Guys, it’s TOUGH being a woman man! Weight is a constant issue and focus…well, at least it is in our family, and particularly for me after my pregnancies. Now after Ethan, I didn’t fuss much about my weight. I figured that there was no point in stressing about it as I planned to have another baby very soon. That didn’t happen but the idea still stuck…soon I’ll be pregnant again, no use losing weight now! And then one day, I decided to start gyming with a proper hardcore schedule and after losing just over 5kgs – BOOM – pregnant again 🙂 I enjoyed my pregnancy too much eating everything in sight (clearly I didn’t learn from the first time), and wound up in the same boat a few months after Riley was born…overweight and feeling uncomfortable in everything even my pjs!! I refused to buy clothes a size bigger and didn’t have money to finance it anyway, and so I walked around feeling like the gruffalo in my own skin 😦 Gym wasn’t an option…I wasn’t (and am still not) mentally prepared and so losing weight seemed virtually impossible!

That’s until my mum suggested that I try Weight Watchers. It took me 7months to get to my target weight. I lost 13.5kgs in total just by changing my diet and not only did I feel better, but it totally changed the way I eat for the better of course. [No, this is not a sponsored post!!! I’m just telling you my story].


Of course, there was a side effect of the weight loss. We called it “skinny girl problems”…my wardrobe (including my bra – the worst problem of all!) didn’t fit my slimmer figure. But alas, I’ve managed to buy a few really nice fitted outfits to add to my wardrobe and now not only do I look much better than what I did when I wore my oversized clothes, but I feel better too. I feel confident and love that I can wear stylish/fashionable clothes as opposed to wearing clothes that cover my excess weight. And the comments and compliments that I receive from family, friends and colleagues really do make me feel good about myself and achieving my goal.

Well, that was until today…I was wearing a fitted skirt and pretty jersey to work when somebody said to me you have a bum, I haven’t noticed it before. My response – well, we all have bums *confused face*. To which she replied no but it’s bigger than mine and my friend’s. Okkkkk, thanks for that! Fortunately in this case, both her and her friend have totally flat backsides so the comment didn’t offend me much but boy, is it a tough being a woman! What’s a girl to do…there’s always something wrong with our figures 😉


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  1. MamaCat says:

    Haha, you have a bum…and I bet it is sexy. That is impressive weight loss. I feel stuck at the moment. I have gotten bigger and smaller and bigger and smaller. I feel a little ugh about it but I have no plan of action.

    • Jodie says:

      I was tempted to put a picture of it for you readers – just kidding 😉 Thanks. I think that just like deciding to do exercise, you have to be mentally geared up to lose weight with an eating programme/diet. It was my first diet I’ve ever done and totally worth it!! If you’re happy with your weight, then embrace it 🙂

  2. debraaukett says:

    I’m also a big-bummed girl! Always struggle with pants that’s loose around my waist to fit over my bum. But I continue to drop it like it’s hot and squat, because I think bigger bums are sexy!

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