How is it that a year has already passed?  I honestly can’t believe it!  Exactly a year ago today, we were having a “light” breakfast (honestly, when the gynae said light breakfast close to D-Day, I assumed at least an egg, two rashers of bacon a slice of toast and a cup of coffee, right?!  WRONG!!  a.slice.of.toast only, anyway…) after dropping Ethan at school and we were talking about what Riley would look like and how excited we were to finally meet him that afternoon.  In some instances, it feels like eons ago…but in others, just the other day!

How can it be that I now have a 4year old and a 1year old.  How am I a mother of two kids?!  How did I even get through this year???  Boy, it was hard!  Especially the first few months.  Adapting to having two kids.  Trying to give equal attention to both.  Trying to give them each undivided attention where I can (I’m still working on that!).  Having a full day job and going home to two kids, dinner for two of them, bathtime for two of them AND bedtime for two of them.  It’s true what they say…1 + 1 doesn’t equal 2 when it comes to children.  Having one additional child is a real game changer.  But you know what – it’s one year on, and I can’t imagine my life any different.  And to bring in his own birthday, our 1year old even slept through the night last night…the first time in like 6months.

Riley sitting

I love this child unconditionally!  Yes he’s kept me awake for the last few months and he’s been soooooo clingy recently…can you say 2nd child syndrome??!!!…but he is just so delightful!  He’s got this incredible personality – he’s quirky, he pulls these faces that are just too adorable.  He loves his bigger brother so much – you can see it in the way he looks at him.

Riley crawling

For the longest time, I wanted another child.  I prayed about it, I begged and pleaded with the hubster and then finally, we got Riley – he’s filled my heart, made my life even more exciting – seeing life through a baby’s eyes, just too precious.

Riley and mum

So today, my boy, I wish you the happiest of happiest 1st birthdays.  I thank God for your life, for giving you to us.  I pray that He will continue to bless you abundantly and that you will continue to be the blessing that you are to us all.  We love you xxx


4 responses »

  1. debraaukett says:

    Happy first birthday celebrations!

  2. Happy (belated) bday to your gorgeous baby! (Such happy pictures!!)😍
    PS. What is it with baby 2’s being so clingy??:)

  3. Mrs FF says:

    Happy birthday Riley

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