Guys, we’re nearing the day now.  In just two and a half weeks, our competition will kick off and the hubster and I will be hosting the first evening!  The excitement is now mounting especially as I’ve finally come up with my menu.  It’s taken a while and I must admit, after all the admin of organising rules, dates, allergies etc., I wasn’t quite feeling up to the actual cooking and hosting – but now I’m starting to get prepared, and I must admit…when I finalised my menu, I was super impressed!!!  Unfortunately, as a few of the contestants may very well read this blogpost, I can’t give the menu away (I will say that my 2016 new dinners have not helped one.tiny.bit 😦 ) …but I can reveal the following;-

  • We’re not going to have a theme per say.  We had considered two themes at one stage – one being Indian with chilli/spicy foods.  The main problem with this is that 50% of the contestants are from Durban and know a good curry…I’m not prepared to take the risk of hoping that my curry is the one!  Another theme we considered was Chinese given the hubster’s Chinese heritage, but we haven’t ever cooked Chinese before…again, I’m not willing to try now…I doubt that it will get us first prize (and we want to win of course)…
  • We do plan on having entertainment which I haven’t quite decided on at this stage but I definitely want to do something that will bring people out of their shells so to speak.  Remember, we won’t all know each other.  In fact, the hubster and I are the only people who know everybody else.  The other couples don’t all know each other and we definitely don’t know every person as well as the other(s).  So my plan is to have entertainment that first and foremost “breaks the ice”, and that secondly allows people to get to know each other better.
  • I definitely want to do some welcome drinks.  I have a few fancy ideas – one “contestant” is pregnant so I need to make virgin drinks too.  But I think a welcome drink (or two) will set the mood nicely.
  • Presentation is key so I’m definitely going to put effort into not only the presentation of the dishes, but also the presentation of the table and the entrance into the house etc.  I’ll take loads of pics of course!
  • And lastly, as a hint towards my main…fish is out because of allergies.  Beef (in my mind) is out because it’s hard to make beef jussttt right unless you make fillet steaks…let’s just say that fillet doesn’t particularly fit into our budget.  Lamb is out – as I don’t love lamb (personal preference), I very rarely cook with it, so why start now?!  Vegetarian is an option, but I think we’ll all meat eaters, so I’d rather do veggies as a side than as a main.  So that leaves chicken and pork!!

Overall, this competition is meant to be FUN though.  I cannot wait for the kick-off!  The menus need to go out at least 48hours before the dinner, so watch this space…shortly, you’ll be seeing ours 🙂 🙂 🙂


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  1. Mrs FF says:

    What!!!! Are you going to be on come dine with me!!! When???? Love that show. The commentator cracks me
    Up!!! You have to let us know before it airs I have to watch … How exciting

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