So June is bonus time at work.  As you can imagine, every year, the anticipation builds up to letter time and from March-ish (yearend) every year, I’m already planning in my mind what I’d like to do with my bonus.  What is it with us human beings?!  Don’t have the money – not an issue.  Have the money and it’s almost like the money burns a hole in our pockets until we do something with it!!!  At any rate, I usually like to do something for myself like buy clothes or jewellery or go for a massage.  And then I like to do something for the house as well.  [Side note: please don’t come knocking for any money – it’s all accounted for less than a month after receiving it! 😉 ]

When the kids were away with my folks a few weeks ago, I thought it the perfect opportunity to not only have much needed QT with the hubster, but also to spoil myself.  I was torn between a massage and going to the hairdresser – the hubster suggested both but because there are only 24hours in a day (can someone please invent more!!!) I had to choose…and so I chose to get my hair done.  Now I very rarely go to the hairdresser.  Not even for a trim or a blow when I’m lazy to blow my own hair.  Going to the hairdresser is the very last thing on my “to-do” list!  I’m quite happy to blow my hair myself and in fact, am yet to find a hairdresser who does a better job than I do.  But I had noticed the greys (yes, greys, tons of them!!) appearing more and more over the months before my appointment, and so I decided to spoil myself with a full colour and some added highlights.  If not, why not 🙂

Now, I’m not too fussy with my hair.  Over the past few years, I’ve cut it, dyed it and highlighted it at whim.  When I feel like a change, I’m happy to do a spur of the moment cut or whatever.  What do they say – a change is good as a holiday?!  There’s a guy at a salon in the Woodmead value mart that I’ve gone to a few times and the guy is really good and manages my hair very well BUT the place is super expensive.  A trim, wash and blow easily sets me back a good R600.  I’ve dyed my hair there before and paid close on R1,000 and he’s always done a good job, but this year (call it a lower bonus, call it two kids and different priorities now?!) I just don’t have money to spend on HAIR!  I wanted something different but a colour and highlights at that salon would have easily cost me R1,500 plus.  And so I decided to go to a lady who my friend goes to who I’ve been to before – just never for a dye or highlights.  I knew she’d be cheaper and I was happy with her before for my cut and blow, so I thought I’d chance her and save some cash!

I wish my hair would quickly grow to this length again!

I wish my hair would quickly grow to this length again!

I arrived on the Friday at her home where she works from, and was pleasantly surprised to be the only customer, so I didn’t have to wait.  One of my bug bears about going to a house salon has always been the haphazard schedule that hairdressers who work from home have…you can go there and be the only person and somebody who’s a regular sans an appointment can walk in and be attended to while the person’s busy with you or even before you sometimes.  So she did a dark brown base colour to cover my greys and thereafter, she used those old school skull caps to do the highlights because she says that she prefers that to the foil.  Anyway, I didn’t even blink.  I mean, she’s the hairdresser, she knows what she’s doing right?!  Well, in this case, wrong 😦  And I just happened to be the one person who this has ever happened to…according to her, she’s never got it wrong before…murphy???

I started panicking when the other lady who works with her was rinsing out another customer’s hair in the basin and taking like 100hours to get done.  I kept looking at my hair getting lighter and lighter in the mirror.  Eventually, I called out to the hairdresser that I think my hair needs to be washed out because it’s getting too blonde.  Her response: yes, I know but that lady’s busy in the basin, we’ll wash it out as soon as she’s done.  Okkkkk, my hair’s being STRIPPED of its colour here!  The other lady is just getting a normal wash.  Can we either FIND another basin (surely you have another one in your house???) or stop washing that lady’s hair so that mine can be rinsed quickly??!!!!  Arrggghhh.

A few minutes later, she rinsed it out, blowed it nd did a very small trim.  R500 later (I told you it would be a saving!!) and I was all done.  When I looked in the mirror, I noticed a little break in the highlights right in the front of my hair.  It looked uneven and a bit patchy, but there were three other people waiting to do their hair after me, and the hubster was waiting patiently for me at home so that we could get going to Sandton for date night, so I just paid and left.  Co-incidentally, she also noticed it and pointed it out almost immediately but told me that if I wasn’t happy once I’d looked at it properly at home, I should give her a call and let her know.

Load shedding led to traffic all the way home and when I got home, we immediately jumped into the car and left for the mall.  My hair was looking nice – freshly blowed and coloured – even the hubster commented and said that it really did look nice except for the small patch in the front, the same one that I’d noticed earlier.  And so I wasn’t really phased – I’d barely looked in the mirror – and even after we got back home, I just pulled my hair up and went to bed.

It was not until the next morning after getting out of the shower and brushing my hair back into a pony did I notice this…

Polka dot hair, don't care!

Polka dot hair, don’t care!

Yes, that bad.  I can even hear your gasp from over here!  I think I looked in the mirror about 100times that morning trying to figure out how to make it look better.  With the kids en route back home after being away for two nights, I was definitely not going to spend my entire Saturday morning at the hairdresser and miss their arrival!  So I messaged the hairdresser who called a few hours later and told me to come around as soon as possible.  Monday after work was the best that I could do but that meant coming into work look like that!!

Of course, a hair malfunction is not a good enough excuse to miss work and so I reluctantly came in on the Monday (wishing I had a really nice doek to cover up the moemish but of course, I didn’t even have a headband!…again, murphy at her best!) rocking my hair as best as I could.  Okay, actually, there was no rocking.  I had it tied back and I literally stayed at my desk all day except for bathroom breaks where I literally ran to the loo avoiding eye contact with anybody who crossed my path.  I made it through the day with zero comments…I’m sure there were many stares but I just ignored them all!…and at 4pm, I shot straight to the hairdresser.

Now, for those of you who know me well, you will know that I very rarely deviate from routine.  I work from 7 – 4 and at 4, I hightail it to fetch Ethan from school then on home to finish off dinner (that I generally cook to about 90% the night before), feed the kids at 6, bath them at 6:30, then bedtime between 7 and 8 for them both.  For me to not fetch Ethan, not have cooked supper and not rushed home straight after work…don’t get me wrong, this last minute emergency plan came with loads of instructions for our nanny, P and the hubster!…there must be something seriously wrong.  In my books, this bad hair was definitely serious!!!

Anyhoo, the hairdresser doesn’t work on Mondays so again, I didn’t have to wait for anybody.  In her mind, this was an easy fix.  In my mind, I had planned my speech demanding a refund and promising never ever to set foot in her place again.  But I bit my tongue and fortunately I did, because the end product was even better than I expected.  She toned down the general colour so that it wasn’t sooooo blonde because that was also bothering me although I was more focused on the polka dots!  And the end result was this (please ignore the toilet in the background :-))…


More natural don't you agree?

More natural don’t you agree?

Much better!  And she handled it so well that I would even go back to her again.  Perhaps not for a dye (once bitten, twice shy 🙂 ), but definitely for a cut and blow!  And for those of you who are thinking – you never ever skimp on hair and face – my last experience at the Woodmead salon for a dye was also not so great.  Fortunately, it was a full colour so there wasn’t much messing up they could do BUT I wanted to go lighter and walked out with a head of hair almost pitch black.  When I called the hairdresser, he told me something about the type of dye that he’d used which would get lighter the more I washed it apparently.  So I’m not so sure that more money equals a better hairdresser???


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