…but when they were bad they were HORRID! And then she whipped them all soundly and put them to bed…

These two extracts – from nursery rhymes that you may be familiar with – tonight in the Howe house, became reality, much to our little kiddy winkles absolute horror. Before you judge, let me set the scene…

Monday was a slow day because well, it was Monday but this Monday was different from the others. You see, on Friday, Riley had a tummy bug that left him vomiting all day which he then passed to Ethan on Saturday who vomited from 6pm all through the night which included projectile vomit all over everything in the bathroom, in his bed and on himself, all in separate incidences, poor child! This bug then seemingly passed on to mum who had the most unpleasant experience of killing “date day” half way through a live show to sprint out of Monte Casino in a rather unladylike fashion to throw up…outside in the bushes! This was followed by mum being totally incapacitated for the rest of the evening…I literally could.not.move. Bedtime was at 8:30pm, the earliest I’ve ever slept, and the night was filled with tossing and turning due to my body feeling like a wrecking ball had had a go at it with constant dizziness and a pinch of nausea too. I “slept in” this morning but really battled through the day, only feeling semi-normal around lunchtime. So when the hubster called to say he was finishing up work early and would fetch the kids, I decided to go past the shops for a little bit of “me time” to look for a few spoils for myself sans the kids.

I arrived home at 5:30 to find everybody in one piece and in good spirits but I needed to finish up supper. In the 15minutes I took to cook, I had to raise my voice [read: scream like a raging lunatic] several times at Riley cos he recently seems to have lost his ears!! Bath time wasn’t any easier…if it wasn’t enough that I had to contend with the usual arguing over who was playing with which toy, Riley decided to – as I turned my back to give them space and sit on the bed – make a poo in the water. So I got the kids out of the bath quickly cos eeuuuwwwww POO!!!!!!! Once they were dressed, I gave them options for dinner because we have leftovers that need to be finished. Riley chose pizza and Ethan chose soup, and for a change, we sat down to eat dinner as a family. We even sang the crèche prayer “thank you father”, much to Riley’s delight, together 🙂 

That perfect setting hey?! That lasted all of two seconds. Ethan was not enjoying his soup, the same soup he asked me to make on Friday night (from scratch) which he ate without any issues on Friday. There wasn’t enough pizza for him and when I offered the food the hubster and I were eating – beef olives, tomato spaghetti and roasted veggies – he politely declined, so well, soup it was. Soon after, Riley started complaining about the pizza and how didn’t like it. The hubster sent him to his room saying he should go straight to bed but I thought a whole hour earlier than usual was just too early. That is until Ethan jumped off the dinner table and…VOMITED.ALL.OVER.THE.FLOOR!!!!!!

Now do you get it????? Why they were whipped and put to bed????? I told you not to judge 😉 


6 responses »

  1. MamaCat says:

    That does sound truly terrible. It sounds so horrible I want to cry for you!
    I would have thrown in the towel and went to bed early with the kids, well vomit to be cleaned, but it sounds horrendous.

  2. halberts2014 says:

    LOL, shame man, sounds hectic. Some nights are just more “screamy” than others.
    I hope everyone is well over the tummy bug. I also secretly hope that it isn’t passed on to others reading your blog 🙂
    Have a better week.

  3. Terisha says:

    Yikes – you have had a hectic couple of days. Hope today is better.

  4. elsie says:

    hehe..it must have been hectic for you..i know how it feels

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