It’s the 8th of February…FEBRUARY!  Every.single.person who wanted to go on leave over the festive season has returned, work is in full motion, we’ve received our first salaries for the year and the second one is around the corner (hehe…I’m optimist okay!!).  What I can’t quite fathom is when “compliments of the season” is going to end.  I mean, we’re fully into the swing of 2017 now right?!  So surely it’s not necessary to still be wishing people NOW??!!!  One of the ladies I work with, as late as yesterday, wished a colleague compliments for the 2017 year.  When I asked her when she’s going to stop, her response was – if I see a person for the first time in 2017, I’ll wish them – really?????  For me, it’s okay for the first week or so of January…but no man, we can’t be saying compliments for months after the year has started, or am I being too OTT about this?

In other news, my big boy started club football this week!  He is absolutely obsessed with soccer – he gets it from his father of course who, many moons ago, used to play professional football and who still plays socially to do this day.  So on Sunday, we went to the registration and the owners of the club suggested that we come for a few weeks without paying just in case there are not enough under 6’s to join the club.  How nice of them hey?  That means that we don’t pay an exorbitant amount upfront only to have to go through the rigmarole of claiming back a few weeks down the line!  They’re pretty confident that there’ll be a team judging by last year, but let’s see what happens.  So mister started on Monday and played with a group of boys one age group up as he was the only under 6 there.  He looked like such a small boy compared to these guys who were probably 2/3years older than him.  But wow did he enjoy it!!  He was in his element and really did so well.  He’s equally excited for his session today (he’ll be training on Mondays and Wednesdays at 5:30pm – late, I know! – but we’ll make it work 🙂 ) and walked out his room this morning already dressed for school (he keeps the same clothes on for soccer and will do so until he’s officially registered and has a kit).  He said to me that he wanted to dress in the middle of the night, how funny!

Then there’s swimming guys.  We’ve had swimming on Monday afternoons for the last year.  At the beginning of the year when we were asked to confirm that we wanted to keep to the same time slot this year, I did inform the owner that we may have to change the day or time depending on soccer, even though at the time, we were unsure of which days he’d be training.  Roll on Sunday morning at soccer registration…as soon as they confirmed that training was on Mondays and Wednesdays, I sms’d the swimming teacher. [Oh, as a side – last week Monday, Ethan was ill with a fever and I sms’d her first thing on Monday morning to ask if we could make up some time during the week].  Well, my sms on Sunday morning was to ask whether she could accommodate us on a Tuesday or Thursday afternoon.  It’s WEDNESDAY guys, WEDNESDAY!!!  I’ve since sent an e-mail and left a message on her voicemail.  Not only has she not replied to us rescheduling our times for this term, but she hasn’t even replied to my message from last week Monday!!!  Now this lady is not great with communicating – in the year we’ve been at the swim school, this has happened numerous times – that’s just how she is.  But this?????  Am I the only one who thinks that this is ridiculous.  I mean, it’s her full time job.  As far as I know, she doesn’t do anything else.  Does she honestly not have time to reply to an sms.  Am I asking for too much?  She sms’d me late on Monday night to say that if my e-mail is a forwarded one, it’ll take her longer to pick up as opposed to a new e-mail.  Am I losing it?????  You know that I sent you an e-mail.  Filter via JODIE, easy as pie.  Anyhoo, the only reason I’m not just giving up and either canning swimming for now or moving to another swim school is because we’ve paid upfront for the term!

With only two extra curricular activities on the go this year (taking up three nights a week), I am starting to wonder about how mums out there have a full time job as well as do the mother thing?!  How do you fit in picking up the kid(s), doing homework, taking him/her to after school activities and cook supper?  How do you navigate traffic during the day carting kids home after school and still come back to work to give your all till the end of the day?  How do you deal with giving one child less attention because the other child is taking up more time?  How do you fit in anything else really other than the kids???  Geez guys.  I’m starting to think that a half day job is probably a necessity rather than a nice to have.  It surely makes life so much easier when you have kids!

Anyhoo – enough rambling.  Wednesday, hump day, have a good one y’all!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


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  1. MamaCat says:

    I think for us one child is working in terms of time management, and this year we have confined all extra activities to school time. It works well, because we drop him off in the morning and he does, everything during school time. HB does five (compulsory activities) and I thought that was enough fro him. The only outside school hours is Saturday mornings. They have just started mini cricket. Soccer is a winter sport for his school. I am so glad swimming is also an included acitvity. Moms do what they have to do.
    We have a strict, strict strict afternoon routine.

    • Jodie says:

      We HAD a strict routine but that needs to be amended now 😦 Anyway, we’ll make it work. Ethan’s school also has activities at school during hours but with the soccer, we wanted something more formal and concrete than the usual soccer stars etc. ‘cos he’s very talented (even his teachers have encouraged us to further this) and he loves it so much. And then the swimming was a school we enrolled with as they were part of the school so it would have been inside school hours, but then a few weeks in, they pulled out of the school relationship and we had already paid so we just stayed there 😦 But to your point – my mum says it’s all about what I make it. So having him do all these extras is a choice!!

  2. I feel the same way about the “compliments of the season” thing. I even commented to someone who sent out a mail on 6 Feb and said this in an email to all. When does it stop?!

    Basically, I use it for my first day or two back in the office but definitely not really past the middle of January 🙂

    How do other mothers do it? They delegate some of the stuff to their husbands 🙂 I believe that extra-murals need to suit the family too, not just the kid. We let our kids do mini cricket during the week but they don’t play games on Saturday mornings because that is our family gym time. It is a hard-fought for goal that we’ve had in place for about 5 years now and I’m not messing with that 🙂

  3. PS the comments are working and I’m at work :0

    PPS there is nothing cuter than little boys in soccer kit!

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