name!!

    I know what you mean by that number thing. I do a happy dance in my mind when I look at the clock at 22.22 (which actually happens a lot) or 5:55!!! And maybe it is because I was born on the 22nd at 2.22am!!!

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