I have so much to say but I just don’t know how to say it or where to start…I’m sooooooo tired!  So I’ll just give you guys bits and pieces and let you know that I’m still alive 🙂 🙂 🙂

Holiday time (the long weekends) is fast approaching and I can’t wait!  We’re going away with my family on Easter Sunday for a few days and boy am I looking forward to it.  This year hasn’t been a bad one thus far – on the contrary, personally, it’s been rather good – but I just feel tired man.  I guess that’s part and parcel of having children right?!  And all the mums say riigghhhtttt!!!  There’s truth to the saying that many hands make light work though.  So although going away with two kids in tow will not lead to complete and utter silence (yes, sometimes I feel like I need that!) and full rest and relaxation, having my family to chip in here and there will certainly make a massive difference to adding to that downtime for me.  And then to end that week off, my bestie is going to be in Jo’burg for the weekend so I’ll get to see her – yay!!  And then on that same weekend, it’s book club…

I don’t know if it’s book club that’s contributed to this, but boy have I been reading like a beast.  Perhaps it’s a combination of that and the reading goal that I set myself for this year which I’m tracking on Goodreads – 12 for the year, 1 a month – simple you say?!  Totes!!!  I’ve already completed my 10th book for the year and I’m glad to say that I’ve read some really awesome books this year, one of my favourites being I Let You Go, which was our second book club book and funnily enough, not all the other ladies enjoyed it as much as I did.  I gave it a 5!  I’ve only been to one “session” so far as we were away the second time that the ladies met, but I’m loving the fact that we discuss books and give each other suggestions even outside of book club and of course, there’s the social aspect – roll on the next book club date!

The boys are all good.  I’d like some input into this from those of you reading…I’m a bit torn between the social activities for the two of them.  As an example, this weekend, I’d like to do something different for Ethan but then of course, there’s also Riley.  The two things I have in mind are either going to jump at Bounce/Rush, or taking him to the movies.  Now Riley’s not quite 2.5years old as yet, but of course, he wants to do everything that big brother does.  He’s definitely not big enough to jump on his own and Ethan is not big enough to look after him for an hour on the maze of trampolines, neither can he – let’s be honest – jump for his “worth” (it’s over R100 for him as well guys!) which means we’ll have to pay full price for one of us to jump with him as well as for him and then of course, for Ethan as well.  I personally don’t think that it’s worth taking him.  And then the movies…we took Ethan when he was around 2.5…I thought it was too early but he sat through the entire movie and thoroughly enjoyed it.  How we gaged if we should give it a shot was by how he watched movies at home.  At the time, he could pretty much sit through an entire movie on the tv.  Riley can’t quite just yet, and boy does he ask tons of questions while he’s watching!  So I’m not quite sure that he’s ready to go to movies himself.  Do we split ourselves, letting one parent take Ethan out and leave Riley at home with the other?  Should Riley just tag along and do things that he’s maybe too young for – is this a “second child thing”?  Or do we scrap the outing completely and find something else that both of them can enjoy?

Ethan’s thoroughly enjoying soccer.  Okay, the other day he said he was too lazy to go and I forced him!  Afterall, we’re paying for this and I hate my money going to waste!!  If he was sick – different story – but I don’t want my child taking the opportunities that he has for granted and fobbing off soccer because he’s too lazy to run…that’s just not on for me.  At soccer last week, one of the mums came up to me and vented about how they (herself and her husband) have been supporting the team financially for the last year in tournaments (the annual league fee includes league games but not tournaments) and how she’s not prepared to do that this year and the coach needs to talk to other parents to get involved.  Unfortunately, the majority of the under 8 team (yes, Ethan is in that team as there’s only 3 of them under 6) are from Alex and can’t afford to pay for the actual term, let alone the tournaments!!  [Side note: I was not aware of this at the outset].  This leaves the other parents as 3/4 of us to support the whole team…well, this is what I got from talking to her.  I immediately said I would be happy to support where we could provided we were notified upfront but then I spoke to a colleague and she made me realise that I’m literally wanting to be the martyr voluntarily.  Afterall, not once did the mum directly ask me to help out financially, nor did the coach.  Why did I feel the need to step in?  If the mother was battling, she needed to raise it with the coach…afterall, she surely at some stage offered to help out which is what landed her in this situation to begin with.

Sending Riley to school is another thing on my mind at the moment.  The boy child is ready – really, he is.  But there’s that age old debate about what’s the “right age” to send him to school.  Besides, he’s going to be in school for the rest of his life!!  What’s the rush really and we have a full time live-in nanny – it’s not like him being at home is affecting me in any way at all.  In fact, we’re not having to fork out two sets of school fees just yet and perhaps we should just keep it this way for some time!!  Then there’s that keeping the nanny on discussion ‘cos she’s our only support so she’ll be there if the kids are sick and to help out if we have work functions, date night etc., but the rest of the week, she’ll basically be watching tv and napping (our house is no mansion – she can clean it all in a day or two, honestly) while the kids are at school.  If only I had the luxury of being a stay at home mum!!!  Not that I think I’d cope – I’d probably drive both myself and the kids up at wall, not to mention the hubster.  But still, it may be nice if it were an option you know #justsaying.

Currently, we’re making our first Easter hat for school.  There’s prizes to be won – WE’RE GOING TO WIN of course!

Have a good day y’all xxx


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  1. debraaukett says:

    Oooh I’m jealous on the reading part – I have read only one book this year thus far. That’s now if I don’t count the many books I read to Jamie or my Facebook newsfeed :p
    Enjoy your holiday!

    PS. We took Shae and Jamie to a party held at a place similar to Bounce and she loved jumping! Had two exhausted kiddos afterwards. Granted it was quiet and they let the little ones jump separately from the bigger kids.

    • Jodie says:

      That’s my worry though – usually these places are PACKED and I don’t want to spend all that money for Riley to not want to jump!

  2. Too many things to answer but no, don’t drag the one child with the other. Why don’t you have alone dates with them, OR do something else that both will like?

    Listen, I keep forgetting to ask – are you still doing the supper club?

    PS it IS the bookclub giving you reading mojo 🙂 🙂

    • Jodie says:

      We don’t do alone dates – generally the kids are with me (for parties, family things etc.) or we’re together as a family. We don’t usually split them. I think it’s also how we were brought up – doing these together as a family for the most part.

      No – the Come Dine With Me never even started 😦 Had to end up cancelling. People dropped out last minute and I was so upset but after all the admin, I just rather decided to can it rather than getting my panties in a knot!!

  3. Terisha says:

    I found your Blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Just to add my 2 cents regarding the Bouncing Places – I went with my friends who have a 2.5 year old and she was much too young to enjoy it. It was fun for less than 5 mins and then she was exhausted. My friend ended up sitting with her which meant it was a waste of money for 2 of them. The older kids have more stamina to keep enjoying it.

    I am loving bookclub too. We missed you at the last one. I am so jealous of all the reading you guys are doing. I am studying so only going to be reading bookclub books till my exams are over.

    • Jodie says:

      Hahahaha – glad you found it! Such excitement 🙂 Yeah, I didn’t want a replay of what your friend had so I decided against it. Took them both to the zoo yesterday, much better decision, they both loved it!!!
      Don’t worry, you have tons of time to catch up, it’s only March. Hope that your studying ends soon.

  4. wow!!! Youre nailing it in the book department! Well done!

    And oh,the nanny situation – such a conundrum , isnt it?! Well for us, it’s a no brainer, we have a smally on the way,so shell be quite busy. But Im so cut up by the fact that Parker isnt getting the kind of stimulation morgan had.And she’s a birght one. So I dont want her to lose out and fall behind. (Morgy could spell her own name at 2yrs of age, Parker started too, but now has lost all interest in it. And I think lack of school has maybe been something to do with that.) But I know she’s safe and healthy with our nanny at home, which is the most important thing to us considering the past school experience.

    For you guys, it will really be an absolute change of lifestyle though, should the nanny be relieved. I know, we did that for like four months – and holy cow!!!! Keen to hear what you guys decide.

    ps. you’ve totally got to share your easter hat with us all!

  5. Mrs FF says:

    As much as you like to things as a family I’ll say once in a while split them
    Let daddy take one child and you take the other. Riley would only be a baby once and Ethan is a big boy now . And on days where there are events that both can partake in take them both.

    On school I’m with you. I only sent K one month before she turned three. Didn’t feel the need to let her go earlier! I still kept our nanny full time just for the flexibility because we don’t have the luxury to take so much time off when baby is sick. And trust me (and you should know) start of school means new bugs. K has been sick every four weeks since Feb (including being admitted) . And added to ththe fact that K needs to be home earlier than we ever get home so at least the nanny is there until we get home

    I think you would know what would work best for you eventually!

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