How is Christmas just around the corner???!!!  I can’t actually believe it.  7 more Fridays and counting…my favourite time of the year.  Growing up, my parents always made a big deal out of Christmas.  From painting moulded shapes for the tree to decorating polystyrene balls with glitter and glue – my mum always went out of her way to get us involved and excited about Christmas Day.  We’d always have an advent calendar and count down the days till, well…presents of course!  We’d drive through the city and look at the Christmas lights, and we’d visit the Christmas displays set out in Durban city centre.  Let’s not forget the annual nativity play at the race course – the most memorable year being when one donkey mounted another one in the middle of the play as the wisemen were making an entrance to visit baby Jesus, hehe.  And then of course there was the highlight of waking up at the crack of dawn to open presents on Christmas morning!!!!  🙂 🙂 🙂


As an adult, that excitement never faded for me – it may have died down a bit, but Christmas still remains my favourite time of the year.  Once I had kids, my excitement levels went right up again.  Christmas feels like it did when I was a little child.  To see the excitement in my boy’s eyes is just indescribable.  In fact, last year, I recall Ethan sleeping on the floor at my parents’ house in our room.  Before bedtime, we put out Santa’s cookies and milk (I actually don’t recall doing this as a child but times have changed you know…), put the key in the door for him to come in (‘cos there is no chimney, how on earth is Santa going to get in without a special Santa key??!!!) and the sign outside the door so that the reindeer knew where to stop (compliments of Woolies of course and nana whose excitement levels seemed to pretty much match ours!!)…then Ethan went to bed and at the crack of dawn…mum and dad were laying wide awake waiting for him to wake up, hehe.  But he was so chuffed with his and Riley’s Christmas stockings, the gift that Santa had dropped and of course, that he’d eaten the cookies and drank most of the milk!!

This year, Christmas is at our house.  I want to make it as special as it has been over the last few years, especially for my children.  Hopefully nana will be kind enough to bring all her goodies from last year (hint hint nana).  Of course, there’s that small issue of both boys’ birthdays being in the first and second week of December and so gifts having to be plentiful over December time, but this year, Ethan wants Santa to bring him a robot.  He hasn’t written his letter but “Santa” has already handmade the robot and has it stored away in a not so safe place, as was revealed in the moemish.of.the.year

Two weeks ago, I went grocery shopping at Pick n Pay.  They of course have their Christmas stock on display making it so tempting for parents to just buy everything, arrgghh.  Anyway, I came across a robot and I immediately bought it knowing that that’s what Ethan wants for Christmas.  I made sure that I hid it behind all the other packets so that he didn’t see it when we opened the boot to unpack.  My plan worked smoothly – he took out the front few packets to help us with the unloading of the groceries, and as he walked into the house to take them in, I grabbed the robot and transferred it to dad’s boot and that’s where it’s been all this time with both mum and dad completely forgetting about it.  Then we went to Builders Warehouse over the weekend with dad’s car (we usually use mine over the weekends!)…after getting what we needed all the while trying to pacify an irritable, crying Riley, we rushed to the car and hurriedly popped open the boot to load the things that we’d bought hoping to get the kids in the car as soon as possible, not even giving the robot in the boot a single thought at all!!!!  But of course, somebody’s eyes (murphy!) were wide open and almost popped out of his head when he saw the robot sitting in the middle of the boot in plain sight of all and sundry.  His immediate question…is that robot for me?!?!?!  We quickly shouted NO in unison like well trained puppies.  I told him that it was for a Christmas collection for poor children and that he’d have to ask Santa for a robot just like that if he wanted one.  He looked rather confused but happily accepted the excuse and carried on with the day.

Yesterday evening, driving home from swimming, we spoke about his letter to Santa and what he’s going to ask for.  Without giving him a chance to come up with anything different, I reminded him about the robot and that he needed to write Santa a letter soon so that he knows what his request is and so that him and his elves can get started on making his goodie.  Anyway, at least we came up with an excuse that Ethan was happy with, and Santa can still bring him his gift as planned 🙂 🙂 🙂


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  1. MamaCat says:

    I love the holiday season as well. I am so excited for Christmas. We hide gifts in the garage.

    • Jodie says:

      We can’t hide them in the garage as you can see everything in ours…we have two walls that are brick and the other two are bars which you see right through! So for now, they’re piled in my cupboard and linen cupboard!!!

  2. hahaha! Good save mom and dad!!! haha.. And yes, agreed – favourite time of the year too, and I cannot wait! Although, truth be told, it’s creeping up on me faster than I care for.

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