My kids guys – these guys are really something else.  I look at them every day and marvel at their awesomeness!  I am so thankful to God for giving them to me.  Really, I cannot imagine a single day without them.  Yes, they can drive me completely batty with their sulking, whining, fighting, screeching, crying, crying, crying…did I say crying?!?!  When I see the 10year old boy next door CRYING, I’m like WHEN.DOES.THE.CRYING.END??????????  Anyway, I digress.  Yes, there are days when I want to be in a hole, on my own, in silence and I don’t want to hear muummmmm over and over again, but boy do I love these guys besides all of that nonsense.  And like Cindy over at 3Kids, 2 Dogs and 1 Old House said a while back, it’s not that I just love these dudes, but I actually like my kids.

I love their personalities – they are both so funny.  We can clown around for ages giggling over nonsense.  Silly poems, silly rhymes, burping, farting (quite obvious that I have 2 BOYS!!)…just about anything is funny to them.  They love tickles, they love music – dancing and singing, and although they fight just about all the time, these guys love each other.  Yesterday morning when Riley woke up, Ethan told him about how he came into our room in the morning and saw him sleeping, and then he said the sweetest thing to him…do you know that you have the cutest little hands Ri.

My Ethan, my emotional child, my words boy who cries after being reprimanded not because he got a hiding, but because he’s sad that he upset me – be still my beating heart!  He’s the “man” when dad isn’t around, he looks after his brother and he helps mum around the house all the time.  He’s still a mummy’s boy and loves kisses and cuddles as often as I dish them out, but won’t let me or anybody else for that matter sleep on his pillow because he doesn’t want drool on his pillow!

And my Ri who can operate You Tube like an adult at the tender age of two.  He knows exactly what he likes, and clearly this child is going to be a DJ or something in the music stream.  He is attached to his mama like nobody’s business.  He doesn’t even want dad to wipe his bum because mum must do it.  He cries just about every night at bedtime because he doesn’t want to sleep – probably ‘cos big brother is still up – he’s making me contemplate the boys sleeping together in one room option more and more these days now that he’s getting bigger.

I look at these guys every day – sometimes it’s in the morning, sometimes after work when I try and have quality time with them (hence the reason I cook dinner the night before!), sometimes it’s in the evenings as I tuck them into bed – I look, really look.  I see them for all that they are and I am so proud of them.  Proud of the grown boys they are becoming.  I tell them often how proud I am of them and how much I love them – I wish they could understand how I really feel.  If only they had a little inkling!  I marvel at how wonderfully God has made them.  HE gave me these little dudes and I am thankful every day for the blessings that they are in my life.


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  1. aaaah, I just feel your love oozing in this post!

    I said to Connor the other day, “do you know how much I love you?” and he said yes but D stopped him and said, not many kids hear so many I love you’s in a day!

    Clear you and I are words of affirmation people!

  2. MamaCat says:

    What a lovely post. Crying at ten?! It had to stop sometime. You are right about the dinner, which is why menu planning works so well for us, we never cook during the week. Lol, I was told that I need a man to protect me, and my five year old decided that he could do it.

  3. Mrs FF says:

    Love love love… blessed beyond measure my friend.

    Ha ha ha at the fart… even my girl thinks those bodily sounds are fun 🙂

  4. debraaukett says:

    I am sure they know how proud you are! So much love ❤ Beautiful post

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