September guys – September – how even?!?!  There’s something like 16 Fridays until Christmas.  I’ve said it a few times before and I’ll say it again…this year is flying!!!!

The kids…

The boys are growing so nicely.  I cannot believe that Ethan is almost 5 and starting to eat like a 15year old!  It looks like our budget is going to grow exponentially over the next few years.  He wolfs down just about everything that I put in front of him these days.  There are some nights when he complains and where I have to say “come on Ethan, eat up, Riley’s eating quicker than you” or “no yoghurt for you if you don’t eat” or (on bad nights) “you’ll go to bed hungry tonight if I have to ask you to eat up one more time [coupled with serious eyeballing and a stern finger wagging]“, but overall, he eats dinner…plus seconds.  Thereafter, they usually have yoghurt or a fruit or some nights, custard.  And after bath time, mister usually asks for something else over and above that.  What I am noticing though is that his portion size is quite small so perhaps if I increase that, all these ands ands ands after dinner will no longer be needed?!  After struggling on the food front with this child literally from like 7/8months old, this is a serious relief for me.  And of course, it makes me realise that I don’t have to worry about little Riley who by the way, got instant oats for dinner last night as he wouldn’t eat any of the options that I provided.  So cereal was given out of pure frustration.  Talking about Riley, this child dishes out NO as a respones for just about everything.  He is a real troublemaker that one.  But his manners are impeccable shame.  “Riley, how do you ask nicely” is quickly responded to with “pees [his version of please] may I have some juice/sweets/water mum” ❤  And he loves dogs.  There are a few in the complex and he asks us to walk him past the dog regularly during the day.  Then when we get to the gate where the puppy is, he tentatively goes closer to get a better look.  If puppy barks, he runs like it’s nobody’s business.  If puppy sits still and stares at him…”come puppy, come and bite me” is what he shouts at the dog in an attempt to make him move.  Cheeky boy!  He recently had his first clipper haircut (I’ve been trimming his curls with a scissors since he was born) and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  He giggled all the way through and when the hubster stopped, he shouted “do it again daddy“.  And boy was he chuffed with the result!!


Top left: Before, top right: brother helping and bottom pics: the excitement thereafter!


Work is work I guess.  On the social front, we organised office olympics a few weeks ago and it was so so so much fun.  The activities ranged from olympics quiz to putting balls into mugs and the highlight of the event…a timed office chair race.  Everybody was assigned to a particular country (groups) and at the end, there were prizes and certificiates for bronze and silver, and prizes, chocolate medals and champagne for the winners.  Of course, there was the mandatory olympics song and the songs of the countries were played during the opening ceremony where participants and spectators were treated to cupcakes with the olympic flag on the icing.  And the plus side was that it was relatively cheap to organise, but the logistics were a bit challenging and let’s not mention the lack of enthusiasm of the guys in the team which fortunately picked up as the games progressed.  Fun fun fun.  And this weekend, we’re away at Sun City for our offsite.  I’m totally looking forward to the rest and relaxation i.e. not having to wake up at 5am on Saturday and Sunday morning!  Thank goodness for these odd activities to break the busyness of the weeks.  I feel like it’s that time of the year…everybody you speak to is tired, exhausted, drained…take your pic!!…and I’m definitely feeling like I’m in need of some annual leave 🙂 …


So in order to get a bit of a break, I’ve taken leave next week Thursday and Friday.   Now next week was supposed to be one of epic proportions [read: the kids were going away with nana and grandpa] as I was going to take the entire week off just for myself to rejuvenate BUT, as these things often work out – or in this case not, I’m no longer taking the full week as the kids are (long story short) no longer going away.  But I had always planned on going to the Sisters of Africa 2016 conference at Rivers Church which is from the Thursday night to the Saturday afternoon – which I’m still going to.  I’m really looking forward to that.  I went two years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it.  As an added bonus, I’ve now taken the Thursday off as well.  I’m starting the day with a much needed hair appointment.  Changing the colour…what do they say, a change is as good as a holiday?!?!  Well, I’m sure as hell hoping so.  And then I’m meeting my parents for lunch.  Just moi and them.  I cannot wait!!


The current colour – thinking of going lighter 🙂


The longest my hair had been…previously…it may be longer now?!

Forward planning…

So I’ve booked Ethan’s crown birthday venue already.  I’m torn between doing a school party or inviting other kids from outside of school…I’m not sure…we’ll have to check numbers.  But at least that’s done.  Now to plan the snacks and party packs but we still have a whole 3months for that 🙂  Riley will be having a joint birthday with his brother at his brother’s request.  Shame – brother asked if they could always have joint birthdays forever because he loves his brother – sweet hey?!  And it’s definitely possible seeing as Ethan is on the 5th of December and Riley is on the 11th.  Anyway, I’m excited about our first non-Spur birthday!!!  Also, I’m planning on taking a full 3weeks leave in December for the first time in like forever.  It’s compulsory that we take 10days every year and of course, I comply as I have no other choice but to but this year, I’m planning on taking extended leave.  And then of course, my aunt it turning 70 and is having a hall party in Cape Town.  We’d decided that we weren’t going but now I’m having proper FOMO…I’m really not so keen on missing out on such a big occassion especially when the entire family will be there!  Other than that, Ethan’s also begging to visit nana and grandpa in Durban so some time in the next few months, I think a visit will need to be put on the cards (calm down mum, it’s just an idea at the moment 😉 ).

Well, that’s all for now folks.  Enjoy the rest of your week xxx



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  1. catjuggles says:

    All sounds well in your world – that office olympics does sound like fun. And the eating – gosh – I wish my boys will start in earnest. The girlchild – well she eats for 3 and stays underweight

  2. debraaukett says:

    Your boys are so cute! Aww you must enjoy your time off, nothing like some mommy-time! xx

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