Guys, I’m so proud of my 5 year old boy.  This past week, it’s as if he’s grown exponentially bigger.  This could also be why the sulking and the whining having increased exponentially as well – hehe.

So remember this post over here.  Well, as soon as we could, we got Ethan into swimming lessons and in about 3 or 4 lessons, he was already able to sort of swim.  That alone impressed me, but over the year last year, his confidence has grown in leaps and bounds and by the end of the year, he was swimming so well.  I was happy that he is now water safe and can swim without armbands, but decided to continue with swimming as I still felt that his confidence wasn’t 100%.  He could swim by himself, but he still wanted mum nearby.  Which is fine, nothing wrong with it, but I wanted him to be able to do it alone you know.  And without any doubt because I’m sure that that’s how a lot of people drown – they panic in water!!  This past weekend, we swam on Saturday and Sunday and boy did this child just get it.  He’s swimming the full length of the pool…he can jump into the deep end without a problem…and can swim comfortably across the pool, back again, and even tread water.  At one stage, Riley and I were laying out in the sun tanning and I felt so comfortable with Ethan swimming around unassisted.  No more worries here guys!  Our boy is water safe and will even be starting to learn strokes at swimming from next week 🙂

Then the second thing that I am super proud of is that he can now SPELL.  Yes, spell!!!  Can you believe it.  Grade R, watch out, this boy is going to take you by storm – expect big things from him!!!  Over the last few months, I’ve been trying to teach Ethan how to put three letter words together – easy ones, words that you can spell out.  So when we read at night, I sound out words to him like D, A, D and then he tries to put them together.  Well since last week, they’ve had to learn words as part of their homework – the, one, two, here and three – so far.   Dad has also been teaching him a few words, but these are big words you know.  You can’t sound them out like the ones that I’ve been trying to teach him, you just need to out right learn them I guess, so that when you see them, you recognise them.  Anyhoo, in line with the homework and needing to learn them, I’ve been asking him ad hoc to spell a word, or spelling it for him and asking him what it is so that it’s basically drummed into his head.  Yesterday, while driving from school, I started asking him to spell the words including some colours that dad has taught him.  He got all the school words right, but he was battling a bit with the colours and could only remember blue.  So I tried out a three letter word – dad.  He spelled it perfectly without blinking.  So I tried another one – mum.  M, U, M he said, confidently, without blinking an eye.  I then tried some other words out using different vowels – a, e, u etc. – all right!  I was so proud of him!  I cheered and gave him high fives and when we got home, we demonstrated this new skill to his Aunty Lau and Portia, and we even called nana in Durban and got her to give him a few words for him to try out.  Just like that, he got it.

Big boy things guys, big boys things!!!  Now I’m sure we can move onto proper reading.  I’m thinking that he should comfortably be able to start with sentences like the man sat on the mat.  I mean, afterall, he knows the word “the” and the others are sound words (is that what you call them?!?!) and from there, who knows, the sky’s the limit.  So so SO proud of this guy!!!


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  1. debraaukett says:

    Aww you can be proud, mamabear!

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