We’re in the second half of the year – can you believe it!  Wow, 2016 is really flying by.

So a quick post of what’s currently happening with us…


This past weekend, the hubster and I were lucky enough to go away for the weekend without the kids.  We made use of this Groupon voucher and boy was it worth it!!!  Now we’re not really game lodge people and previously, our “getting away” entailed one night at Monte Casino ‘cos let’s face it…it’s away from home but not far enough for you to have to take a full day off to travel, and it also has plenty of different options for entertainment and dining, plus it’s very affordable….but it’s not really away and it’s very busy!  There’s not much quiet time unless you’re in your room, and one night away plus checking out early the next morning doesn’t quite make for a whole weekend away.  So when the parentals told me that they would be here this month over the weekend, I jumped at the opportunity to book us on a weekend somewhere far(-ish) away.  Guys – it was THE BEST.  The place is really lovely – apparently, standard for a game lodge but what would we know?!  As I said, we’re not game lodge people 🙂  The food…yes, I’m a big foodie!…was TO.DIE.FOR.  I’m talking three course meals – lunch and dinner – all inclusive, and of course, the mandatory full breakfast.  We were literally rolling around with full bellies and smiles from ear to ear.  The game drive was really great too.  Not too long and very informative.  We caught up, reconnected and just had the best time, something I think we want to try and do more of in the future if we can.  It’s totally different being away from regular life and so switched off from the day-to-day humdrum and business of 4.5 and 1.5!!  Thanks mum and dad for watching the littlies xxx  And before one more person asks me – no, we did not make a third baby 😉


This week

So I have an outing planned with Ethan on Thursday this week, compliments of my sister, and have taken the day off to enjoy it with him.  We’re going to see Dora and her friends at Emporer’s Palace.  I mentioned it to him some time back, but I don’t think that he really remembers, so I’m keeping it a surprise until then.  I am soooooo looking forward to seeing his reaction at his first live show.  You know that, seeing things through the eyes of your kid thing?!  So rewarding!!!  I recall him asking me, when I mentioned it some time back, whether Dora will be real, as in actually outside of the tv…precious child ❤


On the home front

Guys, I can’t do this one new meal a week thing any longer.  I know I didn’t commit to anybody, it was a personal thing.  And I know that nobody is counting and keeping tabs on this “project”, but I still feel like a bit of a failure for not seeing this through to the end of the year.  Anyway, guilt be gone…I just can’t do this anymore.  I’ve made 25 new meals this year so far (I haven’t completed the update of this page as yet…please excuse me!!)…and now I’m done.  The extra pressure of preparing and buying new ingredients for one measly dish that must be done THAT WEEK is just too much.  And let’s not talk about wastage.  I cook very basically and don’t ever use things like spring onions, french onions, fresh herbs (yes, I use dry ones) and chickpeas to mention a few extras that I’ve bought over the last few months.  At any rate, I have enough other things to worry about.  But the experience has really been great and I definitely think that I’ll continue to try new recipes every now and again going forward.

In other news at home…like I need one more thing to focus on, our nanny has been up in arms with the new security guards in our complex for some time now.  This morning, at 7am, I had to be told her side of the story as I was walking out the door already late for work.  I left the house and stopped at the gate to hear the guard’s side of the story and to finally put this issue to rest ‘cos it’s been an issue for a while now.  Long story short, it seems as though she’s up in arms that she has to sign in to the complex when she lives there – she’s live in and only has to sign in on a Monday and he won’t let her out on a Friday because if she lives in, she should know the code.  Her frustration has resulted in her literally swearing the guard on numerous occasions and this morning, throwing the sign in book across the table instead of giving it nicely back to him.  Then he threatened to beat her up – yes, that’s apparently okay because she swore him?!?!  I’ve been on the phone with the owner of the company now and like civilized people, we’ve agreed on how to resolve the situation and clear the air.  But wow, what a hassle especially when the guards from the previous company were so friendly and polite and had no issues whatsoever.  And let’s not mention the conversation that I now have to have with P about this.  Oh well, the joys of being the lady of the house.  ME that is, not her 😉

The boys are doing well and were so well behaved over the weekend with nana and grandpa.  Eating like champs, going to bed without any problems and even sleeping through the night!  Have you ever?!?!  Of course, last night, Riley was pacing the house during the night looking for dada…probably just making sure we were still there!  But I’m glad that my boys are so comfortable with my parents.  It makes leaving them with them and switching off so much easier.

On Sunday, I’m lucky enough to be going to Bakwena Spa for a full day at the spa with two friends.  I don’t think I’ve ever been to a spa for the entire day.  More importantly, I don’t think I’ve ever left both kids alone with the hubster for a full day and reading an article today on the debate of whether father’s taking care of their kids is babysitting or just actual fathering made me think about Sunday.  Fortunately, my hubster’s of the latter opinion i.e. that he’s also their father and so them staying with him all day is really not babysitting at all, but his job as their father!  Am I not blessed?  A full day of spoiling and not a single bit of guilt to be felt…I can’t wait 🙂

Anyhoo, that’s all from me.  How are things on your side?!?!  How are you coping with your kid



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  1. MamaCat says:

    It is really great that you two could find some time for yourselves. I am always jealous 🙂
    I really wanted to do Dora, but I am not organised enough and I did not manage to get tickets by the time I went to Computicket, ditto Disney on Ice. I am disappointed, but glad I did not tell HB about it. I wanted tickets up front.
    We put too much pressure on ourselves. I still cook with what I have. So basically I shop for what is on sale or in season, and then that is what we eat.

    • Jodie says:

      I don’t take it for granted for one second that we’re fortunate to get time away! It was really great 🙂
      If my sister hadn’t bought Dora tickets, I wouldn’t have. I think that the most of things are totally overpriced and more a marketing gimic than anything but hoping that this show proves me wrong.
      Agree with you on the pressure thing – it’s mostly self inflicted but I still love it, hahahaha.

  2. catjuggles says:

    Gosh I would love to do one new meal a week but it is a lot of pressure! And gosh, one does not need things like that security guard issue thing! I love that you guys got to have a weekend away on your own – I would love to do that be we have zero babysitting options

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