I feel like we’re there guys.  Things are starting to feel “normal” again.  Not the normal like pre-kids normal…that won’t ever happen again.  But I’m starting to feel more ME-ish!

On Sunday, we spent far too long a little bit of time at Builders Warehouse, our favourite store…and when we got home, I moved some things around in the house and all of a sudden, our room looked like OURS again.  Okay, if you ignore the larger than life compactum covering a very large portion of the window.  But seriously, the toys are gone into Master Howe junior’s room and each child has their own “space”.  Okay…wait, no – there’s also the toy box in the lounge which is over flowing and of course, the mandatory toys in the bath.  But our bedroom is basically our bedroom again and it really really feels good.

Ethan’s sleeping better – we’ve had more full nights, thank the pope! – and Riley is Riley, our gem <3.  He hasn’t been sleeping all that good thanks to his fifth, yes, his FIFTH tooth cutting two days after his fourth…but even then, the sleepless nights like we had with Ethan at this age (I’m talking 8/9 wakeups a night juuuust nje) have not featured with this baba at all…touch wood!!

And so we’re in a nice little pattern.  I love routine and both boys are settled nicely into mine their own.  The kids are down every night before 8.  They eat together, bath together.  We can go to the shops with them both and not worry about tantrums (big boy) or crying (baby).  We can do normal things again.  I’m not so scared to venture out of the house, even alone with both kids.  This past Sunday, in fact, I braved Sandton alone with both kids but being such a routine freak, I had it all planned out in my head prior to leaving the house.  I knew where to park (that failed slightly but I worked around it ;-)), I had one shop in mind to get Ethan new takkies and fortunately, Ethan co-operated and fitted his shoes without any fuss.  Riley enjoyed the people watching and only fussed a bit once when we were standing still for two long in Edgars but as soon as we were on the move again, he was as happy as a pig in mud 🙂  So all in all, it was a pleasant outting for us all.

I’ve loosened the apron strings as well.  Portia, our nanny, can comfortably look after both boys.  I’d expect nothing less considering she has four kids of her own so two kids should be putty in her hands!  Date nights have become more frequent and we even squeeze in the odd week night outing now as well.  Not every week of course, but when we feel like it, there’s no hesitation in asking Portia to watch the kids.

The hubster is also comfortable with both boys too so I can even get in some “me time” when I feel the need to rejuvenate.  And he’s able to meet up with “the boys” on the odd occasion without me going absolutely mental getting slightly irate.  So all in all, things feel like they’re getting back to normal.

Move over guys, this mama’s got her groove back!!!

My Poppets

My Poppets


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