Those of you who know me well know that there are few things that make me happier than good food!  And so you won’t be surprised that after experimenting with my new dinners for 2016, I’ve decided to organise my own Come Dine With Me competition.  After reading about it over here , it sounded like so much fun…so…we’re doing it!

Organising it has been a logistical nightmare.  Mostly from a date point of view.  We’re down to 4 couples now (we started with 5) and between birthdays, guys who have soccer on Fridays, people who are studying and people who work late…not to mention those of us with kids and limited resources for babysitting…it’s almost a miracle that we’ve managed to finalise dates.  Two of the evenings are in April and two are in May each space 2/3weeks apart.

For somebody who is so into food and trying new things, I cannot for the life of me figure out how I can’t even think of a single meal to make up my three course menu.  I guess it’s partially to do with the fact that life has been a bit chaotic especially with the passing of my friend.  And then of course, the back and forth e-mails with the dates that felt like they’d never be finalised…I kind of lost my excitement somewhere in between.  But it’s coming back slowly now especially as I’ve started looking for meal options.

So these are the rules;-

  1. Each couple must contribute R200 which makes the total winnings R800 – winner takes all!
  2. Each couple must host the other couples at their homes with a three course menu.
  3. No need for a theme but of course, every bit counts to the overall points so if there’s a theme, all the better for the hosting couple point wise.
  4. No need for entertainment but again, every bit counts.
  5. Each couple must give an overall score of 10 at the end of the evening – either each couple gives a score out of 5 and then a combined out of 10 score, or each couple come up with a single score out of 10 together – but either way, every couple scores out of 10 and submits their score using an internet based application (which we’re still investigating, but we want to keep the scores a secret till the end so this seems to be the best option!!).

The hubster and I are hosting first, on the 2nd of April and while it seems like quite a long time away, I’m already starting to toy with some ideas.  Seafood is out as more than one person is allergic, as is chocolate (yes, chocolate, but apparently only cocoa) and beans.  I also don’t eat lamb (it’s a preference, not an allergy) so I wouldn’t cook it myself.  That leaves me with chicken, pork (my favourite – but not necessarily everybody else’s) and beef (other than fillet though, I can’t think of any other really nice beef dishes and let’s face it…fillet is EXPENSIVE for 8 people!!!).  The hubster wants to make one of the dishes himself which I’m quite fine with as long as he does it before the night so that we can try it out!  The last thing we need is for him to make something for the first time on the actual night and it’s a disaster.  I’m not saying that I’m a sore loser…but really, who doesn’t want to win a competition???

A bonus of the evening that we’re hosting is that I’ve managed to co-incide a trip to Durban the week before where we’ll leave the kids for a week with nana and grandpa so on our night, we’ll be kid free and will have the whole Saturday to prepare.

Let the count down begin!!! 🙂


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  1. MamaCat says:

    This sound like so much fun. Cannot wait to read more about it.

  2. Great, can’t wait to read all about it!!!

  3. that sounds FANTASTIC!!! I can’t wait to hear more!

  4. PS reading through your 2016 recipes makes me want to get in my (hot) kitchen and “create” 🙂 PS I love Jamie Oliver, and there is a flatbread recipe we LOVE (I think I saw it on Robyn’s blog WAY back in the day – delicious!

  5. […] we’re nearing the day now.  In just two and a half weeks, our competition will kick off and the hubster and I will be hosting the first evening!  The excitement is now […]

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