…the cake you envisioned and the cake that you end up making are totally worlds apart!


Cookie Monster


So, tomorrow is Ethan’s 4th birthday and in true A-MAZING MUM style, I decided to make a birthday cake for Ethan for school today!  I was just planning on making a regular chocolate cake and icing it, but then adding toppings to make it a bit more “fun”.  And then the creative side of me started rearing it’s ugly head!…

My first idea was, in keeping with the Cars theme, to make a rectangular chocolate cake [okay, now you have to use your imagination] then putting a semi circle chocolate one standing upright on .  I was planning to shape the semi circle into a ramp of sorts and then ice it all in chocolate.  Then I was going to use green food colourant to colour some coconut and use it as grass on the sides of the cake.  And lastly, I was going to put Ethan’s Lightning McQueen car at the base of the ramp and the number 4 candle at the top of the ramp and line the “road” up to the top with smarties.

As the time neared, I started thinking that it was just going to be too much of a mission and really, who was I trying to impress…the 4year olds in Ethan’s class!  Haha.  So I simplified the cake a bit.  It was not going to have any dimensions…’cos I think that’s just asking for trouble…not to mention the time and effort!!!  I thought I’d stick with the chocolate cake, the chocolate icing, the car and the green coconut grass, but that I’d just make one road across the cake with the smarties lining the edges and have the car at one end and the number 4 candle at the other.

I baked the cake on Wednesday night just in case it flopped, then I’d have Thursday to redo it!   It didn’t…thankfully.

Ethan baking

So last night, I got to work on the icing.  Now Ethan helped a lot with the baking which I thought would be fun for him – and boy oh boy, was it!!  But when it got to the icing part, I thought trying to involve him was asking for trouble.  So I did it very quickly while he was having a bath.  And that idea that I explained above…well, it didn’t quite come out like that (please extend your imagination to see the smarty shaped car 😉 )…


NOT.AT.ALL how I wanted it to look!  If the cake and icing didn’t taste so delish, I’d actually call it a bit of a fail, not of epic proportions, just a teeny one!  Hehe.  But you know what – my boy LOVED it.  The minute he got out of the bath, he asked to see his cake.  When I showed him, he immediately said thank you so much mum for making me my delicious cake.  And then before bedtime, I got another I love my cake.  Totally worth it!  Would I do it again…hmmm, maybe every alternate year…maybe.  Hahahaha.

Tomorrow’s the Spur party and thank goodness, nana’s flying in an awesome cake all the way from Durban today.  Cannot believe that my boy will be a whole 4years old tomorrow – I’m not sure who’s more excited, mum or the birthday boy 🙂 🙂 🙂

Oh yes…how funny is my little munchkin…so I told Ethan this morning that he must remember that his birthday is only tomorrow but because it’s a Saturday, he’s celebrating at school today.  His response: so will I be turning 5 tomorrow then?!  Hehe.  Skipping a year in one day!!


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  1. Robyn says:

    Ok I’ve only just seen that the smarties are in the shape of a car when you explained it lol! Bless his thinking..another birthday does mean another age technically! Sweetheart! Happy birthday Ethan xx

  2. “I love my cake!” THATS when you know you nailed it,mom! Success, right there.
    Well done,mama!:)

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