So it’s back to work for me today after a 12-day holiday with my nearest and dearest in Durban.  The plan for the holiday was just to relax – get a decent break and get some much.needed.SLEEP!  All accomplished thanks to nana, especially, who kept Riley sleeping in her room every night of our holiday.  Unfortunately, we came back to the same terrible sleeping, even worse than before we left and so I’m just as tired as I was before we left for our holiday…but that’s life I guess!!

Anyhoo…those of you who know me know just how organised I am.  Well, it’s all relative I guess, but I do see myself as being a very organised person.  I like to plan forward, sometimes even months at a time, but I’m definitely no where near as organised as Marcia over at The 1,2,3 blog.  And so, for the 2016 year, I took a few ideas from her (and from other things that I’ve read) and I thought I’d share them with you 🙂

Firstly, for the first time ever, I’ve chosen a word for the year.  Yes, a word, one word.  And after some careful thought, my word for this year is LISTEN and it applies to quite a few areas of my life;-

  1. Listen to others – I cannot tell you the amount of times that my husband has asked me to listen when he says something.  I feel like that’s all I ever hear him saying.  He says that I hear him speaking but I don’t actually listen.  In fact, I can repeat exactly what he says but it either goes in one ear and out the other, or doesn’t go in at all I guess.  I’m a real jabber mouth – I have no problem talking – and often, I find myself chatting to family or friends and mid-sentence, realise that I’m doing all the talking and that I haven’t even given them a chance.  So this year, I’m going to try my best to listen to others.
  2. Listen spiritually – I know that God has amazing plans for me! and this year, I want to be open to them.  I want to listen to Him and hear what He wants for and from me.  I’ve been saying for years that I want to grow spiritually and it always starts off well at the beginning of the year – Bible readings, devotions, prayers etc. – but somehow, these plans dwain very quickly and I find myself again trying to pick this up in the near year.  This year, I want to make a concerted effort in everything I do to (in my mum’s priest’s words) “put faith first”!!  As our priest said in church on Sunday – God loved us so that He gave us His only son…what are we doing for Him?!
  3. Listen to ME – those with kids know how it goes…once you have a little-y, they come first.  Whether it be giving them undivided attention, buying them new clothes, doing exciting activities with them – generally, your kid(s) come first and if you’re not careful, you slowly start neglecting yourself.  This year, I want to listen to myself.  I want to take a break when I feel that I need one, I want to try and make more time for me and for our marriage without feeling guilty about it!  I want to try and relax more, not be so hard on me.  I guess that this is going to harder than it seems, but I’m really going to try.

And so with that word in mind, I want to tackle this new year and make it a great one!!!

A few other things that I want to do;-

  1. 52weeks of photos of the kids…I know that there’s an officially project name for this that I read about via Marcia’s blog, but I can’t quite remember it now.  Anyway, the aim is to take one picture of the kids every week of the year.  Then I want to print the 52 pictures at the end of the year and put them in an album for 2015.  I think it’s such a nifty idea especially as I usually take so many photos and don’t print any!!
  2. Cook at least 1 new meal a week…even last year, I was getting bored of cooking the same meals over and over again.  So this year, I’m going to make sure that I try at least 1 new meal every week 🙂  I’m off to a really good start – first new meal was cooked yesterday and Ethan had THREE HELPINGS – ftw!!!
  3. Go on a local family holiday – just the 4 of us…now that Riley’s a little older, we saw on the few days that we were out in Durban with both boys, it’s getting easier with the two.  So I’m hoping that this year, we can go away on our own little family holiday.
  4. Come Dine With Me…the first time I read about this on Cindy’s blog, I totally loved it!  I’ve spoken to a friend and we’re hoping to get it going this year but more about that if we end up pulling it off.
  5. I have one thing that I’d like to achieve on the work front, but I don’t want to share it right now…watch this space 😉

Anyway, back to the grindstone for me.  I wish you and your families and loved ones all the best for the 2016 year.  May it truly be a great year for you all xxx


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  1. MamaCat says:

    This sounds like a great plan and there is much to be said for trying. I think I am just going to take it as it comes for now.Happy New Year to you.

  2. Mrs FF says:

    52 week photo project! No fancy names for it. It is so much fun. I’ve been doing it since I had K and it is interesting to see how much she has changed.

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