Those of you who know me will know just exactly how organised I am.  I’m a proper planner and it’s very unusual for me not to have something on the go!  From planning meals in advance, making sure my kids stick to a time schedule, organising holidays and leave, Christmas a year in advance – I’m really not much of a “go with the flow” type of girl.  It’s very difficult for me to do something spontaneously, but as I grow older, I’m quite enjoying the odd out of the norm, spur of the moment things that happen from time to time in my life.  Sitting still and doing nothing is also very hard for me but I’m trying more and more to just relax and enjoy life more.  Nobody likes a worry wart, even worse if you’re worrying over nothing in particular and causing everybody else to stress out with you.

Over the last two weeks, I’ve been fighting off a chest infection and as a result, I didn’t do any exercise.  Finally, over the last weekend, I managed to shake off my neverending cough, and I was eager to get back into my exercise routine (said nobody ever, haha) this week Monday.  Well, Monday came around and Monday passed just as quickly.  I got home and had to cook dinner as I’d decided on Sunday night that my day had just been too perfect to pick up pots to cook for Monday night and well…that’s what happens when you don’t cook the night before.  I got home and got the pots on the stove and then sat down and relaxed while the food cooked.  My sister came over and we literally just chilled.  On Monday night, I didn’t cook again.  You see, I’ve been picking the boys up from school after their lunch this week to try and settle Riley in slowly, so when I leave work, there’s no rush to get home.  The trip home isn’t extended due to the school pick up, and so I’ve just decided to be like other normal mums [read: not my usual obsessive compulsive self!] and cook when I get home.  Well, Tuesday afternoon came around.  I got home to the kids playing with their friends, I turned on the stove, got the pots out and…poured myself a glass of wine.  No exercise, no running around like a mad person.  I just sat down and relaxed.  And then well yesterday, I did the same thing 🙂

I felt bad initially, I must say.  It’s the skipping the exercise that’s the main problem…I mean, hello, summer body?!?!?!  But it’s also the letting go and just going with the flow that is not what I’m used to.  It’s been absolutely bloody marvelous though, I must tell you.  I’ve been feeling so much more rested this week.  I feel like a normal person, not a mad one!!!  And it’s really been great to step out of the constant everyday routine that I’m so used to.  It’s made me realise that sometimes you just need to take break.  Unfortunately, being a mum of two littlies, it’s not always easy.  But when I can, I should stop beating myself up about putting all the balls that I juggle down, and well just…RELAX!


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  1. halberts2014 says:

    Hi Jodie
    I feel a bit out of sorts when I don’t have things organised, when I don’t know what’s happening. Although we cook each and every night and can’t say that I relax when the pots are on the stove. There is always something else on the go somewhere. Not exercise mind you.
    I admit that my mind is slipping a bit and I need to be organised to keep a sense of calm in the chaos. If we just “pick up and go somewhere” I generally leave something behind

    • Jodie says:

      Okay – relaxation is “relative” I guess 🙂 Of course I’m not sitting on my be-hind relaxing when the pots are on the stove…I’m busy with 100 other things. The exercise on my mind is a new thing as well btw, I only started exercising at the beginning of this year for the first time in 3years!!

      • halberts2014 says:

        Yeah, I guess it is hey. I always love the way DH shunts me around while he’s in front of the TV. Like I’m sitting painting my nails! !
        I love exercise, but I just don’t know where to fit it in. If the gym opened at 4am I could make a plan

      • Jodie says:

        You see – same issue as me. The only time I feel that I can fit in the exercise is at the crack of dawn and it’s ridiculous in any person’s books to wake up at 4…arggghh. I used to gym at 5am every day before work but that was before I had my second child. Now I just don’t think it’s worth it anymore. But if you put your mind to it, you can do it I guess!!

  2. MamaCat says:

    I have learned to love freezer meals. We just about never cook during the week, and have a freezer of meals ready to reheat. Lasagna, pies, butter chicken, curries, burgers, quiches…if it can be frozen successfully, we will freeze it. Ready made stir packs, veggies. It takes one tough weekend every few weeks and then we can relax.
    It is good to relax, and I get you on the exercise. I would wake and exercise before everyone wakes, and I still do it sometimes.
    I think you need to relax, especially with two. Your children benefit from your time more, than a clean house. (not unhygienic, untidy is fine).
    I have been trying to concentrate more on time, and less on stuff.

    • Jodie says:

      Unfortunately my husband does NOT want to eat defrosted food so that won’t work. I think I’m anyway in a nice flow with the cooking at night, but it really is nice to have a break. From next week, my boys will both be full day at school so I’m going to get the nanny to start doing some of the cooking stuff like boiling rice, pasta, cutting up veggies etc. Perhaps that will make life a bit easier!! And I hear you about rather spending time with the kids than tending to the house. It’s hard but I’ve learned to turn a blind eye to the “mess” especially on weekends.

      • Did you mean meals that you’ve cooked and frozen, or meals you buy from PnP or Woolworths and have to cook from frozen?

        If it’s the first, do you know he won’t even know it’s not cooked “fresh”? It’s just as good as cooking fresh, for most meals.

        Cooking is very relaxing for me – I put on a podcast and enjoy myself 🙂

        Anyway, this post sounds like me from a few years ago.

        And it is wonderful to relax. BTW, keep your eyes peeled. I’m looking for a big sign that says RELAX to remind me….. if you find one, tell me where please.

      • Jodie says:

        Oh he’ll know! He sees it defrosting and he wants to have a heart attack irrespective of how it tastes, haha. Funny enough, when my mum visits and brings things she’s defrosted for dinner, he has no problem. Can you imagine!!! I enjoy cooking though. Thinking of a cooking idea to motivate you btw as you’d mentioned a some time back but it seems as though your podcasts are working for you???

  3. MamaCat says:

    Jodie, I agree with your husband, that freezer food is gross. I would never to deign to eat that stuff either. However, think about fastfoods we eat…most come out the freezer. The supermarkets and many restaurants get many of the meals frozen or at least some of it.
    It is trial and error, but some things freeze really well and there is no noticeable degradation of the texture or flavour. You have to start with good quality ingredients and cook stuff you love to eat. Also, label and date all your meals, and don’t let it lie in there for too long.
    And the process of defrosting must be slow and controlled.

  4. Ahhh,good for you dear! Love it

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