So it’s that time of the year – for most people – busy, busy, busy!  And if you have kids, even busier especially if they’re usually at school and will soon be at home bored.out.of.their.minds!  *Yikes*.  So a quick catchup on where we’re at…


Yup – TWO of them.  Bad planning in that department then 😉  Ethan’s on the 5th…4more sleeps, I don’t know who’s more excited…Riley’s on the 11th.  A whole year, where has the time gone?!  So with birthdays comes parties of course and this mama isn’t going to miss a single year of parties…afterall, your birthday is the one day in the year that celebrates YOU!!  I didn’t say I’d go over the top though…yup, it’s Spur again this year.  I’m wondering if I can do Spur till at least the 17th birthday?!  Let’s face it – the kids love it and it’s probably the easiest option…all we do is show up!  No cleaning, no preparing before hand, nothing.  Just call with the numbers, make the booking and voila! party sorted 🙂  Of course we’re taking a cake in as usual but nana’s sorting that out.  I can’t wait for you to see what awesomeness she has in mind but I’ll do a birthday round up after the actual party.  So I still have to do the following before then;-

  • Party packs for school…we’ve got the goodies all sorted thanks to forward planning, but we still have to do all the packing and I’m looking forward to including Ethan in this on Thursday night.  We’ll be doing his school birthday on the Friday even though he’s actual birthday is only on Saturday.
  • Cake for school…I was initially going with the plain block in a box cake from Pick n Pay…the one that has plain and chocolate squares alternating – noooooo, you’ve never bought this cake for a birthday?! – mummy fail on my part!  Hahahaha.  I used it last year but this year I’m getting all creative…okay, only a tad bit…but I’ve decided that I’m making my own cake this year.  Also on my to-do list for Thursday night.  Nothing too fancy but I’m really hoping that Ethan loves it!!  [I also need to get a bigger oven dish to make double the mixture and a box to put it in…side note].
  • Confirm the numbers with Spur before Saturday.  So far, we’re on about 12kids and 20adults.  I’m not sure if everybody will come in twos i.e. husband and wife, but that’s much of a muchness I guess because we’re just ordering platters and 1 or 2 people extra or less won’t make a huge difference.  I’ve got RSVPs from all but 1 child from school but I’m  not chasing up with his mum – we have enough kids already – if he doesn’t pitch, too bad so sad!
  • The boys’ gifts have been bought and Ethan knows that this year, he and his brother are having a joint birthday, but what I’m wondering is whether he’ll understand the following Friday when it’s Riley’s actual birthday that it’ll be the 11th, the day Riley was born, or will he be upset because Riley’s having two birthdays?!  We’re not having anything to celebrate on the 11th but of course we’ll sing etc.  Anyway, we’ll cross that bridge when we get there 🙂

Ethan and Riley

Christmas Gifts

I’m late this year!  I know, it’s only 1 December, but usually, my gifts are done and dusted – even wrapped – by the end of November.  I’m  not quite sure what happened this year but I still have THREE gifts to buy.  I know what one of them is but for the other two, I’m totally clueless and I can’t think of anything worse than casually strolling around the shops aimlessly looking for something to buy especially now that it’s the “busy season”.  So I’m trying to find something online – even if I don’t actually buy it online, perhaps I can get an idea or two before hitting the shops. Of course the kids gifts were done forever ago!  Ever notice how when you have kids, they come first, ALWAYS!!!  Over and above the normal Christmas gifts at this time of the year and of course, the boys’ birthday gifts…did I mention that my parents have an anniversary mid-December and my sister a birthday first week of January.  Yup, December is a baaddddd month for us financially!!

Howe family


I have a few tight deadlines that I’m aiming for before I go on leave but fortunately, they’re all deadlines I’ve set myself so perhaps I should rather call them targets 🙂  My last day at the office is on the 18th of December and then I’m off until the 4th, returning to the office on the 5th of January.  Two weeks away from the hustle and bustle and business of work – I.cannot.wait!!  I recently did a project management course and it was so inspiring.  I learned so much and got such good ideas from it.  So the focus has been better since then but still…a break is much needed 🙂 🙂 🙂


Holiday Activities

I’m lucky in that Ethan’s school only closes on the 18th of December.  From today until then, they have a holiday programme with an activity!  I so love his school and I’m so happy that we chose it.  From magicians to cookie making, colouring competitions and sports days, he’s going to be totally occupied until the last day of school.  No sitting at home getting bored for my little guy!  It’s all about fun, fun, fun.  But, of course, I still want to do things with him when he’s officially on holiday.  He’s at an age where he can get involved in things and enjoy them.  So I came across the video below this morning and I’m hoping to give it a try with him…maybe when we’re in Durban and Riley’s otherwise entertained by the many family members who’ll all be together in my mum’s house over Christmas time – afterall, this will require serious concentration from master Howe and leaving him with a knife unattended while I run after Riley is asking for trouble!

So for now, I’m keeping my head down and counting down the days until all the fun begins.  Don’t you LOVE Christmas!!!!  🙂 🙂 🙂

P.S.  The pics in this post are from a recent family shoot that we did over the weekend…I cannot wait to see the final photos!

Mum and Ri


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  1. MamaCat says:

    Those pictures are beautiful , and so is your family.

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