On the personal side

Remember, when I blogged about a good friend of mine being ill over here.  And then soon after, I blogged about her passing away over here.  Emotionally, it’s been a tough time for me.  I’ve thought about her and her family constantly – every minute of every day.  Her funeral was yesterday, and the amount of people who attended was really testament to the wonderful person she was, and how many lives she touched.  What’s on my mind now though is what the priest said at the funeral yesterday…two days before she passed on, he went to see her in hospital and she told him that she thinks she’s dying.  Wow!  I wonder if at that time she’d come to accept it.  Was she scared?  Was she tired of fighting or was she still trying to fight?  Arggh, so much on my mind but as sad as it is, I’m really glad that she’s safe in the arms of Jesus now and out of the horrible pain that she was in!!!

At home

My boys are growing so nicely!  Ethan is at an age where I swear, his ears aren’t even on his head.  The amount of times we have to repeat things to him…he just.doesn’t.listen man!  But I also think that it’s the age that he’s at.  There’s been a few paddywhacks and quite a bit of shouting especially from me (I’m ashamed to say 😦 ).  But shame, other than that, he’s just too adorable.  Growing so nicely!!!  And then of course, there’s Riley.  I swear, this child is going to bully his older brother.  I don’t know if it’s normal because he’s the baby, but I can already see the assertive side of him.  He wants to hit his brother constantly and wants everything that he has.  And Ethan is a softie shame.  So currently, there’s lots of mum, Riley’s hitting me and Riley, stop pinching me!!!  The hubster keeps telling him that he’s the oldest and if Riley’s annoying him or hurting him, he must just get up and walk away and come tell us instead of whining about it…hopefully Riley will get out of this nonsense soon.  But my baby is motoring around the house, walking up a storm, like nobody’s business.  And he wants to be outside all.the.time!  Walking around up and down the driveway in the complex.  Not ideal when you’ve just got back from a long day at work, but I also know that he’s inquisitive and he wants to be outside to see new things, so for the most part, we try and indulge him 🙂

Ethan’s started swimming lessons after school one day a week and I cannot believe that in just two lessons, he’s already swimming unaided!  Okay, not for very long, just the width of the small indoor heated pool but STILL, three weeks ago, he could only swim with armbands..so, so, so proud of my boy!!

I’ve thoroughly been enjoying the new dinners for 2016.  Not all of them have been great but it’s so nice to have something new to eat at least once a week.  The hubster is also thoroughly enjoying it although he says I’m placing too much effort into this and too much pressure on myself.  He says that if I don’t feel like cooking something new for one week, it’s not the end of the world.  But I’m stubborn like that – once I put my mind to something, I don’t like to quit!!

Talking about food, I’ve arrange a Come Dine With Me competition with three other couples.  More about that to come, but I’m quite looking forward to it 🙂  I’ll post about it closer to the time.  We’re the first couple hosting…

On the social side

So things have been relatively busy considering that mid-Jan, I had absolutely nothing on my calendar socially.  My social plan seems to be working relatively well though…this year, we decided that we’d have one weekend “on” as in do something either on our own (the hubster and I) or with other adults, no children.  Then we’d have one weekend with the kids.  This doesn’t have to be something big – even ice-creams will do – but just a weekend where we take them out on Saturday or Sunday together, and we spend some time as a family out of the house.  Then the third weekend, we’d do nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  Just chill at home.  So far, I can’t tell you how having a free weekend has done absolute wonders for me.  It really makes me feel more relaxed.  And, of course, on the financial side, our budget is not so stretched as it would be if we were out and about every weekend ‘cos let’s face it, things are hell expensive!!!


Our month” I like to call it.  The hubster and I have been together for 15years this year.  We met on Valentines Day in 2001, started dating on the 18th of February 2001 and we got married on the 28th of February 2009.  So yes, this is our month.  And although we’re not big on Valentines Day and anniversaries, I still like to reflect on our relationship at this time and there’s something about February that’s special to me 🙂  So no big gifts, no special functions this month, but maayybbbeeee we’ll try and up the romance – hehe.

Anyhoo, back to the grindstone!  What’s happening with you?  Any special plans for Valentines with your other halves?!  I heard on the radio the other day that, being a leap year, women need to take control of the plans…so what are you ladies up to???


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  1. MamaCat says:

    Congratulations on the wedding anniversary. I think they get tot he age when they just are not interested in what we have to say. They have twigged that we will just say it again and then they will do it.
    Come dine with me sounds exciting…please let us know how it goes.
    I am sure your friend did come to accept her illness and death. I think we are well designed to accept these things in our lives. We need to believe that it will be fine.

    • Jodie says:

      I will definitely update everyone on the Come Dine With Me when I get my ducks in a row!!! First to get over our anniversary month and my birthday (yay!) then we’ll think of menus 😉

  2. debraaukett says:

    Happy anniversary month!

  3. Happy “going out” anniversary! And that’s a story I want to hear – how you two got together, and more importantly, why it took you so long to get married 🙂 🙂

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