FOUR.MORE.SLEEPS till party day!  I don’t know who’s more excited – Ethan or mum 🙂

This year, Ethan turns 5 on the 5th of December making it his crown birthday.  And because crown birthdays are a “thing” in our family, we decided to throw him a school and complex party this year.  So I booked a venue (we’ve gone to Spur for the last three years…and after this year, we may do until Ethan turns 18 at least, hehe)…forever ago after attending another school party at the same venue.  And then the party turned into joint party for Ethan (5th of Dec) and Riley (11th of Dec) at Ethan’s insistence ‘cos… I love my brother so much and I want us to have a party together forever (long may this sentiment last!!).  The school friends of course got invitations only for Ethan…


[As a side note, after printing out the school invitations and excitedly presenting them for approval to the birthday boy with a lovely green background, Mister took one look at the page and told me that he wasn’t happy ‘cos there was a GREEN ninja turtle and there’s no green ninja turtle in the ninja turtles…see below in the second joint invitation…would you have spotted it???]

The complex kids got one for both boys as they of course know Riley too…


If you look at the very last line on BOTH invitations, you’ll see the RSVP date as being the 18th of November.  Please note that these were given out on the 1st of November, giving the parents ample time to reply.  I’m not even sure WHY you need to give people so much time to reply – I mean, you’re either available or you’re not?!?!?!  At any rate, I wanted RSVP’s early so that I could buy the party packs in advance off the Party Net website.  The 18th came and I had only got about 2/3 responses from the school friends.  So on the morning of the 21st, I handwrote, yes handwrote messages to the kids whose parents hadn’t replied to remind them that they needed to RSVP.  Two of the kids had parties this past weekend and the weekend before so when I RSVP’d on those, I took it as the perfect time to ask whether their little boys would be at Ethan’s party…the response…YES OF COURSE…so why couldn’t you have said that by.the.18th????????????  And then, at the party over the past weekend, I literally waited patiently for the kids’ parents who hadn’t RSVP’d arrive so that I could ask them directly – stalker much?! – only one of the kids who hadn’t gotten back to me were there with his father, and his father’s response was the party on the 3rd, yes, we’ll be there.  And you couldn’t tell me this by.the.18th?????????  We are four days until B-day and we still haven’t heard from 5kids!

I’m confused guys.  What’s the point of handing out invitations when people don’t get back to you?!  How do you make people respond?  Do you cater assuming they’re going to come?  Somebody said to me over the weekend that for them, if they don’t hear back from the parents, they assume that the child isn’t coming.  But then what happens on the day if the child pitches and you don’t have a party pack or a hotdog or a juice or whatever?  Do you just over cater assuming every child and their dog are coming?  I’m so confused about the “rules” of parties.  Is it unrealistic to ask parents to RSVP – am I just old school – do people do wassap messages now or what??? **…


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  1. Jodie, this is my pet peeve! I have about 4 posts on the blog about it.

    Short answer – no, there’s nothing you can do – the people who rsvp quickly do so, and others just don’t.

    sad but true.

    every year I still get my knickers in a knot, but these days it is far less than before! 🙂


    • Mrs FF says:

      Ha ha I was just going to say Marcia has posted about this so many times…. people just don’t RSVP. Thankfully it hasn’t been much of a problem with us. BUT what I do is send out whatsapp invite and follow up ONCE to check. I over cater anyway so that won’t be an issue but I don’t want a child crying because they didn’t get a party pack.

      I really don’t get why people can’t just reply

    • Mrs FF says:

      I thought of your when I read this post 🙂

    • Jodie says:

      I’ve read your posts on this! I think the wassap message is going to be my modus operandi next year 🙂

  2. MamaCat says:

    The Whatsapp works, it really does. I sent mine out via Whatsapp and received all replies within one week.
    Email also works. I thing the paper invites are easily lost or not seen at the bottom of the school bag.
    I like the electronic invite, because you can check your calendar and reply immediately, because it is all in one device.

  3. debraaukett says:

    Urgh people are such na-na heads when it comes to RSVP’ing!
    Haha yup, I would have spotted the green turtle, also the yellow one that does not belong, because Jamie is a TMNT fanatic, we also had the same theme this year 🙂
    Have tons of fun at the party!

  4. Mrs FF says:

    And how many people showed up ? Hope they all RSVP’d

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