You know those nights when the kids come so close to convincing you that they are spawn of the devil…

When you screech multiple times at the top of your lungs…

When you say the same thing 1,000times (specifically an instruction in this case) and they look at you like you’re speaking Spanglish…

When you have to make them sit and eat in silence at opposite sides of an 8-seater dining room table…

When you look at the clock convinced it’s bedtime and it’s 2min past the last time you looked…

When you feel your blood boiling and even your ears burning with rage anger…

When a smack on the bum does @#$& all

Well that’s the kind of night I had today guys. “Suicide hour” has nothing on what tonight was!!! This was that on steroids 😁 When people ask me how my kids are and I respond…they’re lucky to be alive…well tonight, they were damn lucky, hehe. 

In fact, if my heart didn’t ooze with such love for my two rugrats, I would honestly have shut them in a room tonight and opened a bottle of wine with a straw while watching the World Cup! Kidding…or not 😉

Thank goodness for bedtime and a good stiff shot for mama bear.

Have a good evening y’all xxx


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  1. halberts2014 says:

    Oh dear, what a night, but totally understand. The other day I just had to walk away from Liam before I did major physical harm. It sounds mean, but really, I’m glad I only have 1 kid because I don’t have enough in me to handle two.
    Saying that, I don’t think anything would drive me to watch the World Cup, LOL. Unless the wine was fast acting and knocked me out 5 minutes into the game 🙂

    • Jodie says:

      Most nights, now that they’re older, it’s pretty much stock standard routine, so even though they’re two, I run a tight ship and I can handle them! But then there’s some nights where I just battle. Probably didn’t help that I had been feeling awful all day. We are soccer fanatics so have watched almost every game…even Ethan is involved 🙂

      • halberts2014 says:

        Routine is key, we still have our set routine, really does help. I think some days we are all just so frayed and on edge that tempers flair and it’s hard, you know
        My brother is a major soccer freak so I probably had enough growing up. I could sit forever and watch swimming and gymnastics 🙂

  2. MamaCat says:

    We have all been there. I have learned to remove myself, because I turn into a crazy banshee if left. I just say, I need a moment to myself. If I am alone with HB, I turn on the TV and go sit by myself and read until I feel better. It works most times, but not always.
    You will be gentler today, and they will drive you to drink again another time. 🙂

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