So – I’ve booked my December leave – 3 whole weeks!  I last took 3 weeks leave six.freaking .years.ago.  Excuse me if I speak about this, well…CONSTANTLY until it actually comes, hehe – but guys, I am over the moon excited.  And it’s going to be a perfectly balanced holiday.  Well, that’s if it goes according to plan…the plan right now is to take the kids down to the coast for a few days at the beach…you know how us “vaalies” do.  Then we’ll leave them with nana and grandpa for a few days and head back up to Jo’burg for a few days alone.  We’re not planning on going away anyway, just to lap up the quietness of the usually busy city, sleep in, watch movies and be child free!!  Then my folks and the boys will come to Jo’burg a few days later and we’re hosting Christmas at our place this year 🙂 🙂 🙂

The boys…

With less than 2months left until the boys’ birthday, we’ve decided this year that we’re going to have a big party as it’s Ethan’s crown birthday (he’s turning 5 on the 5th).  We’ve already booked the venue and we’re having a class party this year.  But of course, now that I have a venue for 50people, master Howe only wants to invite his so-called “soccer boys”…the ones he plays ball with at school every day…and this is a sum total of – 5 people!!!!  I never thought I’d be begging my child to increase his party list, hehe.  Anyway.  We’ve got somebody to make an epic ninja turtle cake that we of course found online.  My only issue is that it’s looking more like a wedding cake i.t.o. size right now which is just unnecessarily.  Let’s not even talk about the price that these things cost nowadays.  So I’m looking for something a bit smaller but still as nice.  Ethan is totally taken with the cake that we’ve found though – it has a cake pizza base, wouldn’t you be???  So seeing as we have a venue, all I need now are the invitations (which the hubster wants sent out asap as December is generally a “busy month” as schools come to a close) and the party packs…but talking about party packs, I’ve come across these ones that are a really good price for money.  This year, it will be a joint party athough in future, I’m not so sure I want to do this – I like them both to have their day all to themselves.  But Ethan says he always wants to have a birthday together with his little brother because he loves him so much ❤

Talking about little brother, Riley is a real scream.  This child’s personality is coming through more and more with each day, and we can see now already that he’s going to be the class clown!!  He makes us laugh constantly and keeps us all on our toes including big brother who yesterday, eventually screeched at him at 6:30am – fine, do whatever you want to do, I’m going to lay in mum’s bed.  Poor Riley really has his own agenda and is asserting his role in the family more and more 🙂

I was just saying a few weeks ago how I never thought I’d have two kids sleeping right through the night so soon and then just like that, that changed (of course…murphy!!).  Riley, for two weeks now has been walking to our room every.two.hours – heaven help us.  I have no idea how to get him out of it 😦  But I also think that his back molars are now cutting…they do around 2 right?!…and that’s what bothering him.  A lot of nights, he cries and his eating isn’t so great, plus his tummy has been a bit runn…but I know that this too shall pass.

Otherwise, these guys are growing up too beautifully!!!

Life these days…

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to attend the Sisters Conference at Rivers Church and boy was it great.  I felt God speaking to me in so many ways, with every sentence, in every song.  The presence of God and the Holy Spirit was so powerful and left such a great footprint on my heart.  I’ve been saying for forever that I need to grow and expand myself spriritually (this was actually on my goal’s list for 2016) but you know how life goes.  All my fault of course, but this conference was exactly what I needed.  At the time, I was going through a particularly rough patch and on the second day, I literally cried from the time I woke up that morning.  I came out of the conference much stronger and having heard so much good stuff that I didn’t even know where to start.  But I vowed that I would not allow anything to change me back to the person that I was when I went into the conference, and that I wanted to stay focused on my spiritual life and open my heart to God so that I could grow into a better person and open my life to receive His blessings.  And since then, I can’t even explain how awesome I’ve felt.  I feel complete.  My heart feels full.  I haven’t done anything drastic – I’ve just been doing more Bible readings, devotions and praying more – but I can literally see the difference that it’s made.  I’ve felt the most content that I’ve felt in just about all my life and the amazing thing is that I see affirmations all around me.  I mean, my roommate from varsity days who I haven’t seen in a good 4years and had absolutely no contact with in that time contacted me the other day out of nowhere to tell me about a dream she had about me.  This dream was about something extremely close to my heart that I’ve praying about a lot lately and when I said to her that it must be a sign, she said it’s a sign that God hears me and knows my every heart’s desire.  Special hey?!  Anyway, I just pray that I may continue to grow and stay on the path that I’m on now.

Coming up…

My baby sister (not so baby anymore) celebrates her 24th birthday on Monday and we’re going out for dinner to celebrate.  My other sister (also younger than me but not the baby) has sundowners in mind to start the evening off, and I’m already wondering what in the world I’m going to wear, haha.  You know, us parents hardly do such fancy things anymore.  But I’m so happy that my sisters and I live the same city and we get to celebrate special days like these together 🙂

On the social front, we actually don’t have much going in general which I’m glad about.  Life has become more laidback for us (note: the craziness was self induced but the hubster has made me change that fast paced, expensive weekend living over the last year) and I’m really enjoying spending weekends at home with my family.  If only the kids could sleep past 7am on the weekends like they do on some week days!!

Have a good weekend y’all xxx


3 responses »

  1. catjuggles says:

    All sounds fine in your world! Best of luck with the big party

  2. MamaCat says:

    We have still not resolved December leave…hopefully today, and I think it is going to be a short one this year.
    Glad to hear that you are feeling at peace with yourself. Work at it, as it it the best thing ever.
    Send your kids to me 🙂 I am up early and just cannot sleep late.

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