I’m a morning person.  I’ve always been one, even pre-kids.  The hubster on the other hand is the total opposite.  How people can NOT be morning people is totally beyond me but anyway…each to their own.

I’ve noticed over the least few months that Ethan (sweet Ethan who used to be all bubbly and cheery in the morning) is clearly swinging to the “not a morning person” side.  And guys, it’s killing me!  Who wants to spend mornings sulking, crying, and getting shouted out (and sometimes even getting smacked!)?!  Who wants to start the day like that?!  But I don’t know how to change it 😦  I don’t know how to make him cheerful in the morning.  It’s not a lack of sleep…he sleeps well most nights…and he’s sleeping a good 10/11hours during the night straight.  It may have a little to do with some bad habits that we’ve created in the morning (ummm, coffee?!?!) and are now trying to reverse.  But I’m finding that it doesn’t matter what we do in the mornings, he’s just plain grumpy.  The reasons for his lower lip hanging on the floor are so many…

  • He wants to lay on mum’s shoulder but Riley is,
  • He doesn’t have enough space in our queen size bed (even though he has a whole half to himself and the hubster, Riley and I are squashed together on the other half),
  • He wants to lay in between myself and Riley and not between daddy and Riley,
  • Riley’s making too much noise,
  • He woke up dreaming (not a nightmare, dreaming, and heaven forbid a person wakes up from a dream!!!),
  • He wants hot chocolate,
  • He doesn’t want to watch the channel that I’ve put on the tv,
  • He wants to eat breakfast before going to school because he doesn’t want to eat at school (even though he does that every.single.weekday.morning and has been for a good 2years now),
  • He wants me to take him to school (I leave for work at 6:30 and am in the office by 7am, school only opens at 7:30!)

And then the more ludicrous few that we’ve heard…

  • His pants is riding up his leg and he can’t get it straight,
  • (This morning…) He doesn’t want to wear his going out shoes to school because he’s not allowed to wear them – even though mum has given him permission?!?!,
  • He doesn’t want a morning wee, he doesn’t need one – even though he last made a wee more than 12hours previously,
  • He’s still tired – to this, I usually tell him to close his eyes and dose in the car or go back to his room and lay down until dad is ready to go.

I wish this child would be cheerful in the morning.  So far, I’ve decided that he must choose his clothes the night before – this will eliminate fighting with the nanny on what to wear in the morning.  He probably needs a “back-up” pair of takkies as currently, he alternates between takkies and boots to school but with it getting warmer, he doesn’t want to wear the boots so an additional pair of shoes may be ideal.  I’ve also suggested to both the hubster and the nanny that they try and just ignore his nonsense in the morning.  Clearly, the reprimanding is not working.  Also, if he fusses about clothes and shoes, he must just go to school as is.  Honestly, he’s 4.5years old!  Ain’t nobody got time – he must just go in his pjs and socks if it’s causing so much issues in the morning.  And I know my Ethan…let him go once in pjs and he’ll be sufficiently embarrassed to get his A into G in the mornings and dress up appropriately.

How do you deal with grumpy kids in the morning? 

Do you think that this is just his personality – he’s not a morning person – and we just need to deal with it?

Any suggestions on how to make mornings more pleasant in our abode?!


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  1. MamaCat says:

    Jodie it is not easy and we have those morning upsets too. A lot of it seems to come from them just wanting some dedicated attention. What seems to work a little for us:
    No TV in the morning at all. Nothing and do not budge.
    I leave the morning wee fight. Eventually they find the need to go by themselves. I start breakfast and when he is in the bathroom with the water running, he needs a wee anyway, without me fighting about it.
    We allow HB to get out of bed and lie on the couch for a few minutes. This seems to take care of the tired crankiness. Let him lie and talk to him as you do your stuff, they eventually wake up by themselves.
    I would let him have breakfast before school. A peanut butter sandwich works.
    You have to make sure you have organised yourself before you need to get the kids going. We lay everything out the night before and I am up 45 mins before HB so that I am mostly done by the time he needs to get out of bed. Leave more time for the whining.
    Good Luck.

    • Jodie says:

      MamaCat – thanks for the reply. At least I know that we’re not the only ones 🙂 It makes me feel a bit better. I started last night with laying everything out and gave him a proper pep talk last night as did dad. And again, when I left this morning. Let’s see how dad says it went this morning…

  2. shame hun. I have no solution for you though. My girls are only grumpy when still tired, but you say youve got that covered. Fortunately, I do mostly miss any of that morning grumpiness if there is any, as I leave before they wake. but I feel you dear, its never easy to navigate. and can only imagine the patience and endurance to have to deal with it daily. hopefully it gets easier to talk him through it as he gets older.big hugs

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