So we’ve just come back from a 10day holiday in Port Elizabeth.  We take the trip once a year to visit “the in-laws”, but this was the first time that we did it with two children!  Now, we all know that going on holiday with kids – whether it be one or more – is not really a holiday.  But when you have, let me tell you…the holiday feeling is almost non-existent.  To say that this time away was tough is an understatement.  Emotionally and physically, I was drained.  I even shed a few tears…most during the middle of the night awake with a sick kid, some nights with both.  The hubster and I argued quite a bit – of course, about the kids!!  I put it down to tiredness and frustration mostly.  But we survived!!

So, to sum up the holiday, I’ve put together the below…

All smiles while on holiday

All smiles while on holiday

The Challenges

  • Arranging transfer to and from the airport…four people equals loads of money. Gautrain return – more than R800.  Car service at airport – R600.  Fortunately, my sister was able to drop us in my car saving us lots of cash!!
  • Fitting the luggage of four people AND the pram into one car with the said four people and an additional driver. Fortunately, my sister was able to drive my own car as her Audi A3 boot could not even hold the pram.
  • Sharing a room…all four of us. Fortunately, my sister-in-law and her husband were able to accommodate us however, we ended up having to share a room.  Firstly, my kids have slept in their own rooms since they were born, literally!  We’ve had no sleeping in our beds for either of them, not on holiday, not at home.  And they both have their own rooms so each can wake and cry like raving lunatics if they need to without waking the other.  Secondly, I am an extremely light sleeper.  Let’s just say that between Riley’s darth vader breathing and Ethan’s tossing and turning on a blow up mattress (I didn’t realise that this produced so much noise until he moved the first time…I willed him never to move again thereafter!) plus Ethan waking Riley and vice versa each and every time they woke up…I had on average, ZERO sleep every night.  Okay, I’m over exaggerating but really, sleep was not my friend!!
  • Coping with sick kids…Ethan was a breeze in the day…fortunately, he’s a “good patient”, not much moping around. Having said that though, because of his croup and ear infection, we tried to stay indoors until he had finished his antibiotics and that led to cabin fever for our little mister!  Riley…shame, poor Riley.  He ended up getting a virus and was so sick at one stage that he couldn’t even lift his head off my chest.  5 full days of a running tummy, one ER visit and another doctor’s one led to a very unhappy crabby baby!!  He wouldn’t go to anybody and only wanted his mother especially at night.  So for the last few days of the holiday, we were again quite housebound.
  • The diet…yes, I’m on one of sorts. Weight Watchers.  I was doing really well prior to the holiday and I’m pleased to say that I coped very well and even managed to lose some weight while away but oh boy was it challenging at times.  The holiday food…you know how it goes…ice-cream, cake, snacks.  I used some serious will power to keep it together 🙂

The Highlights

  • The flights – well, at least for Ethan. The last time we flew was last year March and Ethan couldn’t really remember it.  Now he’s at an age where he knows exactly what’s happening and can enjoy (or not, I guess, but in our case he did) the full experience.  Ethan even enjoyed the 15minutes turbulence that we experienced after take-off on our return flight.  I was extremely nervous and praying hard when I looked over at our little munchkin sitting next to me thinking he’d be petrified…nooooooo, not Ethan!  He looked at me, laughed, screamed cool and continued to look outside.  Our little daredevil!! He thoroughly enjoyed flying 🙂
Our dudes at the airport...are they not the cutest!

Our dudes at the airport…are they not the cutest!

  • Spending time with my sister-in-law and her husband – two of my favourite people. What an awesome time we had with them.  From the ribs that we to the Chinese spread that my sister-in-law bought for us…and of course, they opened their home to us and coped with interrupted sleep, spilled juices (on couches even!), dirty dishes and bottles and smelly nappies for a full 10days.  They never once made us feel uncomfortable and they had all the time in the world for our children.
  • The beach! Ah, the beach.  We only spent one day there – in fact, probably only around 2hours – but boy, did we have fun.  Ethan splashing in the waves, Riley seeing beach sand for the first time ever…sand castles, showering in the beach showers, ice-cream afterwards.  Perfect holiday day!!
Check out those rolls!!!!

Check out those rolls!!!!

  • The Kragga Kamma Game Park. What an experience!  And right on the door of PE, not even a 15minute drive away from where we were staying.  Of course, the cheetahs were the highlight of the trip.  A whole bunch of them walking around the car.  Such magical cats!  And then the added bonus…Ethan’s old enough to follow the animals and mark them off on a sheet which we left him to do on his own much to his delight.  Plus the hubster let him sit on his lap and steer the car.  I think that this day was probably the best for Ethan out of everything we did on holiday.
  • Baywest mall…Ethan played tenpin bowling for the first time. Okay, he lost interest at around round 6 but overall, it was a nice first for him.  On top of that, he played arcade games, drove the bumper cars and then with the mandatory Spur breakfast that the adults just had to have, he got to have the play room all to his lonesome ownsome and boy did he have fun!!!

Overall, I’d say one thing that was pretty clear about this holiday for me is that once you have kids, the way you feel about things is directly related to the way they feel.  If they’re happy, you’re happy.  If they’re sick and down, so are you.

Having two sick kids on holiday I guess was just our bad luck.  Nothing that we could have predicted before going away.  Has it put me off going on holiday again?  Hmmm, perhaps.  Let’s just say that I won’t be rushing anywhere with two littlies again soon.  Was it worth it?  Totally!!  Being out of the office and in a different city not having to go to work every day is really what holidays are about and that’s exactly what we did.  I didn’t give work a single thought and just to make sure that I came back refreshed today…I took yesterday off and had me an awesome full body massage!!!  🙂 🙂 🙂


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  1. Heather says:

    Man I am so sorry you had sick kids on holiday. I am from PE so I know how nice it could have been e.g. addo elephant park. But I didn’t know about that other one you visited so that’s cool. I can identify with the needs for separate rooms – I also need to toss and turn unless I really am wiped out!

    • Jodie says:

      We’ve never been to the Addo Elephant Park ever in the 14years I’ve been visiting PE! Definitely want to the next visit. It was planned for this visit but with the kids sick, I don’t think it would have been worth it. You must SO visit the place on Kragga Kamma. Totally worth it!!!

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