• You want to go to the live concert but the tickets are just too expensive to justify buying…never mind the fact that you love the singer and that you know every song…
  • You convince yourself that you’ll win tickets on the radio, your friend ends up winning, and the first thing you check is where the seats are and whether you’ll be able to see clearly from those seats, as opposed to just being excited that they’re FREE!!!
  • You hear that at the Cape Town concert, the crowd was kept waiting for over an hour to see their diva and you panic because…IF we’re made to wait as long, we’re surely going to only get home waaayyyyy after midnight!
  • You prepare your outfit a few days before – you still change it a few times over…is there any lady who prepares an outfit and sticks with it??? – but your outfit includes things like comfy shoes, a warm jersey, possibly scarfs (and glasses to see the stage clearly) to avoid the breeze and the coldness when walking to catch your Uber after the concert and NOT anything fashionable or funky.
  • You get a lift to the concert with your…dad 🙂 and you hop off where it’s convenient, not caring that you need to walk or that you’re far away from the venue, or that it may be uncool to be dropped off by your father.
  • The first thing you do when you arrive at the venue is find your seats even though the seat marking is clear as day and there are still hours to go to the concert.
  • You plan your drinks out very carefully because you don’t want to be totally sloshed before the show starts…totally sloshed equals about 2/3 drinks by the way!!
  • You focus on eating because the plan was to get out and have a bite before the concert sans kids (okay, maybe this is just a mum thing?!).
  • You wassap the hubster to check that the kids are fine – whether they’ve eaten, did bath time go well, are they all okay…okay, maybe this is another mum thing 🙂

But then…the diva comes on stage and you really let loose…and age doesn’t seem to matter at.all.anymore!!!!

  • You casually pick up your belongings and saunter down the aisle straight forward focused on the stage, with a drink in your hand and your jacket tied tightly around your waist trying to see how close to the stage you can get before security pushes you back (we got all the way to the VIP section!!!).
  • You ignore the seating arrangements and dance like nobody’s watching right in the aisle, ‘cos really, what’s the point of going to see such an amazing artist when you can’t dance right?! (we’ll omit the fact that the last time we danced was too long ago to even remember at this point ;-)).
  • You pull moves out of the closet from them BC (before children) days and don’t stop even when the people behind you ask you politely to sit down because the music is so lekker and you won these tickets…may as well enjoy as much as you can!!!
  • You mix your drinks…bottle of wine (white but then the people next to us started giving us red too!), slush alcoholic drinks and shooters in little packets.  You know you’re going to pay dearly for it the next day…but you do it anyway because YOLO baby!!!!!
  • You sing till your voice can’t come out anymore and you know every word of every song which makes the concert so worth it!

And then the concert comes to an end and…

  • There’s red wine on your most awesome “coolest” jacket…you’re sure the people next to you spilt it and then you realise that you also had red wine to drink like the rockstar that you are 🙂 🙂 🙂
  • You log on to Uber (after spending hours figuring out how to use it for the first time before the concert) only to realise that there are apparently no vehicles available in the area (figures!!) and that the fare estimate has gone up from the estimated R133 – R177 a few hours before to…R388!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • You figure out that it is indeed before midnight and you ask your husband very nicely to leave the warmth of the house to pick you up and drop your friend off.
  • Your throat is so inflamed from all the screaming and shouting that you struggle to sleep because you can barely breathe all night.
  • You wake up at the crack of dawn – ‘cos irrespective of when you actually go to sleep, your body is used to getting up early thanks to the kiddy winkles – feeling like death warmed up, you can’t move too fast, you can’t listen to the kids screaming too loud…everybody around you is up and excited for no school and no work on the public holiday…and all you want to do is get back into bed and sleep for a few more minutes…

And that my dear friends is when you realise that you’re getting older!  That’s why I don’t do these things as often anymore but you know what…the Mariah concert was so worth it.  We had such a good time and the diva really rocked the stage.  Now to get through the working day so that I can climb into bed early tonight because at my age, you need much more than 24hours to recover from a late night 😉


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  1. Robyn says:

    Haha! Good one!

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