If anybody listens to the radio, 947 to be exact, at the same time as I do on the way to work in the mornings, you would have heard the competition that they held yesterday morning.  For those of you who don’t listen to that station or who missed that part of the show, I’ll fill you in…

For Jo’burg day tickets, people had to call in and do something like demonstrate how they can nag…I caught the tail end of the instruction so I’m not 100% sure what it was but I got the gist of it from the calls that came in.  Basically, the best nagger would win four tickets.

Two women called in and one of the presenters played the role of the husband for them both.  In the first case, the wife was complaining that the husband played tv games all day while she, singlehandedly, had to take care of not only herself and the house, but also of their four kids.  The second lady was complaining about the husband not wanting to take her to the Jo’burg day concert and how he got to do everything that he wanted – like fix his car all day every weekend – but never wanted to do what she wanted to do.

It was funny, it really was.  But wow did it hit home!

I heard myself so clearly in both of those women, and for a change, I heard what I must sound like to my husband.  It also reminded me of something that I’ve learnt over the last few months – it’s often not what you say but HOW you say it!  Both of the ladies had really good points and their arguments were logical – nothing over the top – but the way they were getting it across…even I would have tuned totally out if I were the husband.

Then a listener called in and said something very funny – the argument that was happening, although “put on”, is typical of newlyweds because…the husband was actually engaging even with the nagging.  He said that a few years into the marriage, the conversation would be different – the husband would just be agreeing to everything just to get peace and quiet.  And 10years +, there would be absolute silence.  the husband would just sit and listen to the wife whining until she was done.  Haha.

A real eye opener guys.  Not rocket science but wow did it get me thinking!  Do I sound like that to my husband every time I complain about something?!?! *Ashamed face*


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  1. halberts2014 says:

    What I want to know is when exactly does asking something become nagging? DH asks a question but I’m nagging? And I wouldn’t have to nag if things were done when I asked the first time. And then, why do I have to ask in the first place? Why don’t men know that towels dry better when they are hung up and not left in a ball on MY side of the bed? Why don’t men know that I’ve left the washing up water in the bowl so that they can wash their own cups when they are done? Why DO they leave it in the bowl?
    Oh heck, don’t get me started 🙂 Why does the obvious need to be pointed out so many times that we nag?

    • Jodie says:

      I want to say that I know how you feel, but I also want to say…what does it matter?!?! If YOU have to wash the cups because he didn’t. Or YOU have to pick up the towels. I sound like my mum – it’s something she’d say to me – but I’ve found that she’s quite right!!

      • halberts2014 says:

        Yeah, I get that, what skin is it off my nose if I have to pick up an extra towel, but why can’t we all look after ourselves to a certain degree? I’ve already finished washing up and here is comes in with his cup, or whatever? Point is, the running of the house usually falls squarely on the Mums’ shoulders. I don’t think DH has ever loaded the washing machine, hung it up, bought it in, etc, etc. I think we just have to accept that that is they way things are but seriously, some help would be nice once in a while. Or even some acknowledgement when they find nice clean clothes in the cupboard, LOL

      • Jodie says:

        Hahahaha – ek stem saam!

  2. debraaukett says:

    Hmmm that’s some food for thought… If only they would listen first time, there would be no reason for nagging though. Men though, can’t live with them, can’t live without them :p

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