You guys make my heart so happy!  I cannot really explain it in words, but watching you grow and being your mother – along with its frustrations, challenges and hard work – is just so rewarding.

Ethan, you are just too sweet for words.  Your sense of humour is the best.  Dad says there’s no way you get it from me ‘cos I’m not funny – I think I’m hilarious, of course I do!, haha – but then again, your dad is a real clown, and so I’d say that the humour comes from us both.  You’ve been going through a bit of a funny stage over the last few months, all age appropriate I think!  You sulk A LOT.  It drives me up the wall.  If you don’t get your way, your lip droops until it just about reaches the floor and often, the waterworks turn on.  You are such a sensitive boy and I love that about you.  I often tell you it’s okay to cry (not when you don’t get your own way of course!) – but like when you and dad were at the movies and there was a sad part when the dinosaur had lost his parents and dad says you burst out crying – that’s okay boy.  It’s okay to cry.  Dad thinks you need to toughen up (I think all dad’s think that of their sons) but I want you to know that if you want to cry ‘cos something makes you sad or emotional, it’s okay.  I also want you to stop crying for nothing though!  Wow, it’s driving us insane.  You cry in the morning when you wake up for no reason whatsoever.  You cry if your brother looks at you funny.  You cry if you don’t want to eat what’s on the table.  Boy do you know how to bring on the tears at the wrong times sometimes!!  Hidings are starting to become a reality more than a threat these days because you’re pushing the boundaries and boy do you push them.  The back chatting is on the increase – do you know that you’re 4 and not 14??!!!!  And the repeating (copying everything we say verbatim) is driving me nuts especially when you repeat an instruction word for word but…don’t actually do it!  You’re growing into such a lovely boy though. The things you say and the questions you ask are so profound.  I asked you two days ago what you want to be when you grow up and you told me that you wanted to be a soccer player for a big team (dad and aunty Lau are super chuffed with this).  Then just yesterday, when the doctor asked you, you told him you wanted to be a super hero and a knight!  Hmmm.  The little things that make you so happy…I hope that little things will continue to make you happy for a very very long time!!  Yesterday, I fetched you from school before lunch as you had a doctor’s appointment and I made a point to pack you lunch in a Spiderman lunch bag that you were gifted for your last birthday which you’ve never even seen.  Inside, there was a ham roll, a banana and a pack of Oreo biscuits.  You were so extremely excited – you’d swear Father Christmas had arrived early.  You thanked me profusely (you are such a polite boy – always using your manners) and told me how excited you were.  You asked if I could always give you the bag whenever we had to go for an appointment and you carried the bag to the appointment and guarded it like it was the best thing you’d ever received.  You love your brother so so much.  You want to include him in everything.  You want to carry him around and give him hugs and share just about everything with him.  If I give you a sweet, you ask where’s his.  If you wake up before him, you want him to climb into bed with you when he wakes up.  You want to hug and cuddle and kiss him all the time even when it drives him mad.  You want to play with him every afternoon after school and are so protective over him. There are days when you even chase your own friends in the complex away because “I’m not playing with you today, I’m playing with my brother“.  You are such a bright little boy.  I’ve had to answer a lot of questions with – ask your dad my boy – because I have no idea how to explain things to you.  And if you don’t understand my answer, it frustrates you to no end.  You have your own sense of style.  Takkies are the ultimate!  Your “new ones” – Soviets that are so worn out that they’re really very far from new – but you adore them.  Sandals are a no-no.  Jeans are now “in” as far as you’re concerned…it only took 4years for you to like them.  And you rocked your mohawk for a few months but have now decided that you want “flat hair” because you’re apparently tired of your mohawk even though every other boy in your class is now rocking it too.  You have no desire to conform whatsoever.  You have been practising for a concert at school and your class is doing Grease, one of my favourite musicals of all times!  Although you’re too young to watch the actual movie, we’ve been enjoying our evenings watching the songs on You Tube singing together.  I cannot wait to see you in action on stage for the first time 🙂

Riley, our woelwater.  You are so different from Ethan.  At the tender age of 17months old, we can see just how different you are.  I don’t know if you’re trying to play catch up with Ethan but you’re growing at such a phenomenal rate.  You so badly want to be indepedent and want nobody to help you.  If Ethan so much as holds your hands or puts his hand on your shoulders when you guys are doing something or walking somewhere, you get so angry at him.  You are talking one to the hundred, already forming full sentences – your favourites being where’s the dog or where’s the bird.  You can say words like mama, dada, Etha (Ethan), Porta (Portia), nana, gumpa (grandpa), juice, water, cat, pone (phone), animal, night night, bath time, hello, hi, hi there and so much more.  Your sentences are coming together so nicely and even “outsiders” are starting to understand you.  You copy everything Ethan does.  You want to climb up just about everything – in fact, the other day, you climbed on the speaker in order to get on top of the tv stand.  Your understanding is absolutely amazing.  You listen to us and do as we say – long may that last!  You run around the house at all times.  I don’t think that walking is ever an option for you.  You LOVE being outside.  If you could be outside all day, you would.  You are becoming fussier by the day especially in the food department – just like your brother.  All meal times are an effort with you both but especially you.  Ethan, we can still bribe or threaten but you…no, you have a mind of your own.  If you see the food and don’t know what it is, you purse your lips and refuse to go near the food.  You like certain foods on some days and then not on the very next day!  Bread if your favourite thanks to Portia (our nanny) – one of your most favourite people in the word.  You absolutely love to Skype your nana and grandpa and know exactly where the iPad is located.  If I so much as mention that we should Skype nana, you’re running for the iPad and break down into tears if I don’t connect with nana immediately.  You can point out a whole lot of body parts, your favourite being the tummy (you call it tuma, and you don’t only love yours but everybody’s – you pull people’s shirts up constantly to find theirs).  You are obsessed with mum’s booboos (even though you only breastfed till 3months!!!) and reach into my shirt at every opportunity but especially when you’re tired…with your pointy finger on your left hand in your mouth, squeezing mama’s booboos completely calms and soothes you.  You absolutely love Coldplay’s Adventure of a Lifetime song.  This is thanks to your grandpa who thought when you guys were last on holiday that the monkeys in the music video would entertain you, so he played it on repeat constantly.  We, of course, don’t have this video on hand and so when you do catch a glimpse of it on tv, you go wild.  Clapping, dancing and singing ooo-oooo-oo-oooo makes you so extremely happy.  Yesterday, I was so impressed by you…I asked you to bring your peekaboo books so that I could read to you.  You moaned until I picked up the green one, tossing the others aside one by one until we finally got to the one you wanted.  When I started reading it, you kept pushing my hand away as if I was doing something wrong.  Then you paged through it yourself to the page that had a monkey on it.  You pointed to the monkey (which you called an animal) and then to the tv which was off at the time.  Then you jumped off my lap, stood in front of the tv and started clapping and dancing.  Fortunately mum put two and two together and figured out that you wanted to watch the monkey song so I found it on my phone using You Tube and you watched it on repeat a gazillion times.  But what a clever boy you are!  And your sense of humour is just as amazing as Ethan’s…you two are going to be real clowns.

On days when I want to buy you the fanciest clothes (takkies for you Ethan), take you to the Aussie circus or Disney on Ice, go on a fancy beach holiday via plane, give you the biggest nicest toys and then realise that I just can’t because the budget doesn’t extend to any of that, I look at you and know that what you’re getting from mum and dad is more than any amount of money can buy – our love and our time – and when I look at the smiles on your faces and see just how happy you are, I thank God that you boys are ours.   I pray that He continues to watch over you both and hold you in the palm of His hand so that you stay as special as you are.

I love you both to infinity and beyond xxx


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  1. catjuggles says:

    Riley has great taste in music! And I love how they differ. Beautiful post

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