We live in a three bedroom house and when Riley was born, the spare room became his room.  Ethan stayed where he was before Riley was born but got the double bed which used to be the guest bed, and so we were without a spare room 😦  Now we very rarely get guests and so this didn’t bother me at the time, but having all the rooms occupied just leaves no room for anything else really.  One is ours and the other two are the boys.  I felt like I couldn’t even throw an odd parcel on one of their beds to “get it out of the way” because it was their room.  And this is how it’s been for the last few years.  For the longest time, I’ve wanted to move the boys into the same room.

Initially, I thought I’d move them into the same room once they both slept through the night so that they didn’t wake each other up.  But that never happened as every time we looked into moving them together, we thought that Riley was still too little.  Also, they slept at different times, and so getting them into a routine that was co-ordinated to.the.T didn’t seem do-able.  But a few months ago when they went away with my parents, they shared a room and it all went smoothly.  No issues whatsoever.  That sealed the deal for me.  They clearly were ready to share a room and so when they went to Durban a few weeks ago, we set the plans for the new shared room into action!

We bought double bunk beds – how awesome?!?!  I’ve been wanting double bunks for them ever since I decided that they’d share.  So we ordered them in advance so that they could be delivered while they were away in Durban and it was such a good thing that we did as the paint that they used to stain the wood was so overpowering, there is no way the kids would have been able to sleep in the bunk beds straight away.  So we left the windows open while we were at work that week and let the room air out.  While that was happening, I got to planning the layout of the room and the new bedding.  Of course I wanted matching bedding – two sets! – well, that was the idea until I looked at the price of bedding (at M.R. PRICE nogal!)…I got them one set of Cars bedding and decided that they could use Riley’s old bedding to alternate 🙂  As Riley was on a three quarter bed before, we ended up getting three quarter double bunks – it makes such a difference to single beds – more space for the boys.  We moved the double bed into what is now the guest room again (yippee – come and visit, we now have space for you!), got an additional mattress for Ethan, new shelves for the wall, a little saying on the wall and well, this is the final result…

Pic 1

The view as you walk into the room (excuse the millions of toys – this, we stil need to sort out)


Pic 2

The bunk bed with the new bedding and the “Boys Rule” slogan that I picked up which I thought would add a nice touch 🙂


Pic 3

On the right hand side, as you face the beds, I’ve added my favourite pic of the boys from when Riley was only a few days old and a picture frame that Ethan made at school also when Riley was still very little where he drew the family in – it’s one of my favourite pieces of artwork that he’s done!


Pic 4

Their first pics from the hospital side by side on the wall opposite their bunk beds (slightly skew, we still need to fix the strings so that they align) ❤


So how are they sleeping now that they’re sharing a room?!?!?…

Well…the first night, Riley slept shockingly.  He woke up 4 or 5 times during the night crying.  I put it down to him being in a new room (remember, they moved into Ethan’s room, not his) and in a new bed.  He slept a lot better the second night but wet the bed.  And wet it again the night after that.  Arggghhh.  But thereafter, he’s settled.  Ethan has slept well with no issues at all.  For the first few mornings, they woke each other up.  But I’m fine with that – they wake up around 7am, which in any parent’s mind is a decent hour 🙂  Then on one of the mornings, as I was putting on my coat getting ready to leave for work, I heard them laying in bed chatting about what they had dreamt the night before – so adorable ❤

Going to sleep at night hasn’t been an issue.  On some nights, they lay and chat a bit.  If it goes on for too long, we go in and tell them it’s late and that they should close their eyes and sleep.  It’s worked most nights but last night, they went to bed at 7:50pm and at 9:10pm, they were still awake.  In fact, they were getting up to nonsense, something we only realised when Riley started crying like somebody was murdering him.  We went into the room and found him stuck – yes STUCK on the side of the bed, the side against the wall.  No, he didn’t fall down – he physically decided to squeeze into the small little space and couldn’t get back up.  We put on our sternest faces, reprimanded them both for messing around and ordered them to close their eyes and go to bed.  Then we had a good chuckle as we walked out of the room – these boys are just too much!

I’m so glad that we made the decision to move them into the same room, and even happier that they have a double bunk.  This is what childhood memories are made of 🙂 🙂 🙂



4 responses »

  1. halberts2014 says:

    LOL at poor Ethan getting stuck.
    The room looks stunning.
    I hear what you mean about not having a room to “chuck things into”. Our spare room houses the basket of clothes to be ironed and the pegs, more toys, more books. Thank goodness we only have 1 sprog because Liam has toys in EVERY room. There just isn’t space. And nothing can be parted with.

  2. debraaukett says:

    The room looks awesome – love the colours and especially the Boys Rule! Wishing them lots of special times in their “new” shared room

  3. MamaCat says:

    The room looks great. We have more toys for just one boy, so do not feel bad. We secretly move them out when HB is asleep, and give them away.
    If you can sew,or have a granny or auntie…the fabric is way way way cheaper. I always sew the bed linen, because they are a regular shape and pretty easy if you already have one you can use as a pattern. I have sewn so many by now, I can just sew by measuring the mattress.

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