Guys, how is it MAY already???  I honestly can’t believe it.  This year is flying by.  Riley is cutting his last tooth already – yes, he’s cut ALL his other teeth (except for the back back molars that only come around 2 if I’m not mistaken!).  To be expected from a little-y who cut his first tooth at 3months I guess, but boy am I glad that we now have two kids with all their teeth…no more teething!  Yay.

The boys…

The boys are good and so adorable 🙂 🙂 🙂

Ethan went to see a paediatric pulmonologist a few weeks ago – Dr Steve Ponde – apparently the best in the field.  I was expecting to pop in for 15minutes (specialists tend to give you this amount of time don’t they?!), get charged a good few thousands of rands and leave with exactly the same information as the GP and paed have previously provided me about Ethan and his coughing, but boy was I surprised.  From the layout and look of his office to the staff and their caring nature.  I mean – when last did you go to a doctor who offers you tea, coffee, biscuits, boxed fruit juices for the kid…and that’s just in the waiting room.  A short 10minute wait and reassurance from the doctor (together with the previous patient who was leaving as we were walking in – a good act to instill confidence in little Ethan!) that he wasn’t giving any injections, wasn’t taking off any limbs and wasn’t going to hurt him in any way…we were ushered into an equally impressive examination room and Ethan was offered hot chocolate and various options of biscuits (he chose zoo biscuits of course).  You can see that this doctor had me here already hey?!  I was really so impressed.  At any rate…our appointment was two and a half hours!!!!!!!!  He took me through our entire family history, he treated Ethan as the patience for the most part and even took the time out to ask him what animals were on his biscuits and who his girlfriend is at school.  This guy treated us with undivided attention and even examined mum who was probably in a worse state than Ethan was, but the appointment was totally worth it!  In a nutshell, the croup that Ethan gets so often isn’t regular children’s croup and Ethan is on a short course of meds to right a few things.  We will go back for a follow up appointment in a few months and hopefully, he will just need to continue with regular antihistamines and nose sprays from there on out.

Riley is good health wise.  Such a strong boy and so strong willed.  He’s talking so so well.  I think it has a lot to do with being the second child – that catching up to the first child thing.  He’s stringing sentences of 3/4words together at a time.  He’s learnt possession at a very early age and walks around the house pointing objects, items of clothing and toys out naming who’s they are – so a typical morning is full of him pointing at things shouting out “Ethan’s”, “Riley’s” (pronounced Yiyee, so cute!!!), “mama’s” or “dada’s”.  The crying has also started for.everything.guys!!!  It can be so annoying at times but then I have to remind myself that he is not even 18months yet, he’s still a baby, and I need to give him that space to grow and “voice” himself the best way he can, even if at that moment, it’s by crying.  He insists on feeding himself his food these days.  Quite a messy affair and it means that mealtimes are longer than if I just feed him myself, but then on the bright side, with both of them busy feeding themselves (or refusing to eat what’s being served and picking out a few odd goodies on the plate that suit them on that day…bad eaters, another story for another day), it does give me a few extra minutes to do something else.  He still loves mama’s booboos and even asks “where’s the booboos” when he feels the need to grope…oooookkkkk, not grope, feel them for comfort.  But he’s at such an adorable age, I almost don’t want him to grow anymore!


Work is work I guess.  Coming in at 7am as the morning temperatures get colder (it was 8degrees when I left this morning) and the sun only rises closer to 6:30am these days, is proving quite challenging.  Let’s not even talk about the mornings when I leave home and all three of my brood are fast asleep under warm and cosy duvets and blankets and mum has to brace the traffic!  But I’m grateful to still be a in a job that I love and where I feel appreciated.  Of course, it’s that time of the year once again – increase and bonus time – and you can almost feel the tension in the office.  People cracking jokes about the holiday that they’re going to go on and the new car they’re going to buy IF they’re lucky in June – haha.

Coming up…

On the 9th of June, we’re fortunate enough to be flying to Durban to spend a long weekend with my folks and to celebrate my dad’s birthday…all expenses paid…thanks dad xxx  It will be Riley’s first time on a plane at an age where he knows what a plane is.  Ethan keeps asking if he’ll like it and telling Riley that we’re going to be flying on a plane soon.  I cannot wait to see how he reacts!  I’m also really looking forward to the break.  Although going away with two kids isn’t really a holiday, knowing that both my sisters and my parents will be with us makes it so much better.  What’s the saying – many hands make light work?!  Boy, does that apply to children too.  The more hands on deck to assist, the easier it is on us parents and I know that we’ll be able to have some R&R too.

Over the “long-ish” weekend in June – I haven’t taken the Friday off but I’m sure lots of people have which is why I’m just calling it a long weekend – we’re expecting two of our favourite people to be visiting us.  It’s not confirmed yet, but it’s looking good and we’re really looking forward to having them around.  More about that closer to the time plus a few activities on the cards which I’m hoping to do when they’re around.

Also, on Thursday this week, my mum, my sisters are going to watch Alice Through The Looking Glass at the Prestige Cinema at Sandton.  I’ve never been before but I hear that the experience is really worth it.  I’m really looking forward to an evening out with the girls 🙂


Last week, a family friend passed away.  He wasn’t even 50 yet and it, of course, got me thinking of my life and how blessed I am to be alive and breathing.  Yes, I have complaints – as do we all I guess – but it really is so good to take stock of the blessings in your life every now and again.  Not just the financial ones (which is all I seem to be looking at these days – did you hear that petrol is going up again tomorrow???…just saying) but more importantly, the people around you and your own life, things you cannot place a price on. A friend on Facebook updated their status yesterday morning about how hectic mornings are and how in the hustle and bustle of the morning routine, it’s good to take stock of what it all means.  And she’s right you know.  In our house, mornings are definitely not the best time!  But you know what, we have so much to be thankful for and we are so blessed.  It’s important for us to constantly remember this!!

Anyway, enough of me!  How are you doing?  What’s going on in your life?


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  1. MamaCat says:

    Good to see the update. Hope Ethan is going to be well and this stuff will be behind him. I felt such sorrow on giving up breastfeeding. I missed it.
    I love a girls date. Made one for Saturday, and looking forward to it.
    It is much nicer to be thankful. I find myself complaining too much.

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