February – hello there!  One of my favourite months in the year because well…it’s the month that I met my hubby all of 16years ago!  The month we got married 8years ago.  One of my favourites’ birthdays…my mum!  And then after all of that, March hits us and then well, it’s my birthday.  So hi February.  I welcome you with open arms.  And of course, I’m glad that January is behind us.  That month where the last week before pay day feels like it’s a whole lot of months more!!  When people start coming back to work after the festive in drips and drabs, school goes back, and the year gets going you know.  So let me update you on where I am.  Grab a cuppa before reading if you like…

The boys…

The boys, well, they’re the boys 🙂  As I’ve blogged about over here – Ethan has grown in leaps and bounds – and over here – Riley is now toilet trained.  I look at these two every day and, other when they’re driving me mad, still cannot believe that they’re so big and that they’re all mine.  The week days are so busy, but the few hours that we get to spend together after work before the bedtime routine is just so special.  Yes they drive me around the bend on more days than one, but I really do love them so dearly!!  Ethan gave us a bit of a scare this past Monday.  He was feverish and complaining about a headache and eventually, late on Monday afternoon, we took him to the doctor.  Fortunately, it was nothing serious, just an early onset of tonsillitis which was causing the fever and the fever in turn caused the headache.  He’s on antibiotics now and murphy…was just about right as rain the moment we left the doctor’s office!  Anyway, our medical aid almost made Feb this year…it’s an improvement, hehe.


I’m currently trying to race through (not really my idea of relaxation and enjoyment unfortunately) Big Little Lies.  The reason I’m reading it (she’s not my favourite author and this isn’t really my type of book) is because I’ve officially joined a book club – yay!  So excited about it…I’ve always wanted to be part of a book club 🙂 🙂 🙂  The reason I’m racing through it is twofold really.  When I was invited to join the book club and given the name of the book we’d be reading, the hubster suggested that I wait a little while before buying the book because I have an odd habit of tearing through books like a machine, and he was concerned that by the time book club came around, I would have read so many other books, I’d have forgotten all about this one.  Such a good idea, bless him!  But of course, I delayed it for what probably was a little bit too long and then I was again hit hard by murphy!!!…my Kindle started giving in.  At times it doesn’t switch on at all.  At others it freezes and just restarts in the middle of nowhere.  So I eventually managed to get it in a relatively stable state to at least buy the book but…that was on SUNDAY and well, with Ethan being ill on Monday, I only started reading it on Tuesday night.  The joys of a Kindle – it shows you the % completion at the very bottom of the screen – I’m now only 30% through the book and my days are numbered!  I’m not sure if I’ll finish by Saturday afternoon but I’ll try my damndest.  I’m even reading in lunch hours now – haha.


Well, with all the reading I’m having to do, the tv watching has been put aside for this week.  But I’m dying to watch the last episode of Secrets & Lies, season 2, which I recorded last night.  It wasn’t as good as season 1 and the acting, to be quite frank, is not the greatest.  But I just have to see who the murderer is!  Last week, I randomly came across a local series call Lockdown.  It centres around a women’s prison.  I don’t know about you, but recently, I’ve noticed that the quality of South African movies and series has increased drastically – so much so that I find myself even hiring SA movies off box office before hiring Hollywood movies.  At any rate, this series has some seriously good actresses and a good plot so far.  Last week (when I could have been reading for book club – fail!, thanks procrastination), I watched the first three episodes and I can’t wait for the next few to air.

Date night…

I cannot wait for the first one for the year!  We haven’t yet been for two reasons.  Firstly, on the weekend we had planned our first night out, our nanny wasn’t around as she had a family emergency to take care of.  Secondly, I’ve been doing The Daniel Fast for the last few weeks and let’s face it – what’s the point of going out when all you can have is a few greens and a glass of water – although I did go out with my sisters last week and still enjoyed the night.  But with the hubster and I, I want us to really enjoy the night out you know.  They are so few and far between!!  Drink a bit, eat a delicious meal that I didn’t have to prepare, and even catch a movie if time permits.  Soon soon my friends, soon soon 🙂

Two more days till the weekend and counting – enjoy the rest of the week everybody xxx


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  1. MamaCat says:

    Have fun at the book club. I read that one a while ago. Also, not my cup of tea, but it was not too bad. I have read a few of her books, and they are all too similar for me to love it.
    In five years we have not managed to get date night right. I feel so sad. Lol.

    • Jodie says:

      Oh no – that totally sucks on the date night! Is there really NO WAY you can find somebody to watch over your boy so that you guys get out???

      • MamaCat says:

        We do our Christmas dinners and get a baby sitter for those occasions. It is far too crazy trying to organise that arrangement regularly. We go do a grown up outing when we visit my parents in Durban. However, I think it is relative…because we do not miss it anymore. Also, HB is older so we can go to better restaurants without play areas occasionally.

      • Jodie says:

        You’re right with having an older child – I’m sure it makes it much easier going out. We still have the 2year old “brat”, so when the kids are with, we only go to kiddies places, haha.

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