Wow – it’s been sooo long since I slept in on a public holiday…if you can call a 6:30am wake-up sleeping in…the joys of being a mother 🙂

We got home last night from spending a week at my folks’ in Durban, and boy was it relaxing! The first few nights weren’t so great with Ethan recovering from croup and inflamed ears and Riley getting an ear infection on the first day of our holiday, but the bad nights didn’t stop the kids in the day and fortunately, after the first 3nights’ restless sleep, they were both sleeping through the night thereafter.

We spent a lot of QT with Ethan…from riding bikes on the beach (this boy did
a full 9kms, no complaints!), to arcade games, park and zoo visits and of course, the mandatory Spur trip!! Riley thinks he’s a big boy…he copies everything that big brother does and does daring things like climbing chairs and onto tables followed by dancing like a crazy child all for Ethan’s amusement! It’s adorable to watch ❤


At any rate, we’ve left them in Durban for a week with nana and grandpa for some bonding time. Ethan’s been spending time alone with his grandparents a few times a year for a few days at a time since he was 1! but he’s such an emotional child and I think he’s at a stage where he fully understands what leaving them means and what missing his parents feels like…he cried big crocodile tears when we said goodbye yesterday  (as did mummy!!!), but was fine seconds later when grandpa let him stand with his head out of the sunroof on their way out to lunch.


Boys having fun out with nan and gramps

He cried again at bedtime when he insisted on calling us…he was saying over the phone how much he misses us…poor baby. But he knows as well as we do that he’ll have so much fun in Durbs!!

On our side, we’re kid free for a whole week…can I get a whoop whoop 😉 I’m unfortunately back at work tomorrow but we have a few things planned for the week including the Kevin Hart show on Wednesday with dinner before the show and our first night of our Come Dine With Me competition on Saturday. There’s a few admin-ey things that we need to get done but otherwise, we just want to spend time relaxing and re-energizing!!

Anyway, enough of this…I’m off to read my book with a cup of tea…in bed 🙂 🙂 🙂 I wonder how long I can stay in my pjs for….hehehehe


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  1. catjuggles says:

    Sounds absolutely divine! Wish we had a child free week – just to bond a bit

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