My Heart is Full

This is going to sound a bit strange and I can’t really explain it fully in words myself…the best sentence that describes it is that my heart is full.  Full in a good way.  Guys, this weekend was just the most awesome ever!  I came into work yesterday morning on a serious high.  You see, having two littlies is really not easy and I must be honest, weekends can be challenging.  What makes them even worse is when they start off with a fight with the hubster.  You know how it goes – arguing over who needs to get up for the children, who gets to lay in, who must run after the kids outside while the other gets to veg…and so it goes on!  And I’m convinced that it has everything (okay, maybe not everything…but A LOT) to do with the fact that our kids are so small.

And so this weekend, I got a glimmer of how it is to have older kids.  We were busy this weekend, really busy.  In fact, I barely had any time to put my feet up.  We were out and about from 9am on Saturday morning right until we returned from church on Sunday night at around 6:30pm.  And boy was I tired.  But it was a good tired!

This weekend, the kids got along absolutely perfectly.  There were times where they played all alone in their bedrooms while I got to do whatever needed doing in the house.  We interrupted Riley’s nap on Saturday which I was very hesitant to do (I blogged about that over here) and it worked so well.  More evidence that our kids can be adaptable and more importantly, that they’re growing.  And boy are they growing nicely.

I look at them every day and cannot believe how big they are already.  And they make me so happy.  I love being a mum.  It’s tough at times, no doubt.  They can drive me insane.  Sometimes I just want to crawl into a hole and be alone, in.silence!!  But there is nothing that makes me happier than spending time with the hubster and my children, together, as a family.

I thank God every day for the blessing that they are in my life ❤  My heart is full 🙂



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  1. MamaCat says:

    It is so good when you feel warm and fuzzy like this. Good on your kids for giving back to you.

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