A bit of a delayed post but nevertheless, happy birthday to my 4year old. The love of my life, the apple of my eye.  The boy who made me a mama for the first time.


Ethan, you’ve shown me what real love is.  Real, unconditional love ‘cos let’s face it…it’s really really really hard to love somebody when you’re covered in vom, or changing a poo nappy for the hundredth time trying to hold down a wriggly bum, or when you’ve woken up for the 10th time in one night for a moaning child, or when you’re dealing with a child who’s sulking or being naughty and out of hand.  It’s really hard to still smile at someone after these things but you know what, you just do.  That’s what being a mum is.  You love your child no matter what.

But Ethan, you’ve made it easy to love you.  Yes, you’re loud.  Yes, you test my patience.  Yes you can drive me up the wall with your bedtime antics and hundreds of reasons why you can’t eat your breakfast/lunch/dinner.  But you are one of the most awesome human beings I know.  Your sense of humour and craziness makes me smile every day and if you’re this awesome at the tender age of 4, I cannot imagine how you’re going to be as you grow up.  World, beware…this boy is filled with awesomeness and he’s going to change the world, I can see it now!

Ethan looking

Big boy – mummy, daddy and Riley love you to the moon.  I hope that you loved school party and your big party at Spur on Saturday.  I know you love all your gifts and I know that you felt very special with everybody making a fuss over you.  And you know what, that tenderness that I so love about you came out on Saturday night and it made me proud.  I gave you a tight hug before bed and reminded you how much I love you and I told you how very special you are to me and everybody who knows me, and your eyes teared over.  When I asked if you were okay, you looked up at me with your big beautiful brown eyes and your lip turned down slightly and said yes.  I don’t think you understand these emotions but it made me love you even more if that’s even possible!!  My soft gentle little guy.  I love seeing the world through your eyes and I hope that you continue to enjoy and live life to the fullest.

Ethan focussing

I thank God every day that he’s given you to us and I pray that He’ll continue to hold you safely in the palm of His hand.  I pray that you will know Him in your life and that you’ll grow up to be the bestest boy you can be.  I pray that you will be a good role model to your baby brother.  And most of all, I pray that you will continue to be as awesome as you are and that nothing and nobody will change you because “today you are you, that is truer than true.  There is no one alive who is Youer than You!”


I love you so so so so so much.

From your mum xxx


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