Late – I know.  I also know that I’ve been missing in action.  I can’t even remember the date that I last blogged and I’ve wanted to, I really have.  But over December, my brain just shut down.  I’d open a clean page on my phone or iPad (I’ve also opened it multiple times since I’ve been back at work – Wednesday and Thursday), but it’s like I hit a blank. Maybe it’s because I was in holiday mode so early and just haven’t really gotten over it yet?  Maybe it’s because I purposely decided to take a time out from everything and just try and relax over the last few weeks?  I don’t know…but hello to you all…for the first time in 2017!!  🙂

So where are we?!  Well, like I said, it’s been ages since I blogged.  Way too much to catch up on in one blogpost, so a quick bullet point update;-

  • The boys’ party  ended up being a huge success.  I didn’t even blog about that, oh the shame!  Only two kids that RSVP’d (brother and sister, our neighbours) didn’t turn up.  Everybody else did and those who didn’t RSVP didn’t turn up so all’s well that ends well 🙂 🙂 🙂  Spur next year!
  • My eldest turned a whole 5 on the 5th of December and my baby turned 2 on the 11th.  No letters to them on this blog unfortunately, but they know exactly how much they are loved and if they weren’t so sure…the plethora of gifts and special treatment that they received on their birthdays, and the outings and undivided time and attention that we gave them throughout the holiday surely showed them that!
  • Work ended on a very good note – rather early, on the 9th of December – and we headed to Durbs for a week.  We entertained the kids every.single.morning.and.afternoon!  That’s what holidays are for aren’t they?  A firm favourite with both boys was hiring bikes – it always is – and frolicking in the water.  We were also fortunate to beat the holiday rush so Durbs was pretty empty which made moving around with two littlies much easier than if we holidayed during “peak season”.

Fun at the beach

  • Then it was back to Jo’burg where we hosted Christmas at our place.  We changed Christmas up a bit this year…we all went to the 5:30pm childrens’ mass at church with Riley declaring rather loudly after his walk up to the altar to give his stationery gift to the less fortunate – ah popalele, I went to see Jesus daddy (cute much??!!!).  A few days before, I let the kids do some arts and crafts and make their own crowns so that they went to mass dressed as kings as the kids were required to dress as somebody who was present at the birth of baby Jesus.  They were so excited shame!  Mass was followed a Christmas eve curry for dinner which marked the start of the festivities.

New shirts for church…Christmas spoils!

  • Christmas morning started off with the opening of Santa’s gifts of course.  And when my folks and sisters arrived, we all sat down (after all the other gift opening) and had a full on Christmas breakfast.  The day ended off with a late lunch/early dinner of roast meats, mac and cheese and a salad, followed by dessert.  Such a good idea.  We didn’t have too much leftovers and we basically ate a “normal” Christmas lunch, but over two days.
  • As I only came back to work on the 4th of Jan, I still had a few days left with the kids – once my family left for Durban on boxing day and the hubster went back to work – so we did the Lory Park Zoo, Spur and some more arts and crafts at home.


Did I enjoy my break?  Hell yes.  Was I well rested when the holiday ended?  Hell no!!  In fact, I feel more rested now that I’ve returned to work.  Being at home with two small kids is really no joke.  I was up earlier than I am for work basically every day.  And let’s not mention the fact that our nanny was also on 3weeks leave so not only was there two kids to contend with, but there was also dishes, making beds, floors and washing…oh and did I mention washing???!!!!!  But I enjoyed the time that we spent together as a family and the boys have definitely grown much closer over this time.

Last year, my word for the year was LISTEN.  It was the first time that I chose a word for the year and I must be honest, when it got to the end of 2016, I couldn’t even remember what my word actually was – epic fail!!!  This year, my word/phrase is BE HAPPY.  I say it all the time…I am too blessed to be stressed, I am healthy, I have an amazing family both immediate and extended, we have really good food on the table and rather good jobs.  I’m tired of letting small things get me down.  I will not let that happen in 2017.  I choose to be happy.


To all of you reading – I really hope that you enjoyed the festive season with those nearest and dearest to you.  For the 2017 year, I pray that all your dreams, wishes, aspirations and goals that you set for yourself come to fruition xxx



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  1. Mrs FF says:

    May 2017 be a happy and blessed year! Your holiday sounds like so much fun. Not stress free but fun!!! We had a quiet Christmas – church then lunch three of us and my cousin and we stretched it out dessert ended up
    Being dinner (Yummy) and the left over duck was used for stir fry lunch on Boxing Day!!!!

    I worked all through the holidays though mostly at home but with the nanny being away it was hard … I can’t be a full time stay at home mama except of course if I have full time help

  2. MamaCat says:

    The holiday sounds fun. I never made it to the beach as the peak season was too busy.

  3. debraaukett says:

    What a lovely post. Happy belated bday to your kiddos and a prosperous 2017 to you all!

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