…I love ya, tomorrow, you’re only a day away *singing Annie*.  My mum has made this song a sort of “tradition” when visiting or travelling to see us and when we visit them.  It adds to the mounting excitement of seeing each other and not a visit goes by when I don’t sing this song in my head the day before seeing them.  But today, that excitement is even more than the usual excitement of seeing them because…our boys are coming back!!  Yes, we’ve been without them for almost a week now.

Last week this time, I was “at home” (yes, my mum’s home is still home even though I have my own home and family!) in Durban.  I spoilt the kids by flying them up for this holiday instead of doing the usual drive, and so on Thursday last week, I took a half day and the three of us flew to Durban together.  The boys were absolute stars,  real pleasures and I hardly had to raise my voice while we were at the airport waiting to fly.  Riley had been adamant that he wasn’t going on the plane in the days leading up to the trip – I was excited for him though because it was the first flight that he would actually remember.  He’s flown a few times before, but it was when he was a lot smaller.  When we got on the plane, he refused to sit in his own seat and insisted on sitting on my lap and that’s when the nerves started kicking in because I know full well that he’s not allowed to sit on my lap during take-off and landing so I was bracing myself for some tears and fighting but there was none of that!  When I told him it was time to sit down, he sat quietly in his own chair and then spent most of the flight reading the in-flight magazine 🙂  He asked Ethan to swap chairs once which Ethan happily did – so that he could sit by the window – and then they swapped again later as we started our descent.  Ethan had a bit of earache as we descended, but nothing to write home about and before we knew it, we had landed in good ol’ Durbs.

I spent two nights with them and then flew back on Saturday night to spend the week without kids with the hubster.  I was greeted at the airport with roses and got home to a candlelight bath and wine…turning up the romance, hehe 😉  On Sunday morning, we laid in and read and watched a bit of tv.  Then we had breakfast out, got some house admin done (the boys are moving into one room on their return and we’ve bought them a double bunk…more about that in another post) and spent the afternoon lazing around doing nothing.  It was absolute bliss.  The funny thing about “alone time” is how much it changes as the kids gets older…

When Ethan was little, he didn’t sleep through the night (he only did at 3.5years old, when there were already two kids in the house!!) and I was constantly exhausted.  Having him away with grandpa and nana meant that I could do what I had been fantasizing about since the day he was born…sleep throught the night uninterrupted!!  Then Riley came along and it’s true what they say – one plus one does not equal two when you’re talking children…more like four.  Having the both of them away with nana and grandpa meant ME time.  I could sit on the loo uninterrupted, I didn’t have to split my time between two kidlets, and I could cook just one meal that both the hubster and I could enjoy instead of making alternatives for my rather fussy eaters.  Nowadays, having the kids away means that we can “throw caution to the wind” so to speak.  There’s no desperate need for a full nights rest as we get this regularly, there’s less of a need (let’s be honest, there’s ALWAYS a need for this when you have children!!) for alone time…now it’s more a thing of not having to stick to routine, you know.  I don’t have to make sure that dinner is prepared for supper at 6/6:30, I don’t have to ensure that kids are bathed and that there is food and snacks for them available in the fridge, I don’t have to do the night time routine at the same time every night to ensure that they have enough rest before school…it’s a different type of unwinding I guess.  But much needed I tell you.  We didn’t take leave in the week, we worked as usual (yes I started at 7am every day, arggghhh), but getting home and doing absolutely nothing every day this week was an absolute pleasure.

Having said that, I’ve missed my kiddies.  Needless to say, they haven’t particularly missed us.  No crying, no asking for us, no wanting to know when they’re going home…I guess it’s also a sign of them growin up!  They’ve had an absolute blast in Durban with their grandparents.  Going out every day, being spoilt rotten, having undivided attention and doing and seeing new things.  The funniest thing that Riley said to me the other day over the phone was: “I’m at Durban but I don’t know how to get out of here”, hahahaha.  So he understands that he’s not at home, but whether he wants to actually BE at home is another story.

Either way, they’re coming home tomorrow and this mama is going to shower them with hugs and kisses 🙂 🙂 🙂


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  1. halberts2014 says:

    Sounds like a wonderful week was had by all. I’m sure they missed you stacks, they just won’t know it until they see you.

  2. Terisha says:

    I know the feeling. Kaylan (my nephew) is on school holidays. And while I miss him so much, I have been enjoying all the lazying around. No packing lunches or making a separate supper for him. No bath time and bedtime routines. Ends this weekend though. He is back on Sunday.

  3. MamaCat says:

    I am sure they have missed you…there is no place like home. I am going to miss the lack of school traffic.

    • Jodie says:

      I’m glad that you FELT the lack of school traffic. My manager drives into Sandton from the south of Jo’burg and said that there was absolutely no difference in traffic for her. Also, yesterday I left at 4 my usual time and it took me over an hour to get home, a drive that usually take around 25minutes 😦 And there I thought I’d cruise home with no traffic, arggghhh.

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