Almost a whole year has passed since I’ve become a mummy of two!  Where has the time gone??!!!  And as Riley’s personality develops more and more every day, I cannot believe how totally different my kids seem to be.

Physically, they’re pretty much the same.  Well – Ethan was our “little Buddha” as we used to call him – always on the 97th percentile – and though Riley isn’t exactly the same weight and height as Ethan was, he’s pretty much there.  At his 9month visit, he measured the weight of a 15 month old and the height of a 12 month old.  With Ethan, I wasn’t quite sure whether this meant he was going to be a giant or if he’d eventually “even out”.  I look at him now, almost 4…how his weight has dropped over the years…and where I doubt he’s going to be as streamline as his dad, he definitely isn’t going to be a big child, weight wise.  He’s tall and lanky and is a real big boy now!  I’m sure that Riley will follow suit in that department.  Afterall, the Howe genes are strong!!!

Their milestones were also very similar.  Okay, Riley jumped the gun and cut his first tooth at 3 months and the second, a week thereafter, whereas Ethan cut his first tooth at 6months.  But they both started being mobile around the same age and where Riley has only recently mastered the art of crawling on all fours, that hasn’t stopped him from moving around for the last month or so…his “leopard crawling”, as I like to call it is an art in itself J

But their personalities…it seems like they’re going to be worlds apart although as Riley grows, it’ll probably become clearer.  Even now though, as he approaches his first year…I can see that he’s so different to his brother.  Ethan was (and still is) a very cautious child.  He’s only ever fell off the bed twice, this time and this one.  Even as a baby, he’d crawl to the edge and just wait.  Sliding off the bed took him forever to master because he was so afraid he’d fall and get hurt.  Even now, he goes up and down stairs two feet on one step at a time, and has started climbing trees but only to the first or second branch (peer pressure!) and is too afraid to jump down unaided.  He’ll call for help the minute he feels uneasy even if he’s out of earshot and will even send friends to call my mum because I’m stuck.  Even climbing up ropes and hanging from things is not something he enjoys doing.  He’ll try if he’s with an adult who’ll hold him up or guide him, but he hardly ever tries on his own.  Perhaps that’s something that we contributed toward?!  Being first time parents – neither of us very adventurous – we were always a step or two behind him.  We often stopped him from venturing onto/into/around new things and places.  We’d constantly keep an eye on him as he was growing up, easily dissuading him when something looked too adventurous dangerous.  Even now though, he’s probably the most cautious child I know.

Riley on the other hand…he wants to do everything his older brother does!  If Ethan’s doing it, come hell or high water, he’s doing it too.  I can see that he’s feisty.  He already thinks he knows what he wants now…heaven help us when he’s older and can talk!  I think that we’ll be running around in circles trying to meet mister’s every demand.  He tries to get off the bed at every chance he gets.  When he’s in his walking ring, he motors around the house without any caution whatsoever.  He’s recently started trying to stand up while holding onto items of furniture and I foresee a whirlwind storm up ahead when he’s mastered this art.  Just recently, our nanny told me how her work has become so much harder now.  She says Riley’s so busy.  Cleaning when he’s around, is becoming a nightmare.  He won’t stay still.  He wants to be in the water bucket when she’s mopping (I’ve warned her sternly about this, don’t worry!), in the cupboards when she’s packing and everything she packs away, he unpacks.  He tries to fight his sleep…FOMO!  After a week of being in Durban with my folks, even my mum told me how he would fight his sleep during the day, wanting to be around the action at.all.times!  Mummy’s child, hahahaha.  And let’s not talk about food!  If the child sees you eating, drinking or even lifting any part of your body close to your mouth, he goes beserk!!  He wants to eat/drink/sniff/lick anything and everything.  Heaven forbid I give Ethan something and not him…all hell breaks loose 🙂

It seems like these two are going to be like chalk and cheese…complete opposites.  But how does the saying go?  Opposites attract?!  They’re already the best of friends and here’s hoping that that relationship only grows stronger as they get older.

Love you boys xxx

These kids but... <3 <3 <3

These kids but…


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  1. MamaCat says:

    This is so sweet. That last picture is adorable. I guess it is a good thing the boys are different, they can learn from each other.

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