Yesterday, we met  up with my cousin and her kids for an early dinner straight after work at the good old Spur.  The highlight…finding out that on Wednesdays, kids eat for FREE at the Spur!!!  Okay, maybe not the highlight, but what a bonus and something to remember for those Wednesdays when cooking just doesn’t fit into my busy schedule 😉  Anyway, moving on.  Ethan has no cousins on my side of the family as both my sisters don’t have kids…yet…Lauren, Andrea, hint hint, nudge nudge.  He has a few cousins on the hubster’s side of the family, but they’re all in PE, so he only sees them once a year.  We have a few friends with kids around his age and obviously, he has some friends at school…but to me, there’s nothing like family!  And boy does he love hanging out with these two munchkins, my cousin’s two…


Now my cousin and I grew up like sisters. We’re so close to each and always have been, but with our busy lives – although we live only about 6/7kms from each other – we hardly ever actually see each other.  We chat every day all the time, but for me, that face-to-face interaction is something that is important to me in every relationship.  And so today, I’m thankful that we got to catch up yesterday and that the kiddies got to spend some QT together.  As Tracey wrote in this blog post over here,  there’s just something about family.  It’s like it’s inside each of us.  That feeling of being home.  Well, that’s how I felt last night.  So content.  No airs and flairs.  No need to impress or pretend.  Just me and my cuz hanging out.

On another note, while we were out, she shared some very sad news with me.  A guy we grew up with and his wife lost their little boy in utero at 38weeks a little while back.  They documented the birth and took pictures and shared it, so I got a peek into what they went through and boy was it sad.  Losing a baby when you’re oh so ready to meet him/her.  Heart wrenching stuff.  But last night, after reading about it, I prayed to God that I had happy, healthy pregnancies.  Both of my children’s births went absolutely perfectly, and my kids are alive today and healthy.  And so, today I’m also thankful for the gift of life and the gifts of my Ethan and Riley ❤


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  1. catjuggles says:

    Lovely evening and family means so much. Gosh, how sad is that loss?

  2. debraaukett says:

    What gorgeous 3 kids! So lovely to have such a close knit family.
    So sorry to hear about the loss, that’s incredibly sad. xx

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