So I came across this post and did a little dance in my head while reading it.  It’s not only me I thought!  I’m not going mental.  I don’t have some form of OCD…okay, maybe I do, just a teeny tiny bit…but at least, it made me realise that there are other people out there as obsessed with time organised as myself – yay!!

Happy Dance

Like Sharon, my day takes on quite a similar pattern (two kids and all…) although she’s definitely one up on me on the running side!  Exercise right now is non-existent in my life, but I’ll get there, I’m sure I will 🙂  I also don’t have to get the kids done in the morning nor do I drop them anywhere – the pickup is my job!

My day starts at 5:45am with my alarm going off.  This alarm…I’m not really sure why I set it.  Maybe as a “just in case“?!  Maybe because it’s habitual?  Whether I need this alarm or not is still up for debate and right now, I’m leaning more towards – why am I setting it, I really don’t need it.  You see, on most days, I’m awake anyway.  I’ve either woken up before my alarm because one of my kids is awake/crying/calling, because the cats are playing/fighting right next to my side of the bed (I swear, they can tell time because they do it just before my alarm goes off!) or my internal alarm clock has gone off and I’ve woken all on my own without any alarm!  Oversleeping rarely happens in my world.  Even when I’ve been up all night with my babas, my body is so used to getting up at the same time every day that I’ll be up at 5:45 without any problems.  Even dozing off only lasts 15-20minutes.  I guess it’s a good thing, no?!

Anyhoo…if the kids are sleeping, I’ll surf the net for 15minutes and then get into the shower thereafter.  If they’re awake, I’ll generally dart straight to the shower ‘cos let’s face it, sometimes work can be easier than dealing with three males at the crack of dawn – hehe.  I leave the house between 6:30 and 6:45 and get to work around 7am.  Yes Cape Town people…7am!!!  This is a plus for two reasons;-

  1. I miss traffic 99% of the time (and we all know how bad Jo’burg traffic is whether you’ve sat in it yourself or not), and
  2. I get to leave work at 4am due to my early arrival and flexi time!

My day is pretty much filled with meetings as most people can identify with if you work in the corporate world.  At 4pm, I’m out of here come hell or high water.  Then I’m off to fetch Ethan from creche which is on the way home.  From there, we battle a bit of traffic and get home just before 5.  That gives me an hour to spend with Riley and with Ethan of course, provided that he’s not out playing with friends, before the night time routine starts.  Most days, I have about 5kids below the age of 6 with me from the time I pull into our garage until 5:45pm as the neighbours – for some reason – loovvveeeeee playing by us…[it’s tough being the cool mum, hehe].

6pm is dinner time – both kids eat together at this time.  6:30, bath time.  Again, they bath together.  It’s just easier that way and they both really enjoy this time together!!  if the hubster’s home by this time, he baths the kids and I usually dash around getting whatever done that I need to sans the kids.  Riley sleeps between 7 and 7:30.  And Ethan between 7:30 and 8.

At 8pm – on most days, my favourite time of the whole day, hehe – the hubster and I sit down for dinner.  Sometimes we’ll eat at the dinner table but most nights, tsk tsk, it’s in front of the box!  At around 8:30, I start cooking dinner for the next night.  Now this works for me!  Yes, I have to cook late but if I do it this way, I get to give my boys undivided attention every.single.evening when I get home from work.  I like it this way.  Yes it means I can only relax after 9pm and no, I don’t do it every single night because let’s face it, who wants a day old roast potato???!!!, but in general, I’ve found this to be my saving grace.  I can also cook quicker as there’s nobody else to worry about other than me and the pots 🙂

So that’s my day.  A full one from 5:45am until 9pm.  And then of course, I’m up during the night between the two kids.  But this too will pass.  I’m sure of it.  In a few years time, when the kids are bigger and more independent, I’ll have more free time (I’m hoping!!) and more sleep!!!!

Will my daily routine change?  I’m not so sure.  I like being organised.  I like monitoring the time and doing everything when it’s supposed to be done.

Do I find going against the schedule daunting?  At times, yes.  Spur of the moment outtings and dinners, especially on a week day, seldom happen evening though we have a live in domestic.  But slowly, I’m learning to adjust 🙂

Are you as organised as I am?  Do you stick to a schedule?  Do you think I’m insane??!!!


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  1. MamaCat says:

    This is a very full day. I have only one almost 4 year old and I feel very tired. I try with the exercise,and the more you try the easier it gets. I took a leaf out of your book and started cooking the next day’s meal today. It works great!

    • Jodie says:

      I’m so glad that it’s working for you – that’s excellent! I think it’s one of those things…if you haven’t tried it, don’t knock it down…most people can’t even fathom cooking in the night after a full day but somehow for me, it works. Right now, the only time I can slot in exercise is at 9:30pm…how does that sound 😉 I used to gym – pre-pregnancy number 2 – at 5am. So wake up at 4:30 then head to gym to start at 5 but I’m not ready for that yet!! In fact, leaving the house at 5am even to walk in the area is just not even on my radar 😦 I’m too tired for that!!

  2. catjuggles says:

    Oh you sound like most of us – busy busy. I cook over the weekends and freeze – it puts less stress on me in the week and I do not have to cook in the evenings. That being said it is mostly one pot dishes or I cook the protein. As rice in the micro and veggies in the steamer really takes no time at all .

    • Jodie says:

      Weekends is really my rest time – Friday night to Sunday afternoon…no cooking whatsoever 🙂 But I should maybe try and do the freezing, thanks for sharing!

      • MamaCat says:

        I spent Saturday evening cooking up for two weeks. All in the freezer and I feel so happy with myself. It is shooting and I am determined to spend time outside with Honeybear every day after work.

  3. MamaCat says:

    Not shooting, SPRING

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