…and I’m PETRIFIED OF GECKOS!!!!  For those of you who know me well, you have probably heard me say this time and time again.  Yes, I know geckos can do absolutely nothing to you and so there’s nothing to fear, but still!  Growing up in Durban where these things are literally all over the show…falling when you walk under them, falling into your bath water, into the water where the dishcloths are soaking in Jik…the list goes on.  I have been traumatised by these things and they give me the absolute heebie jeebies!!!!!!!  Now that you know this, let me fill you in on my night last night, or rather…let me entertain you 🙂 🙂 🙂

So the hubster coaches soccer on Tuesdays and went straight there from work yesterday evening.  He usually gets back just after 8:30, at which time, the kids are already in bed and fast asleep.  So last night, he comes in and he’s like, I’m rushing to watch the Liverpool game at the pub with the guys.  No problem right?!  I heard “ME TIME”.  We chatted briefly about our days while he had a shower, and then he left.  So I settled into bed with a cup of tea to catch up some series.  I switched the tv and the lights off just after 10pm.

When the hubster is not there (even if it’s just for a few hours of the night), I usually sleep very restlessly.  Sleep, on a normal night, is not my friend at all, but when he’s not there, it’s 100times worse.  So I dozed in and out of sleep just waiting for him to get home.

Around 1am, Ethan starts calling for me saying that his eyes are burning.  So I walk to the room, see that he’s talking in his sleep obviously having a dream.  I shush him and walk back out.  Back in our room, I have a wee and get back into bed.  About 10minutes later, he’s calling mum, mum, mum again.  So I get up, walk to my bedroom door and for some reason, I look down the passage…A MASSIVE GECKO ON THE FLOOR.  I was literally paralysed with fear.  Fortunately, Ethan fell asleep and stopped calling but the gecko was facing our room, so I walked back into the room and shut the door thinking there’s no way this thing is getting into my room.  Then I realised that the other options for the gecko would only be the kids’ room (where I walk into every morning to wake Ethan up), the bathroom (where I shower in the morning) and the spare room (where Ethan gets changed).  So once again, I get up and close ALL the doors!

Then I send the hubster an sms saying something along the lines of – there’s a massive lizard in the passage and I don’t know what to do.  I’m sure he was like – this is a unique way to try and get me home!! 

It’s 1:45am by this time.  When I got up to close the other doors though, I saw the lizard was facing the lounge area instead of facing our bedroom, so I was less phased but still freaked out.  I literally laid awake until the hubster came in after 2am.  The first thing I asked him was – did you see the lizard.  His response: what are you on about????  Haha.  And within two seconds, he was asleep!

Anyway, I slept terribly until my alarm went off at 5:30am.  Then I got out of bed, grabbed my slippers (I moved my slippers and work shoes plus Ethan’s shoes on top of the bed ‘cos I didn’t want to chance the lizard walking into them during the early hours of the morning) and tiptoed room by room creeping around checking for the lizard.  I switched the light on in each room, checked the floor, checked the walls and checked the ceiling.  When I got into the bathroom, I even checked the shower…all four corners!  I checked under the sink, under and around the toilet, under the shower mat…my checking literally added 10minutes to my morning routine, but it was totally worth it.  It was totally for my sanity and allowed me to get done as usual thereafter.

Did I find the gecko…NO, absolutely not, no sign of it whatsoever!!  It’s as if I totally imagined it.  But not finding it is even worse than if I had found it.  At least then I could have begged the hubster to get rid of it (with a broom, like my dad does to this day for his all of 35year old daughter when we’re visiting them in Durban :-)).  Now, I don’t know where the hell it is!… 😦

I mean, I know it’s somewhere in our house but WHERE???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. halberts2014 says:

    LOL, oh Jodie, you are so funny, whahahahaha
    I love geckos, they are so bloody cute with their sticky little feet. We have quite a few in our house, ranging from baby-babies to those big ones you describe. I bet to you those big ones look like Komodo dragons, HAHA.
    I did have a little white one fall off the roof and onto a book I was reading. Scared me peoples but only coz I didn’t know what it was. I swept him up in my hand and put him in the pot plant.
    I leave them, they’re good for catching the goggas. The last 2 weeks I’ve noticed a baby on the tiles just outside our bathroom. I’m a light sleeper and when I wake I decide to go to the loo so I catch him in the hall way. Even though we have an en-suite I go to the further loo so that I can check on Liam on the way.
    I must say though, I just cannot handle a Praying Mantis but I think that’s because one “attacked” me once and I felt it’s leg in my mouth, arrrggghhh.
    Since I’m the deligated “catcher of all flying and crawling things” in our house, I’m not allowed to be afraid. I have to pick up Songollos (centipedes), catch bats with the fish net and put bowls over spiders,
    Oh, you’ve made me laugh, thanks for that 🙂

    • Jodie says:

      Funnily enough, nothing else scares me…only geckos! I’m not saying I love creatures/insects, but I’m not petrified of anything else, only geckos. And I’d rather be eaten by 1,000 goggas than have one baby lizard gobble them all up 😉 No.thank.you!!!

  2. halberts2014 says:

    Oh, my colleague is also not to keen on them. She whaps them with her files.

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