Two weekends ago, we were blessed to go on a mini holiday to KZN, compliments of my dad.  We all flew up together (our family and my little sis, my other sister had to unfortunately work 😦 ) for our long weekend away on the Thursday and returned on the Tuesday.

Of course, being the pedantic stick-to-the-rules type of mum that I am, I had rehearsed the departure day over and over in my head.  From Riley having to nap at the right time to lunch before we left so that the kids weren’t hungry at the airport and therefore crabby, to getting to the airport with bags packed on time…I planned it down to a T…and fortunately for me, it all went according to plan.  We used a really nifty service for parking (50% discount on Groupon the night before…we happened to stumble upon it…bonus!!) where all we did was drop our car at terminal B and go.  I must admit, I was a bit panick-y wondering whether we were being scammed or if it was legit, but I figured that insurance would sort us out if our car was stolen and we carried on with the trip quickly forgetting about the car now in the hands of complete strangers!!


The boys

Thankfully, the airport wait was uneventful and the kids were pleasant enough.  They both had a good flight – very little moans and mostly excitement to see nana and grandpa – and 50minutes after we took off, we were already landing in good old Durbs.  We were lucky enough to spend the evening catching up with one of my favourite aunts who’s also my godmother.  She happened to be in Durban for work and the night we arrived was her last night there, so we chatted all evening.  The boys slept in their respective beds with no problem at all!  Even Ethan slept on the couch downstairs right next to the staircase, in full earshot of our banter upstairs, and it didn’t keep him awake as it had done in December.

The weather played along beautifully on the Friday – a whopping 27degrees – and so of course, the Jo’burgers took full advantage and swam in the sea…in winter 🙂 🙂 🙂  Ethan had an amazing time riding bikes along the beach with his dad before swimming, while mum took in a massage.

Happy days

Mum chilling…

Ethan beach

Is this child not just too gorgeous…just saying!

The following morning, the weather took a turn as we headed down south to The Carribean Estate for two nights away.  We were last there for my sister’s 2nd birthday, 21years ago and it’s still just as beautiful as it was then.  We spent the afternoon on a lazy river boat ride followed by pancakes at Mac Banana, a real gem in itself.  And then the hubster and my dad braai’d.  The kids had a bad night sharing a room for the first time ever, but when you’re on holiday with many hands making light work, a bad night doesn’t really have much of an effect on the holiday mood…fortunately.

On the Sunday, it was my dad’s birthday and we left the hubster to sleep in while we went to 10am mass at a church around the corner from where we were.   From there, we headed over to The Wild Coast Sun for some fun activities while Riley slept under the watch of the old fogies.  Ethan, although petrified of the horses and not in the least bit interested to get on one, thoroughly enjoyed the experience with his dad on the quad bike!  While I waited with my sister for them, I was flabbergasted by how big he is.  I mean, when did my child get big enough to ride on a quad bike bigger than him???  He waited patiently for us to finish with the horses and then had the time of his life with his daddy.  And dad had just as much as fun, his first time on a quad as well!  We had lunch at the good old Spur afterwards and spent the evening playing card games and chatting.

Ethan happy

Happiness is ❤

Another bad night for Ethan as a stomach bug hit him hard which forced us to clean up sheets and clothes twice in the early hours of the morning (there are some gross things that I’ve done as a parent that I would have never dreamed of doing!!!) and the poor child was so out of sorts all day, sleeping for a large part of it.  But a quick pop in at the doctor before rushing off to the airport meant that after taking his meds, he started pepping up and by the time the kids were home and bathed in bed that evening, he was well on the mend and almost back to his normal self.  While mum and dad unpacked and rounded up the bedtime routine, they sat, watching tv, happily munching away at McD’s.Boys eating

Overall, the weekend was really really nice.  We relaxed a lot and with the boys getting bigger, it means they’re not so dependent on us.  They can play together and enjoy each other’s company.  They can eat anything and with no bottles needed, being on the go is really a simple exercise.  I’d even go so far as to say that we don’t have babies anymore, but then I remember that Riley needs his booboos 🙂

Next weekend, we’re hoping to go away for an adult weekend sans kids while the grandparents look after the runts.  There’s nothing like getting a break mid-year to rejuvenate the mind and body and with the long weekend in Durbs and the DW ahead ( 😉 ), I really feel like I’m getting a much needed break.

Thanks dad and mum for the time away xxx



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