My babies are growing up so well!  How even do you manage to contain feelings when you see how wonderfully your kids are growing?!

So a quick one…

Ethan was selected yesterday to play for the U8 soccer team at school in a match against an opposing school this week Thursday.  He is so over the moon!  He got a special letter to say that he’s part of the team, and they will be travelling by bus to the other school.  Highlight of the week for us all 🙂  I really hope that I get to go and watch him!  I’m not too excited about the special soccer socks I have to buy (R70!)…haha.  The joys.  But I cannot wait for him to be take part in his first school match.  Then on the merit side – the first “level” for the merits is 75points.  When the kids get to 75points, they get a letter from the principal.  Yesterday morning, he had 65points, so on the way to school, I told him that he must push extra hard for the additional 10points, only two merits.  Boy child went to school yesterday – BOOM, merits achieved.  75points attained!!  I couldn’t be prouder, he is really excelling at school shame.

Then yesterday, I called the pre-primary school to set up time with Riley’s teacher.  Riley has been complaining about going to school for the longest of times.  Every morning without fail, he moans that he doesn’t want to go, he wants to stay at home with P.  We’ve put it down to him just wanting his way and being lazy.  Then yesterday morning, I had this gnawing feeling that perhaps there’s something more, and I’m not pursuing it.  So after work, I went to the school and had a meeting with both his teacher [as a side:  when we were leaving, she came to me and said “oh, I wanted to tell you that I’m also expecting”…ummm, does she think I’m expecting too?!?! ] and the principal.  They set my mind at ease and assured me that he’s absolutely fine at school.  He is the youngest in his class by far – apparently half the class repeated the year! so some kids are already turning 5 this year whereas Riley is only turning 4 in December.  He apparently is very bright but is slower than most of the kids in the class resulting in him often either not finishing, or finishing only after everybody else.  They both said that this could be knocking his confidence making him not want to come to school.  Also, apparently the jump from last year’s class to this year’s is quite steep in that this year, they are actually doing work, not just playing.  They say that this can cause lots of unease and unhappiness in kids, especially the younger kids.  But they still insist that he’s very bright and is doing well, they think this will “even out” over the next few months.  I was warned by the principal though that I cannot compare the kids and that Riley has very big shoes to fill in his big brother Ethan who was top of his class last year, even though he was the youngest!!  Socially, they say Riley is winning, hahahaha.  Apparently all the kids want to play with him and he dominates the play ground!  Which could explain why a random kid came up to me yesterday and said “hello Riley’s mum” 🙂  In the car on the way home, I told Riley how his teacher said he did so so well and how proud we are of him.  I promised him a reward this weekend for all his hard work…he wants TWO TOYS – a Coco puzzle (from the movie Coco) and Lego (like Ethan got when he got a good report at the end of term 1).  Of course, Ethan is like – you can’t get small Lego like me though, you’re younger so you need bigger blocks!  Ever the pragmatist 😉

So so proud of these boys ❤ ❤ ❤




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  1. halberts2014 says:

    Man, your boys are doing so well. It’s the best things to get those letters from the principle saying how well they’ve done. It’s a big confidence boost for them.
    LOL at Riley being the social winner. Will you have him repeat a year somewhere along the line so that he can catch up the age gap?
    The other day I was in Clicks and a little boy said “Hello Liam’s mum” Actually so cute, hehe, I mean, they don’t know your name do they? I swear it took ages for Liam to realise my name wasn’t actually Mum, haha.

    • Jodie says:

      I don’t think we’re anywhere near the – will he need to be kept back a year – phase, but we’ll see 🙂 I’m confident that he’ll be fine. Just reminded me though that I need to spend more time with him and encourage and assist in the growth i.e. do more stuff at home instead of just focusing on Ethan and Ethan’s work. Riley thinks my name is Aunty Jodie, it’s hilarious. I also think it’s sweet when they call you xxx’s mum 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. debraaukett says:

    Ah how fabulous! Makes a mommy really proud ❤
    Hope you get to watch the soccer match Thursday. I love watching my boy participating, luckily most of his rugby matches are usually on a Saturday.
    Haha I had to chuckle at "Riley's mom", I guess all children does that so early on. Even our friends' children calls me either "Jamie's mom" or "Shae's mom". xx

  3. MamaCat says:

    Those soccer socks and shin pads…and even with labels they still don’t come home. HB is currently doing the soccer clinic at school (it is their holidays currently) and he is loving it. The mini soccer is so cute to watch so I think you will enjoy it. The parents really get into it.
    Poor Riley…why do they not keep him with is own age group? Surely that would be easier.

    • Jodie says:

      He is with his own age group, just a late baby i.e. born in December, same as Ethan. The green group is for kids who are 3 turning 4 which is him 🙂 It just so happens that this year, a lot of kids repeated. And because he met all his milestones in the yellow group (2 turning 3 age group), he was moved up. So they move them up in the appropriate age but obviously, as the work gets harder and more, they will start seeing who can and can’t cope you know.

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