Monday gave me a real up your ziggy with a wawa brush!  The relatively decent night’s sleep from both boys the night before should have been my signal…well rested, too good to be true…BOOM, bad day bound to happen.

Work was pretty hectic especially because I’d been off sick last week Thursday and Friday and so yesterday, I had to play catchup in between way too many meetings.  But that wasn’t the worst part…oh no!…that was the easy part of my day.  The real fun started when I drove up the driveway toward our garage.  Immediately, we were greeted by 3 super loud children eagerly awaiting Mr Popular’s (a.k.a. Ethan Howe) arrival.  My head started pounding like somebody was hitting it with a 50kg hammer at just the sight of them.  Not even 15minutes later, I heard Ethan crying like somebody was murdering him.  The reason: apparently, the bigger boys in the complex had stolen one of his fifty thousand soccer balls!  How he knew?  One of the three musketeers saw this happen and felt the need to tell him to ensure that he knew all about it.  Had they said nothing – he wouldn’t have had a single clue *go figure*!  So after lots of questioning and promises of getting it back after school today (please may he have forgotten overnight!!), that fire was quickly put out just in time to rescue Riley who by that time, had started crying profusely as mummy was home, in full view of him, but just hadn’t had time to hold him as yet.  Bad mum!!

Dinner time at 6 was an utter disaster, evident from the picture below.  Riley refused EVERYTHING and that’s not like Riley at all.  He’s my good eater, usually ready to open his mouth for just about anything but last night, he downright refused!!  He had about 3 spoons of the first meal, 3 of the next and only 1 of the third.  Ain’t nobody got time!!!!


Ethan…well, Ethan is Ethan…nothing new there.  Fussiness personified!  I put sweetcorn and peas on his plate just so that he’d have some veg, a chicken fillet and chips.  How many kids do you know that don’t like slap chips?  None – no wait, now you know ONE, my Ethan!!!  He has his days.  Sometimes he loves them, other times he doesn’t.  Last night, he didn’t!  So he started with the veggies last night.  2minutes in, he needed to wee…a new stalling tactic at dinner but who am I to deny a child a wee?!  So off he went to the toilet.  Back at the dinner table a few minutes later, he was chewing on the same bunch of peas for what must have been 5 good minutes.  In between, he kept saying how he doesn’t like peas, how they’re yucky, how he doesn’t have to eat things he doesn’t like.  And then there was the talking to Riley in between who was throwing toys over his high chair, spitting food out and whining doing this cry/moan thing.  Please…take a moment to picture this!  Utter chaos.  Night out at the circus?  Don’t worry to buy tickets, just pop around at the Howes!

After pleading with Ethan to eat one time too many, I eventually yanked him off his chair, gave him a smack on his bottom and sent him to his room crying, telling him he could go to bed hungry, full stop.  [Let me just add here that in my fit of rage…shows you just how bad yesterday was!…I bruised a toe with the chair and pulled my lower back lifting Ethan up at an awkward angle!!]  Now I’ve never let my kids go to bed hungry EVER.  In fact, Riley last night was a case in point.  I eventually gave him yoghurt just so that he could eat something.  I do think that I really should consider this with Ethan now though.  He’s old enough to learn that if he doesn’t want to eat what’s on the table, he can starve!  This running around trying to please him with something he enjoys is becoming just a tad bit annoying tedious.  Eventually, after Riley wolfed down his yoghurt (of course that was better than both food options I had proposed), I proceeded to the bathroom to get them done…last stop before bed…and found Ethan in his bed with the lights off.  Poor child!  I then gave him a lecture on how he had behaved badly, how he disappointed mum and how from now on, there’s no snacks or luxuries – not even fruit – after school until he learns to eat his dinner.  *Queue lots of tears and apologising from the little guy*.

Bath time was thankfully uneventful but Riley was knackered thereafter and making Ethan a toasted cheese and ham sami with a crying baby was just the final cherry to my dreadful evening!  Fortunately Riley went down with no moans and very quickly.  One child down, one to go!!  Ethan was quietly sitting eating his sami in front of the tv so I quickly finished our dinner and then it was off to bed for him too.  By 8pm, I was breathing a huge sigh of relief.  With my dinner ready (yes, we eat that late!!), I sat down comfortably to have some “me” time i.e. time sans the kids.  But no, that wasn’t the end of that.  The threenager stalling sleep tactics started.  First came the usual coughing – yes, my child needs water for this.  And then the need to wee again even though he has a wee before bedtime…this second wee is always only 2/3drops but in all fairness, it is a wee!

Fortunately, that was it and 5minutes later, there was peaceful silence.  When the hubster came in late from work around 8:30pm, you can imagine my reaction when asked – “how were the kids this evening?”…


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  1. catjuggles says:

    Ai, we all have those. And the food thing! Luckily by 8 we have forced our way through most and they eat just about anything. And the toilet thing? Great delay tactic.

  2. laurakim says:

    Ja those nights destroy your will to live a little bit!! There are nights I put the food on the table and tell them to eat if they want, don’t eat if they don’t want. Generally I know they have eaten enough in the day to not be starving and I really am over fighting over food!

    This generally always happens the nights hubby is late!

  3. Mrs FF says:

    Very Good question From the hubby 😆

    Ha!! It was one of those nights

    I hope it doesn’t happen often.

    If you get Ethan to “help” with the cooking would that make him eat?

    • Jodie says:

      I usually cook the night before when he’s sleeping and when we come home from school, he plays outside with his friends till dinner time which works better for me than trying to rope him into cooking but thanks for the suggestion 🙂 Yesterday, I took away all snacks and said none until he can show me that he can eat like a big boy. It worked last night, we’ll see how it goes…

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