They say that when you have more than one child, one of the most amazing things is to see how completely different they are and boy is it in true in our case!  There’s the physical difference – Ethan being on the 97th percentile and fitting into clothing sizes a whole 6months plus bigger than his size at the time, whereas Riley is 2 in a few months and still fits into a 12 – 18month size.  There’s the “habits” – Ethan took a dummy, Riley didn’t; Ethan only slept through at 3.5years old, Riley slept through at 6months, had a few months where he didn’t after about 9months, and then thankfully now sleeps through on most nights.  And then there’s the most interesting to me…the differences in their personalities!!

From a young age, Ethan was a cautious child.  He fell off the bed ONCE ever and that’s purely because he very rarely ventured near the end.  Even to this day, as he approaches 5, he still walks down steps two feet at a time, is scared to walk over puddles in case he slips and won’t do things like jump off trees or slide down poles at the park unless dad and mum are close by holding his hand.  Riley on the other hand is our little tazmanian devil.  He climbs on just about everything, runs around constantly and is happy to imitate anything big brother does, throwing caution to the wind with not a single care in the world.

Ethan never went through a “no” phase – thankfully!! – and never ever threw a tantrum, not even at home.  Somebody mentioned to me once that that may be because, as the first and only child, we always gave him whatever he wanted.  So he never heard no from us and therefore, it never formed part of his vocab.  Maybe…good food for thought.  Riley on the other hand says NO about 1,000 times a day.  You can ask him to do something as simple as pass the remote that’s right in front of him and he’ll shout no mummmmyyyyyyyy.  And I can see the start of the tantrums already.  If he doesn’t get his way, he stomps his feet angrily on the ground and has, at his tender age of 23months, already learnt that turning on the waterworks can result in him getting his way – heaven help us all!!

Riley loves music and loves dancing.  His latest song obsession is We Don’t Talk Anymore and boy did he catch me offguard last week when he asked me for it.  He failed to mention that it’s a song or that he wants it on the phone or anything that indicated that it was this song that he was talking about.  All he did was walk up to me while I was in the bathroom and say to me “we don’t talk anymore“.  I was absolutely flabbergasted.  How in the world is an almost 2year old child so observant, hahahahaha.  I asked him to repeat himself 2 or 3times just to be sure I’d heard right, and then he ran and grabbed my phone and said “play it mummy” – only then did I get it but boy was it amusing.  Ethan on the other hand loves music and likes to listen to it but doesn’t enjoy singing or dancing to it at all.  Instead, he prefers drawing pictures and colouring in.  Perhaps it’s an age thing, I’m not sure?!  But I can see that music is probably not going to be his passion.  Soccer on the other hand, hmmmm…the talent is clear as day there!!

Riley is definitely more clingy than Ethan was.  Ethan is a bit clingy at the moment, but I think that’s more to do with fighting for our attention when both him and Riley are in our company.  As a baby, Ethan loved to be held and cuddled, but I could easily put him down as well.  In fact, at 9months, he was happy for us just to put him in his cot and let him fall asleep on his own.  We didn’t plan it, it was all his doing!  One day, he just didn’t want to be rocked to bed and that was it.  He’s gone to bed on his own ever since.  Riley on the other hand is mum verskrik.  At bedtime, I lay with him and sing to him.  When I leave the room at night (just about every night), he starts crying 😦  He wants me to carry him often and he literally lays on my face when he creeps into our bed at the crack of dawn.  When I carry him, he plays with my hair.  He loves touching me.  He loves touching and hugging his brother who isn’t so touchy feely, and often shouts for us to help ‘cos Riley basically has him in a choke hug position in a corner of the room somewhere where he can’t move…shaaammmmmeeeee.  Riley loves touching himself too and is constantly caught walking around sucking his finger and playing with the soft skin under his underarm which he calls his boobies…clearly he’s a touch baby…whereas Ethan is a “words” child.  Something I’ve always know but learned more about at a 5 love languages of children course which Marcia hosted this past Saturday.  Ethan’s love tank is filled by getting positive words of affirmation.  He loves being told how great he is, how well he’s done, how good he looks, how proud we are of him, what a champ he is…and I see it from how he interacts with us too…he often tells me just how much he loves me and how pretty I look, how great the cake I made was and how happy I make him feel.  Works well of course for myself who thrives on positive affirmation as well 🙂

I love that my children are so different and I am looking forward to, as they grow, seeing their different personalities come out more and more ❤

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  1. I’m thrilled that you enjoyed it and I loved hearing more about your boys!

  2. MamaCat says:

    Nice to see an update on the kiddies. Enjoy the clinginess, they will stop doing it after a while and we miss it.

  3. Mrs FF says:

    Oh wow… definitely chalk and cheese. But I love it makes it all fun would be so boring if they were the same 🙂

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