…our baby is no longer in nappies.  At the tender age of 2 – 2 guys, 2?!?!  How did he grow up so fast.

Anyway, when my parents suggested that we toilet train Riley, I was a bit hesitant because when they suggested we potty train Ethan, it didn’t go so well.  When they suggested that Ethan was ready at 2, I gave them the go ahead (he was visiting them in Durban at the time)…so my mum made him sit on the potty often in the day to get him used to using it.  Well, the poor child down right refused.  He’d hold his wee in and cry every time he was taken to sit on the potty.  So after a few weeks, we decided to stop.  6months later, we tried again, and he was toilet trained (yes, we skipped the potty and went straight to the toilet)…no mess…okay, maybe a bit 😉  no fuss.  Done and dusted.  His night nappy came off just after 3years old.  I remember going to Durban while I was on maternity leave and when I packed, I had one nappy left.  So I decided there and then that I wasn’t going to buy another nappy for Ethan and that was it – he went without it that night and thereafter with no hassles whatsoever.

Well with Riley, it wasn’t so much of a “he’s ready, do it now” thing.  We had a bit of a problem with our little boy.  At some stage, mister decided that touching his penis was a fun thing to do.  Along with sucking his pointing finger, he started touching his penis instead of his underarm (I know…weird right?!) when he needed to calm down or fall asleep.  This resulted in him pulling his penis out of his nappy every time he went to bed and of course…we had wet bedding every.single.time.  I kid you not!  During my 3.5weeks December holiday, I washed his bedding EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!  My eventual solution – make him sleep in his swimming costume, the only short sleeve onesie I could find for his age 🙂 🙂 🙂  It solved the wet bed issue, but didn’t stop mister from touching his manhood to calm himself down.  At any rate, my parents suggested that we toilet train him because if he learned to control his nether areas and learned that he should only wee/poo in the loo, even if he did manage to pull out his penis, we wouldn’t end up having wet sheets.  I still thought that it was too early, but thought that being a second child and seeing big brother do it may help him learn faster.

Well, the day after big brother went back to school, it was off with the nappies.  We’re two weeks in now and mister is doing swimmingly!  We still take him to the bathroom often and haven’t yet left him to his own devices, but going to the loo is a piece of cake for him, and he’s no longer wearing nappies during the day 🙂  A win for us and a story to tell at his 21st birthday for sure!!


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  1. debraaukett says:

    Wooohooo, yay! We are also potty training in all earnest, making progress. So yay for our toddlers, they are doing great!

  2. […] As I’ve blogged about over here – Ethan has grown in leaps and bounds – and over here – Riley is now toilet trained.  I look at these two every day and, other when they’re […]

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