how I pray fiercely for you!  Every day.  For so many things.

First and foremost, that God has given you both to me.  That you are mine to love and cherish and raise as children of God.  I pray for your health of course, and your bodies, that you will both grow into strapping, strong young lads!  I pray for your minds, that you will be raised knowing right from wrong, being kind and caring to all those around you and that you will always consider others in everything that you do.  I pray for your hearts, that you will know God.  That you will be shining examples of what people who know HIM are like.  That everybody you come across will see HIS love in you, and that you will learn to love as you grow.  That hate will not be part of who you are, or even for one minute cross your minds.  Oh the list of things in my prayers for you…I could go on forever and a day, but one thing close to my heart this morning is my prayer for YOU as people in this world.  Right now, it’s more specifically at school and with your friends in the complex that we live in.

I pray that other children will like you.  Like you for who you are and not put you down because children can be unkind!  And at your tender ages, a small comment that mum and dad consider silly, may not seem as silly to you.  I see it with both of you…if another child says something ugly, it hurts you so deeply.  It could be as simple as, your takkies aren’t nice (Riley, I’m not sure if you made this up yesterday when I said how nice your shoes are at the end of the day, but judging from your reaction, I don’t think you did – I think the kids did say something ugly about your shoes – and my heart ached for you!), or that your PE bag for babies.  It could just be that they don’t want to play with you or even meaner, when they tell others that nobody should play with you because of whatever silly reason.

Boys, it’ll be like that for the rest of your lives.  Even as adults, there are ugly people!  They say mean and hurtful things, they make others upset either on purpose or without considering the other person’s feelings at all.  And we’re not saints…daddy and I do it, even sometimes to each other, as ugly as it is 😦  I pray that you will be confident in your own selves.  That you will not feel the need for others to validate you.  That you will live by the morals and values taught to you by the village that you are raised by, and that those won’t sway no matter what.  Know that you are loved and that you don’t have to always be liked by everybody!  I know it’s difficult to accept this as a child, but take it now from your mama.  As you grow older, you’ll learn this yourselves…

I love you both so dearly xxx



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  1. etate says:

    Loved this blog xx

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  2. halberts2014 says:

    Lovely. We all want so much for our children.

  3. MamaCat says:

    Sweet. I miss the village.

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