So, like most of Gauteng, I’ve been waiting rather patiently with baited breathe for the government school applications for 2018 to open.  When I found out two weeks ago that the date was set for the 2nd of May 2017, my nerves shot up sky high!  This process did not just start on the 2nd of May for me though, it started at the beginning of 2016 already.  I, being the ever organized mama, started looking into schools for grade 1 when Ethan was in grade 00 already.  Okay – this had a lot to do with the fact that I wanted to make a truly informed decision (well, as informed as I could) about whether to move him in grade R or to keep him where he is at now, at the school that has been our home for the last few years and that we absolutely love – but this is when the questions and scouting for schools actually started, in 2016.

Of course, as everybody should do, we visited each school that were options in the north of Johannesburg that were close to home and my work.  The school in our area, which is literally in the next street, is not an option for us, and so we had to stretch our search a bit further than our neighbourhood.  After speaking to Ethan’s school principle, we had three schools on our list to visit.  School number 1 is rated as the best government school on this side of the city but unfortunately, we are not zoned to it and moving into the area just to get into the school is not an option for us.  So we moved on to school number 2 – apparently as good as school number 1 is and close to my work making lifting easier, or so I’m hoping.  We visited school number 3 and were put off in the first few minutes of the principal’s presentation so we really only had 1 school that we could apply to – school number 2.  This we had decided on about mid-2016 and so all we had to do was to wait with baited breathe for the application period to open in 2017.

As the time neared, I started preparing the pack.  Our decision was to apply to school number 2, and then purely because we needed a backup school (just in case, who knows), I was going to apply to the school in the area in which we live, which as far as I understand, cannot refuse us.  This school is an absolute last resort but I figured that we’d at least have a school if all else fails.  And it’s only grade 1 – we can move him mid-year if needs be.  I mean, I moved schools during sub A and came out none the worse for wear…well, so I think 😉

D-day (2nd May) dawned – my pack was ready – and I was at the office at 7:50am in front of my PC ready to apply online.  Now based on last year’s guinea pigs, the feedback hadn’t been great, and so mentally I was prepared to struggle for most of the day but I was determined to get my application through on day 1.

The website came up just after 8 and the actual application took me all of 2minutes.  I selected my work to apply to school number 2.  Once that application was done and dusted, I selected my home address to apply for the school up the road only to discover…school number 1 was on the list as an option.  I think my heart stopped for like all of 10seconds.  I was confused.  I started from the beginning and looked at the list again – there it was.  And so well, I applied and got onto the WA list.

So both applications have been made to the two schools of our choice.  I’ve dropped the application pack at school number 2 and will hopefully get to drop school number 1’s pack before the end of this week.  Now we wait.  It’s completely out of our hands.  I’m so happy that the process of applying went so smoothly 🙂  Grade 1 application just about done and dusted!!!


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  1. MamaCat says:

    Ooooh…good luck. This stuff is stressful.

  2. We are busy going through the process for grade R here. No online option for applications here in the Cape, and you have to be super organized. Applications start in FEB! We should hear back by early June. We’ve had 2 interviews so far (from 7 applications), but after yesterday’s one, feeling confident that the ruling of not being able to be turned down by your nearest school still applies (phew)!

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