It’s May and the winter weather is already rearing it’s ugly head – well, if the weather of two weekends ago is a sign of the weather to come, it’s going to be any ugly one!  Having said that though, how amazing was the weather this weekend?!?!  I was in summer dresses on Saturday AND Sunday.  Our neighbour even commented on how it looks like I don’t want to let summer go, and truth be told, I don’t!  I’m a real summer girl.  I love dresses, skirts, pretty sandals and days outside soaking up the sun.  Closed shoes, layers, electric blankets…not my thing.  In fact, I’ve really battled with sleeping the past few nights because when I go to bed, I’m freezing.  Socks are on, long pjs are a must, and an extra blanket is on all of our beds (on ours, more specifically for the hubster who loves to be covered up with heavy layers when he sleeps!) and then half way through the night I’m BOILING – like sweat dripping down my stomach boiling.  I have to remove my socks, throw all the layers off, and even put on a short sleeve shirt.  And then I’m wide awake with frustration and tempted to open the windows which I know isn’t practical with the temps outside.  Anyway – enough about that.  I guess there’s no way of prolonging the lovely midday temps, it’s all part of the change of the seasons 🙂  I just need to embrace it and move on.  I’ve had so much I’ve wanted to share over here on this blog but just can’t find the words to express it so folks, a “currently” post will have to do…

Last week Monday, our little munchkin started school.  He was so excited with his new school bag and super chuffed that he’d be going to school together with his big brother.  He even told the nanny when he left that she must stay at home and wait for him, he’d come back later for her ❤ .  The first day went so smoothly!  Dad and mum dropped him – brother wanted to walk him to his class but hit a ninja the minute we arrived at school and disappeared (without even a family hug or goodbye!!) to wherever grade R’s disappear to when they arrive at their favourite place in the mornings 🙂  We took Riley into his class which I’d taken him to the week before just to try and familiarize him with it so that the first day wasn’t a complete and utter shock for him…he walked in, greeted the teachers, went to look at the toys and said a happy goodbye to us when we left.  It actually broke my heart a bit to see him so independent.  I called later in the morning to check up on him.  There had been a few tears and lots of “my mummy’s coming back for me teacher” comments, but overall, he was fine.  I fetched them both at midday and Riley had lots to say both in the car and over Skype with his grandparents later that evening.  All in all, day 1 went perfectly smooth and I was super proud of him, but of course, I wasn’t convinced that it would all be smooth sailing, and I braced myself for day 2 being a bit of a shambles.  In a nutshell, boy child cried from the minute he opened his eyes every morning last week with the repeated phrase of “I don’t want to go to school” at home, in the car and even on the walk into school.  The consolation for me was that the minute I rounded the corner to leave, he was tjoep stil – no crying whatsoever – he just carried on with the day and every day when I fetched him after lunch, he was absolutely fine.  He just kept saying “I only cried a little bit mum” so I’m hoping that in a few days time, this too will be over 🙂 🙂 🙂  This week, mum isn’t dropping.  Dad will resume the morning drop.  So we’ll hear later how it all went.  I’m not sure when the kids grew so quickly that we now have two kids in school!!!!  I can’t actually believe it.  Anyway, talking about school…

I really enjoyed the drop off and midday pickups last week and where I’ve always said that I’m quite happy to come into work and do what I need to while the kids are at school and spend afternoons and evenings with them and then weekends, last week, my mind did a shift and I realized that that’s not good enough for me.  And they’re not even in big school yet.  What happens when grade 1 starts next year – what do I do about sport matches, galas, concerts etc.?  How do I squeeze my kids in?  How do I play an active role in their lives?  I know all parents have this issue and that not everybody is fortunate enough to be able to do all of the things I’ve mentioned…but is that good enough for me???  And then I watch the kids growing up and I realize how big they are and how much they’ll need me less and less.  Or rather, how much they’ll WANT me less and less, and I think that now that they still want me, I really should be making the effort to be there right?

Yesterday morning, there was children’s mass at our church and Ethan sat right in the front with his teacher.  I was concerned that he’d fuss (like he usually does with me – when is church ending, when are we leaving etc.) but he didn’t.  He sat still most of the mass and thoroughly enjoyed sitting in the front row – he said that we should start sitting there ourselves.  I’ve been thinking of joining one of the ministries at church now that the kids are older but I’m undecided for now – should I join the children’s church and help out with the kids, should I join the choir considering that’s something I’ve always done in the past…things to think about.  Anyway, I digress.

Yesterday, we had a lovely afternoon at home.  After we all had a Sunday afternoon nap, the hubster and I decided to braai for dinner, something we’ve started doing more regularly over the past few months.  The kids were playing with their friends and there we were, wine in hand, music playing and the braai going.  We danced a bit (well, I did – he looked at me like I was batty, hehe), we played darts, we chatted and it just felt so good.  Like a part of me is coming into its own again.  Like I can still enjoy doing things that interest ME now that the kids are growing up!  And I must say, I’m quite enjoying it.

Something that’s on the cards for the near future is a trip to the mother city.  We haven’t been in soooooo long.  I’m longing to do a bit of travel and to spend time with my best friend and her boys and of course, my Cape Town family.  So for now, it’s looking like a September trip is on the cards.  I’m holding thumbs that it all pans out.

Anyhoo folks – have a great Monday and a blessed week xxx


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  1. MamaCat says:

    This is a struggle I often have, about missing the stuff at school. I would love a job where there was flexi time, but I have not found it yet…so I am trying to get my own business going, but it is not easy. However, I will try. This is the only way I see that I can be more available.
    However, the kids will be fine. When you are there, make the most of it, so that it is not so bad when you have to miss things. We are lucky enough that the Moms who can be there, take photos and little videos for us working Moms. Get into a partnership with a SAHM, they are great.
    The weather was great, we had a lovely picnic, just the three of us by one of the many dams.
    The crying eventually stops, as you know. They just need time to get used to it all.
    Go for it, do something at the church, I am sure it will fulfill a part of you.

    • Jodie says:

      Ah thanks for the comment 🙂 Also thinking something on the side…I know it’s hard but maybe in years to come, it’ll prosper.

  2. Aaaah, your babies are growing up.

    Are you going to be able to go to CT and on our weekend?

  3. Terisha says:

    Your Sunday afternoon sounds fantastic.

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