Guys, why is it that being fit is so expensive.  I honestly don’t understand it!  Whether it’s doing a sport or eating better – it’s just expensive.  Gym fees, bicycle prices, entering races, quinoa (however you say it…cannot be bothered to spell it!!), fruit etc.  It just 😦

Anyway, back to this running thing…

So I’ve been running for the last 3months.  I started it as a way to get fit, 3times a week.  The first day, my sister and I took a fast paced walk to the shop down the road.  It was probably around 1km, not even, and I was out of breathe when we got back.  Not having done any form of exercise in more than a year, I thought I would stick to that short distance for a few days, see how it went, but the brave in me knew it was silly.  And so that walk almost immediately turned into a longer distance, then walk/jog on the third day, then increasing the pace, and not even a week later, running.  I was so proud of myself.  With every run (even though at the time, it was only about 2.5km), I felt stronger and felt like I had accomplished something great.  Then I entered the Soweto 10km race that’s happening in November thinking I would be able to get there by then – that was about a week and a half ago, I was running 5km once a week at least and shorter distances otherwise, mostly due to time constraints and the fact that now that it’s winter, it’s gets dark so bloody early!!  Well, the over achiever in me (surely you guys know me well enough by now 😉 )…yesterday I ran 8km.  8kms guys!!!!  That 8kms came with great pride and a sense of achievement…it also came with chaffed inner thighs and yet another blister prompting me to go up to the shops and get somebody to check out whether I’m wearing the right shoes, right socks etc.

Anyhoo, off I went on my own, with a plan to check out my options – I need a new running wardrobe if I’m going to take this running thing seriously!  I walked into the shop with my sandals and my pretty linen pants and was directed to the right guy to speak to.  He instructed me to get on the treadmill…the treadmill that is right in the middle of the shop where everybody and their brother can see you…WHY do they do tha???  Can it not be hidden in the back corner!  So I take off my sandals, roll up my pants, and he says to get on the treadmill, press 8 and start walking.  I start walking and 2seconds later, I have to run, that’s how fast the treadmill is going.  I was clueless!  I mean, on the treadmills I know, you need to start at 0 and up the speed to get to 8.  You don’t just press 8 and move.  Wow.  There I was trying to run gracefully in-store.  A few minutes later, he tells me to get off and come and look at his analysis so that he can explain it.  Guys…firstly, I look so strange running.  All I could think of was how it must have looked to the other shoppers.  Then I look, like actually look at the picture and my feet guys…black like I’d been walking on the road barefoot for an hour at least.  After that embarrassment ( 🙂 ), he proceeded to tell me which shoes would be best for my wider-than-usual feet.

The two options – R2,500 each.

Then I asked him about the socks…the best pair to wear…R200 each!

Then on to the pants seeing as though the pair I have now caused such bad chaffing yesterday (all my pants are large so the crotches basically hang which probably contributes to this!!)…the best pair are Nike branded, R600 each.

And then if I can’t afford any of those things now, at least for the chaffing, as a short term solution, I can get an anti-chaffing cream…R400 a bottle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One of the things that I’m loving about being on the road is that there is no cost attached to the exercise right?!  WRONG.  If I am to be serious about this, it looks like I will have to invest, at least in a good pair of shoes…

My mum suggested that I add the comrades to my bucket list for 40 now that I’m enjoying running so much.  I refused outright.  I have no inclination to do that.  But then again, neither did I have an inclination to do 10kms 3months ago 😉  While watching the race yesterday, I kept thinking there’s no way, not a chance.  And then I saw the runners who were on crutches, one leg, wheel chairs, disabled in other way…if they can, surely abled bodied people can do it if they put their minds to it…just saying.


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  1. halberts2014 says:

    I’ve just said to Charlies_bird – RESPECT to all you runners. My legs just don’t even bend any more, but I know that is due to lack of exercise. How do you exercise if you can’t start exercising.
    I think if you want to do something properly the necessary equipment / clothing is necessary. I’m sure it reduces costs down the line, but the initial start up costs is hectic.
    Good on you though, it’s not for sissies 😉

    • Jodie says:

      I initially said I’m not a runner, I’m just not cut out for it, but now I’m loving it. Exercise is no joke though.

      • halberts2014 says:

        I used to love going to Curves, but honestly, where does one get the time. I’m not big on the “Me time” thing. Once I’m home with the boys, that’s it. Homework, supper, etc etc.
        Good luck with the running though, exciting

  2. debraaukett says:

    Hmpf I think those shops advises everyone to buy the more expensive specialized running shoes… they did for me too, for my runner friend as well. Told me I step inwards, but almost 3 years of running I still wear normal neutrals. Started with Mr P running shoes, then R400 adidas until they were worn and last year bought R800 Asics from Tekkie Town and they are serving me well – did my longest run Friday in it … a full 13.45km! Yay, next month is my 21.1km, so I have still a long way to go, but I will try or die trying haha. Oh yeah I also wear normal socks – from hubby’s work socks to Mr Pep R10 socks. Normal Mr P tights that fits well. My most expensive gear is my wireless headphones and my Fitbit which are optional (still so badly want a Garmin!). That being said, no running related injury, no bad knees, no shin splints, no wonky ankles, only had chaffing once due to a hole in my tights I didn’t see. So I’m really thinking they are just after a quick buck as all the expensive gear isn’t necessarily needed.

    Did they tell you though you can buy normal running shoes and buy extra specialized inner soles if you really need correcting?

    I did sigh for my R150 race entry last week though, but I’m sure I’ll get my money’s worth and run until or close to cut off time haha!

    • debraaukett says:

      PS Sudocreme or Baby Powder works for chaffing too

      • Jodie says:

        I need to hear this! Thanks for the advise. I’m happy to spend extra for the shoes, honestly, ‘cos I also know they can last me years and years and years. But the other stuff, I’m going to Mr P! Well done on the 13.5kms!! Awesome 🙂 And good luck for 21. Considering pushing for 21 in November instead of the 10.

  3. debraaukett says:

    I agree with you, the shoes is the most important thing, and they are so pretty these days too. Which one did you get in the end?
    Thanks so much, I’m really scared for the 21km, but it will really mean a lot to me on so many levels if I will be able to achieve it. Good luck with your running too, luckily there is still loads of time to November – have fun with the training and keep us posted! Not sure if you are on Instagram, but I post my fitness related “blogging” there under @fitmomdeb if you want to follow

  4. MamaCat says:

    You ladies are inspirational. I was told that in order to avoid shin splints, I need to fork out the amounts Jodie is talking about. There is no way I can afford that and school, so I just walk now.
    Deb, it is good to hear from you that the cheaper stuff actually does work.

    • debraaukett says:

      MC, it did for me… and I know of people completing the Comrades with Mr Price Maxed running shoes. But sure the specialised shoes has its’ place in some cases… maybe I’m just one of the lucky ones 🙂

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