So the kids are back after a week long holiday alone with nana and grandpa in Durban and boy, was it a great week!  We leave the kids in Durban with them a few times a year, and I’m really greatful and so extremely blessed that my parents are willing and able to have them over.  In this time, the hubster and I get to reconnect.  We get to reminisce on how it was in the BC (before children 🙂 ) days, and I must be honest, it’s never a I wish we could go back to this EVER.  We value the time together.  We don’t have to be in each other’s faces – in fact, on a few of the nights, we sat in separate rooms and caught up on separate series – but there’s no rush, no routines to stick to, and we can have adult conversation (and adult entertainment – wink wink, nudge nudge) without having to worry about the kids interrupting.  There were some quiet periods.  Blissfully quiet.  We went out a few times – the Kevin Hart concert included. It was a much needed break.  But boy, did we miss our rascals!!

Saying bye wasn’t too pleasant.  Riley is attached to me at the hip and so it was terribly hard for me to get the hubster to peel him off me so that I could hug and kiss Ethan who was in mini meltdown mode…crying big tears while saying goodbye and telling us just how much he was going to miss us.  That brought my tears on – the tears that had already been brewing from the morning when I started packing our bags without having to worry about the kids’ stuff.  And then of course, their extra long naps (murphy!) that killed our Easter lunch plans resulting in us having to have take-away lunch en route to Jo’burg at a Steers without our family…boo hoo.  A bit of a bumpy start but thankfully, after the 6hour drive, we were in full chill mode.

Anyhoo, everything is now back to normal.  The hubster is back at work after a 2week break.  Our nanny is back after an almost as long one.  Ethan is back at creche styling the cutest mohawk I’ve ever seen.  Riley has moved to a big boy bed – YES, he’s out of his cot, something I was a bit hesitant to do.  I’m not sure if it’s because he’s my baby and I’m kinda holding on to that?!  Ethan moved into a normal bed at 15months, but when I look at Riley going on 16months, I kept saying that he’s too small.  That was all squashed when he refused to sleep in the camp cot in Durban and so got promoted to the sleeper couch, Ethan’s usual spot.  After sleeping well for over a week on it, I figured there’s no point putting him back into his cot.  So on to a normal bed it is!  The first two nights went swimmingly well and I’m hoping that the cot can come down this weekend and the room will have more space in it too – yay!!!!!

Our Come Dine With Me competition has been cancelled…for now at least.  Long story!  Am I disappointed?  Yes!  Especially after all the “admin” it took to co-ordinate.  But really, I’m actually over it.  It took such a lot to organise and I was almost relieved (I hate to say) when I made the decision to cancel it.  My menu (for those who were keen and were following) by the way was as follows;-

StartersChicken or Beef – choice between spicy chicken livers or spicy meatballs in an arribiatta sauce served with toasted bruschetta.

MainStuffed Babestuffed pork fillet (11th of January’s dish) served with roasted baby potatoes and one of my favourite salads (rocket, butternut, feta (or goat’s cheese…as they do at Tasha’s!), pecan nuts and balsamic vinegar).

DessertDIY crumpets – homemade crumpets served with homemade ice-cream (24th of March’s dish), Nutella (no, I am not crazy…I do no have any inclination to make melted chocolate myself) and stewed berries with a berry compote.

Sounds yummy hey!  Anyway…maybe another time 🙂

The next few weeks are going to be pretty chilled.  Well, I’m hoping so.  I’m trying to learn to relax more and not be so busy.  It’s working really well.  Also, on the friendship side, I’ve had a few really disappointing things happen in the last few weeks with supposed friends.  I’ve gone to the drawing board in a attempt to narrow my circle and decide who’s really important to me.  It sounds crazy, I know, but it just works better and helps a super organised (some may call me anal!) person like myself not have to deal with people letting me down and treating me like the second best option when I treat them as number 1.  Sounds sad hey?!  But honestly, I think I needed to do some soul searching around this.  Life’s too short!

We have a cutie’s 2nd birthday party coming up in a few weeks’ time which I’m really looking forward to.  A dinner date with two really good friends (Es and Mike, it’s been too long!!!).  Otherwise, we’re trying to do more outdoor type things with the kids that don’t cost too many arms and legs ‘cos let’s be honest, kids are happiest with the smallest little things.  You don’t have to spend hundreds and thousands of rands on an outing for them to enjoy it.  Well, not at the age that our two are at at the moment.  The most important thing for them is spending quality time with us <3.


Out and about at Yheesh in Woodmead yesterday ❤

My mum’s off to London this evening to help her sister who’s just had a knee replacement – Aunty Lorna (my number one blog reader, hehe)…thinking of you and sending hugs and kisses your way.  Hope that you have a speedy recovery.

Have a good week guys xxx


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  1. says:

    Oh shame man Jo, sorry about your Come Dine with Me. I know you were
    really looking forward to it and so was I : (

  2. MamaCat says:

    You may want to edit Megan’s comment there?

    So sorry about the Come Dine with me. I have been waiting to read about it. it is great your kids have other adults that they are so comfortable with. I worry that my littlee is still attached at the hip and even though he has been is his own room, he still prefers our bed and will never stay anywhere without us.

    • Jodie says:

      Thanks – edited – didn’t even know that I could edit comments!! I am greatful every day for my parents and their involvement with my kids as am I with my sisters – such involved aunties 🙂 I’m sure your boy will outgrow it at some stage…until then, enjoy the closeness xxx

  3. catjuggles says:

    Oh how I wish we had grandparents that could hep like that. I almost have no idea left of what life was like BC.

  4. Mrs FF says:

    Sad the come dine with me was canceled! Why? I was looking forward to read all about it.

    So good to connect with the spouse sans kids every now and then

    Sorry about the friend issues. Hope it gets resolved. Never a nice situation to be in

    • Mrs FF says:

      Ps: how is Yeesh? Did the kids enjoy it? Thinking of taking K there but I find I like the outdoors more but with winter coming that will be quite limited for a few months

      • Jodie says:

        It’s really lovely. The kids love it 🙂 She’ll absolutely love it. But I feel you on the outdoor activities – better for the kids to get some fresh air and run around. If you going to pop by the Woodmead one, let me know and I can meet you there!!

      • Mrs FF says:

        Definitely. We have a date. Let’s make a plan

    • Jodie says:

      Hhhhmmmm…story for another day!

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